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  1. I was once a Avast users till recently i went and tried AVG. i must say the new interface, options and what not aren't to bad at all. i don't know what you guys are saying here. yeah, AVG now has an option to install some useless things like a Toolbar and an Add-On(which the add-on is useful for some or most users). 46MB? that's not a number i would cry about... in all i find AVG 8.0 A OK.
  2. eh, some of the comments i read i believe are true (as i've read this years back). there's no way an Elephant can do that without training or without being beaten to death.
  3. Already posted! http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=15263
  4. nice ending. this ending actually tells there'll probably be a second one.
  5. eh, i have no clue when we'll be able to have are own login accounts. maybe in the future they will put up a Forums or something which would be nice to have around.
  6. Filehippo has updated their site to a whole new look. they have also added icons to Latest Updates and Most popular Downloads area. http://www.filehippo.com/
  7. well, kids these days are mature don't forget that.
  8. you know building your own PC is less money spent. just my opinion though.
  9. man, what are these kids on? (O... look at me i'm in 3rd grade and wanting to kill my teacher just because she caught me standing on a chair or w/e) it's just stupid.
  10. this may work Link 1 Link 2 Better then nothing.
  11. why are you asking us this? it's illegal to do such an action. though, i saw a recent program that did this perfectly.
  12. New_Age

    Avast! 4.8

    Switched back to AVG. i was lagging a bit in C:SS and some other games as well.
  13. New_Age

    Avast! 4.8

    i am using AVG but after hearing this update i may switch back. is it all worth it? i use AVG Anti-Spyware and SUPERAnti-Spyware for scanning. BIG fan of AVAST! since 2005
  14. Remember that Update Checker from Filehippo.com? Well, they have recently updated it and it's become the real deal. It actually installs on your computer and runs in the background in the System Tray. Works fine but though still Beta. Very stabled so far. Link
  15. i don't get this really? why actors do this? do they get so stressed or they just decided they F*d their lives by choosing the wrong career or life style? really come on... if i were an actor i'd be having the time of my life but though i won't fully be truth on that.
  16. New_Age

    New CC release

    such changes in this one i like it!
  17. New_Age

    DVD Ripper

    just a thought, if ripping is illegal then why do company's such as Creative, Cowon, Archos, SanDisk, etc. Develop PMPs?
  18. New_Age

    DVD Ripper

    i use DVD43 and still yes... DVD Decrypter. both work great.
  19. again, love your work. wish your could create themes for us to try out
  20. Nice background CeeCee ^^
  21. it's 2008 so i'll start ^^
  22. New_Age

    windows defender?

    used it. i'd say it sucks period. stay away from it! use AVG Anti-Spyware, SUPERAntiSpyware, Spybot(Optional) and an Anti-Virus of choice. Avast!, AVG, ClamWin or AntiVir
  23. IE7Pro Ad Blocker was blocking it ^^
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