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  1. the videos don't show for me
  2. for you to find a note with Xp is more like a small chance. look around at ebay. surely you'll find tons of them with Xp. company's now with there notebooks push for users to use Vista which is stupid. by the time SP1 comes then i may say something different but only if i toy around with it by that time. a guy i know has Vista on his Acer notebook and it's slower then hell.
  3. Hi, my last infection Here was totally my fault. i hate to waste the mods time here at CCleaner Forums. other meanings here i'm sure at least one Mod knows i've been running a cracked versions of Windows Xp Professional with Sp2 for about 2 years at the most. is this a crime? i think not. i'm almost concern Microsoft knows about this and even of the cracked versions of Vista being linked at Torrent search sites and P2P Apps. Reason for me to use these cracked versions well i actually grew up with it. i once used a cracked version of Windows 2000 and Windows 98SE. have i gotten caught and gone to jail or pay a $$$ fine? heh, No. regardless of this topic(rather it gets deleted) i'm still apart of this Forums. Cheers
  4. Mods - Please edit title to 08 Thxs!
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    site looks nice. i might join.
  6. when i get some money saved i'm going to be buying one. i so can't wait ^^ i love Cowon products.
  7. indeed, the prices maybe a bit high but hey i spent well over $200 for good quality. Battery Life, Sound, File Format Support, and yes Build Quality as well. have you guys seen the A3? that thing looks so freakin sweet i want one badly! A3 Pics. - Compared to the A2 which is the one that has a white liner around it.
  8. that's your opinion lots of SanDisk players like the e200 series have had lots of recalls. my step sister had one and it died within 2 days just by trying to add music.
  9. you can't surf the web on the Sansa Connect. you can only go on Yahoo Music service and all that other crap. the iTouch is way over priced and it has very little features. i just bought an A-Data SDHC Flash Card for my Cowon D2. i'm happy! more Songs... more videos...
  10. Sansa Players has there issues and is just a plain DAP. i don't like Em'
  11. yep, the ZEN does have it's issues which sucks.
  12. tommy you have a Dell? ha, remember that saying? "Dude! your getting a Dell"? Well, for me it's "Dude! your getting a piss of crap" no hard feelings though. Dells aren't built to last.
  13. may i ask what are the specs. of your System?
  14. many people would just buy the PS3 for a Media Center and for a cheap BluRay Player. Zune Software is crap and so is WMP11. Vista... bah... we know already Zune? Ehh.. it has its ups but i have something far better.
  15. yes, the iPod to me is over populated and advertised on TV then anything else. the iPod does have it's ups like Battery Life and really that is the only thing about it o... and fair amount of decent Sound Quality. the build is terrible as the back plate gets scratched easily. the screen also can get scratched verily easy as well. the software itunes is by far the worst. yes, you can use other software such as MediaMonkey and WinAmp to Edit Tag Info. and so forth but that's it. using those other Apps to transfer songs will lend to errors and screw ups(resulting in having to restore your iPod) so if you haven't back upped anything you are screwed. Cowon Inc. - is far the lending company of making DAPs to impress consumers for Sound Quality, Features, Build Quality, Large Amount of Audio File and Video Format Support and keeping up-to-date with Firmware. Creative Inc. - another lending company in the DAP department, though they lack in support and somewhat of a development/testing before releasing a new DAP. like the ZEN. when using a SD Card the media on that card isn't transfered in the Main Library of the ZEN which sucks and the SD Card Slot is rather useless. Creative though is still a good company to look forward to though. iRiver Inc. - ahh... good O iRiver. this company seems to compare to Cowon as they tend to compete for the golded Cup Award teehee. this is a alternative towards Cowon. Microsoft Zune - hmm... still in the HDD method of things and the designs never change. ok, maybe a touchable control pad but that's it. the Battery Life has improved but the sound Quality and build is lacking. Prices are high as well. enough said. Archos - the best designers of all time? hmm... still in the HDD method but still hold up till this day? o... yes i'd agree. the 605 Wi-Fi is a must but the plug-ins you have to buy to play certain video formats and to buy cables to plug-in to TV's and such? Cowon is better and Archos needs to change abit. Battery Life for their players is so-so and the designs are A-Ok(besides the CONTROL LAYOUT!!!). also Archos.. get on your feet and get with the Firmware updates... lacking with it!!!
  16. WMP10 is ok for me though i never use it. i use MediaMonkey and WinAmp. SP3 is ways away.
  17. yeah, but i know it's possible. can't be all that different. i may be ending up having to buy the Broadband Adapter as i'm having no luck yet. i don't have the PlanetWeb Browser so i'll have to buy that as well. i've been using Sonic Adventure's Web Browser and idk... if that will work.
  18. Mine currently: System: 91?F, CPU: 114?F Temp. outside is 45?F
  19. hi, i have a Sega Dreamcast with a 56k Modem built in of course. there is a guide Here to hook the Dreamcast towards the PC to gain online accees through the USB 56K modem or PCI modem within the PC. it's a windows 98 guide but i'm sure it's easy to do with Xp. please help if you can. Thx! P.S - i kow they stated Win98 only works but hey i would like to try it with Xp
  20. i only recommend one company only and since your a musician i'd gladly help with anything man. Cowon find your player and come back to me.
  21. thx, i looked into Cowon about 2 years back and man they are great players. plus, they add new features and fix many problems with Firmware updates. i recommend checking into them man. they are the best out of anyone in my opinion.
  22. i guess that's true Andavari
  23. yeah, Vista needs at least a 2.2GHZ CPU and 2GB of RAM just to run like a basic computer would run on Xp. it's a shame and Microsoft has messed up. they should have just stayed with Xp. i see why not. doesn't have that many problems and plus all the switching around and shortcuts on Vista just make it all confusing.
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