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  1. that doesn't show here on my System.
  2. umm... Vista nor Windows 7 creates a Recovery Partition upon installing the OS. now there is a Recovery CD that you can Download a ISO to create the CD. Vista Recovery Disc Recovery Options for Windows 7 Note: the Install Disc for Windows 7 is the Recovery Disc as well
  3. New_Age


    Skype has got to be the best App. ever when it comes to getting in touch with someone. the prices are awesome and cheap! i still have $7.04 on my account. haven't had any issues but be warned there have been some sort of spamming going around but it's easy to annoy. just don't add them. all the info. is on their site or App. it self. calling your friends on your Friends List is free but if wanting to call Phone/Cell/Over Seas "Long Distance" it'll cost ya but pay $10 and you'll be set for awhile.
  4. i'll be getting my Box ready so i can hide in it
  5. Here's Link to the VMWare. Have fun!
  6. Truly awesome guys. Love the App. so far!
  7. i do believe something will happen in 2012. we may evolve or something will completely wipe us all out. that's all i have to say. i saw the movie 2012 and IF something like that or whatever happens in 2012 i'd sure hate for us to act the way they did in the Movie. very foolish of us all. we need to prepare for the worst regardless i'd say and work all as a team if ANY proof were to come up like what happened in the Movie. IF something good happens like we evolve, then damn that'd be awesome.
  8. I have seen Panda around but never tried any of their Software cause you had to pay for it. Now Panda released their Freeware Anti-virus App. Download HERE and see what you can cough up out of it. Give your Thoughts and Opinions. Wiki
  9. what AJ?! no OC on a i7 and stock cooling? o shame on you. go after a 3rd party cooler and OC that beast. Note: OC if you ONLY and when you need to
  10. what AJ said. Computers have come along way and i'm no Intel Fan as you can see. me AMD all the way. AMD FTW! o.. and i am running Windows 7 Ultimate now. i do however someday plan on buying bigger HDDs for my rig. maybe two 500GB. i would go Intel but hey you can't go wrong with a Quad Core only $100! and OC'ing that to 3.3GHZ is/was awesome! plus Intel needs to lower there prices on their older CPUs but you get good performance. AMD is just better in my opinion. AJ, have you messed with the new ATI 58XX series GPUs? Bad ass i'd say. may get one 5850 later or something along the road when i need to.
  11. Agreed! get the Apps. to protect yourself. don't just trust Windows Defender...
  12. well, i read tons of reviews/opinions but i can't take their words 100%. i would think the 4650 would work just fine BUT being he needs a AGP i would think it would even still work regardless.
  13. the 4650 should be more then enough. ATI has Drivers for it. Just go HERE and click which ever OS you have. ATI has Drivers for the 4650. Edit: ok, it seems that with the 4650... something is fishy and no Driver's work with Windows 7 but the specs. of the card itself has the power to drive the Aero Effect. seems odd.
  14. you could download PC Wizard and give us the Motherboard Brand/Model.
  15. Andavari, i don't know about you but the Windows Update Site has always been somewhat slow for me even on my System. Note: i'm only meaning for Xp
  16. New_Age


    you should be fine dude. have a Anti-Virus App. Running in the background? you should. either AVAST! or Avira will do fine for Spyware Malwarebytes' and SUPERAnti-Spware is all you need. Spybot S&D (Optional) All Freeware!
  17. you should be fine dude. 2GB is actually Minimum for either 32-Bit or 64-Bit. well, i could say 1GB would be fine for the 32-Bit Version. what do you plan on doing? just surfing the Web, Emailing, Etc. or Gaming?<<< Lol!
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