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  1. I?d like to find a freeware product that will unequivocally reveal the product keys to Microsoft products such as the operating system and Office. Belarc Advisor reveals serial numbers, and not always the product key. I?ve also tried ProduKey, but this will not reveal the product key to Office products. Any suggestions? I guess if it were a last resort I would pay for a product if it really did the jib, I?ve just been ripped off so much in the past I?m kind of reluctant.
  2. Yes, it happens ever time. Though I haven't kept track to see if it is the same entries over and over again. I suspect not, but I will start to pay attention and report back. I guess this has not been your experience? Have you not ran the sweep twice in a roll to see if all of the problems were (or were not) fixed on the first pass? Thanks, Dave
  3. When I run the Registry part of CCleaner, it comes up with several errors. So I choose to fix those errors, which CCleaner does. Then, I click on "Scan for Issues" again, and it finds still more. Sometimes I have to repeat the process several times. Why? Why is it not getting all of the errors on the first sweep? Thanks, David
  4. That's a good question, I was wondering the same thing. Thanks for the replies and insight! David
  5. Are INDEX.DAT files erased with CCleaner? It seems like it gets everything, but since INDEX.DAT files are held hostage while Windows is running, I didn't know. Thanks, Dave
  6. Eraser is an excellent product, which I?ve used for years. I came to this web page looking for a more automated process for securely wiping my internet tracks from my hard drive. If this product offered secure deletion, I believe it would make it much more desirable. Let?s not forget that the objective of a well written program like this. To be sold. E4M (Encryption for the Masses) would be a good example of an excellent program first distributed as freeware that got gobbled up for a hefty price. If this software is to compete in the real world of securely concealing one?s on-line tracks,
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