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  1. LMAO! Yeah, the first video is true but the 2nd eh... not so.
  2. Thought you guys would enjoy this clip Go Mac lol! Also... Linux comes into the picture at the end but... how many people out there know how to use the OS?
  3. New_Age


    Liked the offer with the girl at tha' door Good find though!
  4. Well, IE7Pro is great. Has alot of features! You should try it.
  5. Heh, right you are Andavari. That's about right. Well... besides Opera. They seem to come out with Beta versions every week at BetaNews which by the way their Beta's are VERY* Stabled. Not that Beta's really count but they give a heads up on what's being looked at or what's going to be fixed within the next Release.
  6. I think Chick-fil-a is one of the more... healthier places to go eat for fast food. I love their fries! Every once in a blue moon I'll go to McDonald's and get a coke and a big size thing of fries but that's about it. Chick-fil-a is best for fast food but it's $$$ but it's worth it!
  7. Nice to hear as stated by others
  8. New_Age

    May Desktops

    Wow, where do you get your wallpaper from mr.brownstone?
  9. New_Age

    May Desktops

    I was going to say the same
  10. New_Age

    May Desktops

    Mine for this month
  11. Logitech makes good mouses. I have the LX700 or is it... LX300? Anyways, both keyboard and mouse our wireless and work well. I play Halo but the wireless just... don't cut it. I may go to walmart and buy a non-wireless mouse
  12. Trees are used for wood and such. Trees are a BIG supplyment for us humans. Sooner or later they'll be no trees.
  13. New_Age

    Custom PC

    Intel is best for running lots of Apps. at once and AMD is more better at playing games. Those AM2's are nice
  14. New_Age

    April Desktops

    I like this wallpaper. Found it a week ago at deviantART
  15. New_Age

    April Desktops

    Like the wallpaper. Very clear
  16. It was actually a Vista Icon package. I still have some of the Vista User Account pictures in account settings. That's about the only I've seen that didn't get changed back. Like all the Folder Icon and such I have fixed. Thx god And yeah... I have tried those Brico packs and god people really don't know how to create those things. I had so many problems but thx god I created a system restore point back then. Don't think that always works though "Hehe".
  17. Those programs you've stated I've tried and man even creating a system restore some things that were changed weren't changed back. That's the only problem I've occurred with these dang programs
  18. I know what you mean. I used that skin but I'm using the Vista one currently.
  19. Most post I've read from people they ask ME and a couple of other friends. We give them links and they try it. Moments later there computers have errors and such. NEVER try it unless you know what you are doing For me I have no clue and I don't even want to try. I just say "Heck, IF I WANT Vista's look, I'll BUY IT".
  20. I've had my AMD Athlon Xp 2000+ 1.67GHZ processor for about 3 years and I'm willing to upgrade to a 2.0 or 2.2GHZ CPU. Only found on Ebay and some websites though Have 1GB of RAM so I'll be set for Vista in about a year or two once the prices drop.
  21. That's actually VERY GOOD NEWS. Vista still needs work believe ME when I say that. Good for me though, I can just buy my parts online and have them shipped and I can just build my on computer with xp on it
  22. New_Age

    April Desktops

    May I ask something Mr. Brownstone? By how are you changing the Themes in Vista? My knowledge or by Program?
  23. Thx guys for agreeing with me. I've worked on Vista and I don't like it all to much. The Interface is nice but who cares about that? I mean Windows 2000 is a good enough OS right? Though Xp is still my choice since it's release and after all the work that's been done to it. Vista completely changed things around. Different options and crap within Control Panel. Vista also requires a lot and that is making Schools and business unhappy. Enough said. STAY WITH XP, 2000, or 98SE.
  24. New_Age

    April Desktops

    Amazing work mr. brownstone
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