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  1. Hi there. I'm having problems when the debug option is turned off. I did just donwload the last version on my home PC and encountered an error message after initial analysis. The UI seems working (the temperature values are updating) but as soon as I click the ok button on the message window, the program closes. I then launched it with the command-line option /debug and the message did not appear. I tried several times with and without the option finding always the same behaviour: without the option, the message appears. The graphics element is always the last to complete analysis. I can see that its temperature graph is always at value zero. The card is an AsusTek nVidia GeForce 8800GT. I did attach a screenshot of the message. Let me know if I can provide you more information. Thanks, Daniele.
  2. Hi there. I did update Defraggler to the fresh new version 1.13 and the crash is back: same PC, same partition, again Analyzing, this time the application crashes at 70%. No error occurs with the second partition (D:). Bye, Daniele. exception.txt exception.txt
  3. Here it is! Just an additional note: after defragmenting with version 1.07 the most fragmented files (only those with more than 100 fragments), I re-installed again version 1.12 and now the crash does not occur anymore. Bye. exception.txt exception.txt
  4. Hi there. I did encounter the same problem. Analysis of drive C: on my work notebook stops at about 40% with the common crash message. The crash began to occur after upgrading from version 1.06.118 to the latest one (1.12.152). Reverting to version 1.07.124 "solved" the problem. The crash occurs with version 1.08.132 and laters (I verified all the available final versions starting from 1.06). I also tried 1.08 and 1.12 both with Italian and English localizations. The C: partition is about 170MB with 116MB free. The PC is an Asustek F5SL with Intel Core2 Duo, 3GB of RAM and Windows XP Pro SP3. Bye, Daniele.
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