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  1. The "Now Playing" feature is a Sidebar gadget Thanks though
  2. Hmm If I don't open WMP, then the errors are fixed, however it seems they are recreated whenever I open WMP, which must relate to the extension thus being a problem just with me (and the few hundred/thousand people that regularly use that plugin) *personal exemption*
  3. Suggestions; - Check for Driver updates - Make interface more like CCleaner/Recuva
  4. I do have the "Now Playing" gadget, do you think that's what been affecting my results?
  5. I'm saying that it doesn't/can't permanently fix what it finds. Thus they should be excluded
  6. So that it won't detect things it can't fix
  7. Hi Always when I complete a registry scan (and then fix the issues) I find the following; Please add these as Registry Exclusions (by default) Thanks in advance, Panarchy
  8. I think he didn't deselect the 24 hour fail-safe in the options for %temp% (in CCleaner)
  9. You may be able to add it yourself, I know there is some custom ini feature
  10. Hi The latest version of CCleaner takes far too long for the Index.dat cleaning. I did a little test, unticked Index.dat cleaning, ran the cleaner, ticked Index.dat cleaning once more, and it was fairly speedy. Please fix this in your next version. Thanks in advance, Panarchy PS: I've tested this on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista 64-bit & Windows 7 64-bit.
  11. YAY! You finally took my suggestion to heart: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=22993
  12. Thanks for the new version Don't add any more features! Otherwise it won't be under 1MB!!!
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