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Hint: Show Overclock Computer


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Hi all. I download the beta and install, run it and.... wow.... it's perfect and a dream that come true.

No bugs for me and no errore on the read of the specs. All it's all right.

So, by the fact that there is no bugs I make a BIG suggestion.

I name the famous "speedfan", i know that this program has a different meaning but I think that find a way to minimize this app when it run in background like the overcitate program is a new step forward.

An application of this new feautres could be the implementation of a program that run on my LCD display on my G15 keyboard.

Nothing to plead for the other feateres, all perfect and no bugs.

Thanx a lot Piriform for another big and usefull program, like are recuva, defraggler and ccleaner.

Regards and respect.



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Hi there.


I'm having problems when the debug option is turned off.


I did just donwload the last version on my home PC and encountered an error message after initial analysis. The UI seems working (the temperature values are updating) but as soon as I click the ok button on the message window, the program closes.


I then launched it with the command-line option /debug and the message did not appear.

I tried several times with and without the option finding always the same behaviour: without the option, the message appears.


The graphics element is always the last to complete analysis. I can see that its temperature graph is always at value zero.


The card is an AsusTek nVidia GeForce 8800GT.


I did attach a screenshot of the message.

Let me know if I can provide you more information.





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i downloaded it and installed it with no bugs at all


1. add a driver updateder for audio and graphics

2. add information about bios

3. add Fahrenheit ?F


i will add more if i think of more


hope this helps to improve Speccy



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What version of windows are you running?


You could always download and install the Visual C++ package from Microsoft in case yours is not up to date.




Support contact





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If this has already been suggested or discussed. :P jk


I like seeing the temperature range "OK (less than 50)" and the status (good) for the Hard Drive.


If possible, add the temp. range and or status for the CPU.


As others have stated, I also would like to see the Celsius to Fahrenheit option.

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Please add in a future release!!:


1. network card NIC information

2. remote information pulling from another machine across LAN

3. saving out information.

4. advanced command line /silent usage (just like ccleaner)

4. SNMP OID's displayed for each of the sensors displaying information such as temperature.


Thanks, great product with lots of potential!



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In "Hard Drives" there is:

Used space: 189,38GB (50%)

Free space: 183,22GB (49%)

that means 99% = 100%; of course, there is an error in calculating rounded percent numbers. It would be better to show percents in two decimal numbers with the right rounding (-> 49,17% and 50,83%).


The motherboard and the CPU could also have its own temperature indicator because it's very important for advanced users to know what the temperature of these parts is.

You can also add the speed of cooling-air fans in the computer (in RPM).


When I choose File - Load or Save Snapshot... and select "My Computer", nothing is displayed.


(I'm sorry I created a new topic "A bug in the section Hard Drives, some ideas", first I didn't see this topic for suggestions and bugs here)

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I used the app today and was impressed by its sleekness and usefulness.


I have two suggestions:


1) I needed a few details of my BIOS version andoptical drive details and I found most details in the app, BUT I could not find any option to quickly copy them to clipboard!. There should be provision so that I can easily and quickly copy any shown information. At the moment I had to type what I needed manually.


2) While viewing my optical drive details(TSStCorp's TS-T633A) I could not find the firmware details of my drive, which is what I needed.



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I read here that some people have had difficulty running the program, but I can say I have it installed on 5 pc's with windows vista and xp professional and all work very well! Depending on the motherboard and the capacity of these appear more or less functions ... as already reported, I think it only remains to check the fan speeds and voltages of power supply. So you could do a quick check-up fast and efficient! :rolleyes:

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Sorry if this has already been suggested. With five pages and no STRUCTURE to bugs / suggestions its not an easily scanned thread



1) Save the output file as a TXT file with parsing headers and no special characters.

2) Save the main page as a JPG / PNG. For easy posting on the net.

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Gets confused with two identical hard drives in my laptop.


I have two 100GB Hitachi HTS72101 0G9SA00 SATA drives... Speccy sees that there are two drives, but give the same partition information for both drives.


Neat program... can you get it to show the install keys for Windows/Office/etc?





no crashes or anything.


Ditto with the HDD detection - gives same partition info. My drives are Seagate ST3750640AS. Interestingly, it lists different SMART info for each drive.

However, Defraggler reads them correctly. :-)


Great programs all.

Need to double check rest of my hardware to make sure it's all correct.


edit: adding my voice to those of others: please add LAN info, please add capability to save as text. thx.


AZ Lynx

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Just noticed - All scanners, including Speccy, identify my motherboard as its "Manufacturer's Internal Part Number" N61PB-M2S, whilst my real motherboards name is MCP6P M2+. I have reported this before, but I noticed at the back of my manual that it said the "Manufacturer's Internal Part Number".

I don't know if this should be fixed or not.

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I set up a new windows xp installation (because of a damage of my old HDD) and I didn't installed the driver for my graphic card!

The application couldn't say what I have got. (also to my not installed TFT ^^)



-an option to reread the information? closing and restarting the application is really boring ;)


windows information:


-exact win-version

-user account information (which is logged in, rights, group, which users are available)

-if oem, then oem support-information

-if activated

(maybe: -service packs which are available)


network configs


-working group for ms networks (normally MSHOMENET or so)

-full computer name


scanners, webcams, mouse, keyboard, printers (all installed and online/offline)

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When running Speccy on an HP Pavillion DV7-1245DX, the app runs "forever" when processing the Graphics. Everything else is processed and viewable.


2 screen shot uploads - Device Manager (dev_mgr.jpg) and Speccy Screen shot (scrn.jpg) (Windows 7 64-bit Prof, ATI Radeon HD 3200)





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