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  1. . Definitely back up and running. Thank you. .
  2. Server for getting SPECCY data has been Down 48 hours. Just need to click a Speccy link to find out: http://speccy.piriform.com/results/ZZsrsmSYNgkG2rHQCUvwkYe Since I have people use this alot on the NVIDIA forums, it stopped working sometime after Wednesday evening into Thursday Morning. This is the IMAGE of the Page we see: https://drive.google.com/open?id=16DrOFBJPMMDbjse2yakW85NbznR-GFOo this has happened before but is generally a Temporary issue(less than 12hrs). This is the longest it has gone. .
  3. [sUGGESTION] Sorry if this has already been suggested. With five pages and no STRUCTURE to bugs / suggestions its not an easily scanned thread 1) Save the output file as a TXT file with parsing headers and no special characters. 2) Save the main page as a JPG / PNG. For easy posting on the net.
  4. Greybear


    +1 on the USB ports
  5. I would just like to point out todays date is Dec. 28th, thread started Nov. 17th. Specifications: Windows XP sp2 ABit KN9 Sli (570 chipset) Bios 21 AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ 4x1gb Kingston ValueRam 800mHz Maxtor 40gb SATA WD 500gb SATA ATI Radeon 4670 1GB Speccy version 1.00.066 BETA Speccy is stuck on - Graphics: Analyzing Suggestion.... 1) A timing out of the routine if not identified in like 1 minute. 2) Using of stored data from within the registry.
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