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  1. load a small application called pagedrefrag from www.sysinternals.de (now it is part of microsoft and this application is integrated since win Vista!) and let start it at every boot. normally the windows registry is totally fragmented!
  2. where do you read that there are bad sectors. normally (or better said: as standard) the purple sectors are reserved for the so called mft: there are information stored where you're files are and how they are called and so on.
  3. maybe you should deactivate the applications which are starting with windows automatic. Maybe one of this make the blue screen. when does the pc restart?
  4. while the application is running, it moves the data by creating duplicates on the hdd. after finishing it removes the duplicates again. the free space before and at the end should the same: you don't win any space by defragging!
  5. I have installed two more extensions which aren't noticed already: -OverbiteFF brings a better gopher support for Firefox and - Universal Edit Button make an extra "rss-like"-button in the adress bar for wikis
  6. I set up a new windows xp installation (because of a damage of my old HDD) and I didn't installed the driver for my graphic card! The application couldn't say what I have got. (also to my not installed TFT ^^) Options -an option to reread the information? closing and restarting the application is really boring windows information: -win-key -exact win-version -user account information (which is logged in, rights, group, which users are available) -if oem, then oem support-information -if activated (maybe: -service packs which are available) network configs -ip/mac/standard-gateway/DHCP -working group for ms networks (normally MSHOMENET or so) -full computer name scanners, webcams, mouse, keyboard, printers (all installed and online/offline)
  7. Hi, I was wondering why I couln't sort the list of the files while I am running the defragmentation? I mean to click above the table with the files and sort them by name or fragments (etc.) why the application is running a defragmentation. very sad
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