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  1. i meant every part. you know a lot of users don't know if their case doesn't need MoBo stand-offs. i did that on my last MoBo and man my friends said i was lucky my CPU or the MoBo wasn't damaged. i didn't install the stand-offs and that made my MoBo almost short circuit.
  2. hi, i just upgrading my Motherboard and CPU. every time i double check to make sure everything is in place and seated right because you'll never know when your going to short circuit the Motherboard or any parts. i'm always afraid of that happening but has... it? No. through my experience i say i'm above average in knowing what i'm doing as far as building a PC.
  3. i thought so. thx rridgely. you've been helpful everytime(though i rarely come here for help hehe)
  4. hi, yes... i use AVAST! but this isn't about me and my comp. it's about my GF's Comp. that i currently just finished up. i installed all MS-Updates, installed AVG anti-Spyware, SUPERAnti-Spyware, etc. i need to know which is lighter on resources as topic says. Computer is running Windows Xp Professional Sp2, has a 500mhz Intel Celeron Processor, total of 320MB 256MB/64MB SDRAM, and a 28.6GB Maxtor HDD. Graphics is onboard at 11MB.
  5. What?! my step Bro. has a iPod Classic 80GB and when it's fully charged the battery it Green and titles "CHARGED". what is shown while the Zune is charging? a Battery, some kind of Image... what?
  6. i do but it's been awhile and now i suck at it but i will buy the Expansions soon. maybe someday we'll play.
  7. usually on most DAPs when it's fully charged it'll display"Charged" or it will do a fade-in/out telling you it's charged. connect the player to one of the back USB ports of your computer and when the "Remove Device Safely" icon comes up click that icon and it'll remove the device and then it should show a charging display. if it's full then it should say "CHARGED" or similar.
  8. if your going to use IE7 why not install this Add-On? IE7Pro
  9. even though i don't use AVG Anti-Virus i can say that this update that contains this Ad only last for a short while. at least we all hope so.
  10. i actually didn't have to change anything. people just didn't seem to want to talk at the time lol.
  11. Hi, i just bought a pair of Digital Precision PC Gaming Headset from Bestbuy. this pair however is not USB only Mic. and Line-In cord. the headset works with AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Etc. but with CSS(Counter Strike Source) doesn't seem to work. this is the only game i've tried it on and it seems to fail. i tried the headset test under options and all came out good. i heard my voice as i spoke but when i'm in a server that has ALLTALK Enabled i can't seem to talk to anyone. what could be the problem? [EDIT] it's FIXED
  12. indeed, Vista should have been Xp. Vista still has driver/software issues. i don't understand why company's like HP, Acer, and Dell have Vista on their systems. i've worked with Vista and it's a pain getting to learn the new shortcuts and what not. took me forever to find where i could config. my connection.
  13. New_Age

    i'm back!

    hello CCleaner users. i've been away from my home and been living and working where my grandparents stay. i'm just glad to be back home and here. *Cheers
  14. abit late but happy B-Day. ha, i have a shirt that says what's in your Sig.
  15. guys if any Batman movies then try back in 1989s (Batman) and 1992s (Batman - Returns). those were the best Batman movies ever. all the new ones sucks up until now. Batman Begins was alright.
  16. hello there, i went out to wal-mart and bought me a Logitech Quickcam Express. after installing the software/drivers (and plugging in the cam in the process of installing) the video part works but not the Mic. i've searched different forums and i found nothing helpful. Note i'm on is the Toshiba Satellite A 105-S4004. idk... what's wrong or what i'm doing wrong. i tried different USB ports but no go. the device doesn't show under the Souns and Sound Devices within Control Panel
  17. thx but some of the things i'm trying to get is in an image o well. but i got parts here and there.
  18. hi, is there anyway to convert This Site to where i can read it in English? the reason i ask this is because over at the iAudiophile.net Forums i post Firmware updates and news and i'm not able to get the news from Korea. like is there some kind of language pack out there that may be of help? the only things i've been able to do is translate some of the specs. of the new upcoming iAudio 7 and some pics. of it. if anyone is willing to answer it'd be greatful. Note: Cowon does have a Global and an American site but all the Digital Audio Players are developed in South Korea and most of the ne
  19. Yeah those can be disabled. Ha, FireFox don't work for you? That's a shame rridgely. Works for me here Never had it crash
  20. Yeah sorry your right. I heard the ZUNE had poor battery life though based upon what i've heard. Hm... o well. Yeah what DAP are you currently using by the way? You may already know that I have that Cowon F2 and it lasted the whole 13hrs going from Alabama to North Carolina (Could have lasted more) and that was with my own JetEffect settings which I was so surprised. The F2 does get around 17-21hrs for me that is (i've tested) hehe. A DAP for me has to do with Sound, Video (least important to me), Storage (I only except Flash-Based and plus SD card support like the D2 or Sansa E200), Battery L
  21. IDK... about that rrigdely. Glad to see your using IE7Pro now. I had no idea you would do such a thing Yeah, the Adblock would be much better if it was to be more like Adblocker plus like in FireFox. Edit: O.. yeah the in-line search is the same as FireFox. goodbye FireFox lol
  22. That just your opinion though. Look at these reviews... Cowon D2 Review Cowon X5L Review - Best rated Battery Life out of ANY HDD-Based Player even by today standards. ZUNE Review iAudio 6 Review Cowon U3 Review No, you don't need to use the JetAudio software. That's only for converting video for the DAPs. All the players are MTP, UMS... simple drag&drop
  23. Hi guys, well the ZUNE is a POS! Poor battery Life and not a lot of features. For you rridgely I would go for the... Cowon D2 Cowon A2 iAudio 6 U3 Those are the best DAPs. Forget the iPod, Sansa, and the ZUNE! Cowon Global Site - Best DAPs anywhere in my book!
  24. Hello CCleaner users and IE users. IE7Pro has released there new version v.0.9.18 I'm not getting rid of FireFox just yet though. I just want to see what you guys and girls think about this little add-on (so far it's the best out there). Link
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