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  1. I did use Winamp till I heard about MediaMonkey 2 years ago or so.
  2. Ehh.. when will people learn YOU CANNOT do this! If you want the look of Vista buy the freaking OS! And... that flip crap is useless
  3. New_Age

    AVG or Avast?

    I noticed that Issue. It's fix now Thx God!
  4. Works fine with FireFox here as well.
  5. What do you mean? Are THEY looking from a Program like... PCAnywhere or... are they looking at your History in IE?
  6. Very nice find hazelnut I love playing around with Bandwidth Monitor Apps.
  7. New_Age

    AVG or Avast?

    Heh, computers aren't that smart yet but they will be one day lol. I do explain to scan every month. Now with Anti-Spyware Apps. I have them told to scan once a week or two. I've checked since yesterday and all the people I've worked with check for updates once every three days or even a week.
  8. Also what's funny is that most Normal PC users don't even understand what's on that page
  9. New_Age

    AVG or Avast?

    Alright sorry my mistake but it's just a feature that I don't mind not having. I scan every two months for viruses anyhow but with the people I help I don't recommend that feature to be used. Just my opinion anyways.
  10. Sorry everyone for not checking that section of the forums. I'll be careful next time. I guess this Thread can be deleted. fireryone, sorry to hear that. Don't know what the problem could be Did you try unstalling and reinstalling? My god what was I thinking It's just an .exe file
  11. Hmm... posted in that Section How odd.
  12. New_Age

    AVG or Avast?

    Now by that do you mean Real Time Protection scanning or the stupid feature that you can set when to scan? In the past AVG gave me Update problems but now I believe I think they've fixed that.
  13. Ha, this is quick! pretty good App. I need to update the following. Well, besides WPM
  14. Hi there Well, I've noticed this and I'm about to download and try it out. I'll let Ya' know what's up and I'll give my Opinion. Link
  15. Well with Ares and Limewire you can't. I haven't used that App. though so.
  16. 1984, DRM is just downloaded music off of music stores or something similar to iTunes to where you can download music in a format that sucks balls. For me I've done the wrong way and I've stopped. I use to download Albums from using Torrent sites and what not. P2P is useless. After all you can only download one song at a time rather then an Album. Anyways, Windows Vista might have all these new features but... are they any useful to anyone? I think not. I hate how they've developed WMP11 and I hate how Microsoft completely moved stuff around that takes time getting to know where your going. I was even having trouble even finding the Wireless Device section which for Xp that's easy to find. Vista just isn't ready for anyone at this point.
  17. For me the things I've heard I'll probably never turn to Vista. Who knows... maybe this OS is as bad as the launch of Windows ME Heck Windows 2000 is good enough don't ya' think? Microsoft just made a bad move on Vista.
  18. rridgely, I use that same App. and it works great
  19. New_Age

    April Desktops

    Mine for this month
  20. All done! Thx guys
  21. Sorry, was meaning Dial-A-Fix
  22. Thx but what sections should I be checking before conituning the repair?
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