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  1. yeah, sorry Anthony A. i realized i should have been more clear.
  2. that is a good player indeed. though if i had the money i want the Cowon A3 for Christmas(though i have an D2 but still...). Cowon A3 (really great for travel i'd say).
  3. heh, i heard Vista is a complete failure next to Windows ME and i agree with that regardless of what Microsoft trys to do later on.
  4. Terabyte HDD? who needs that much space? heck, i have a 80GB HDD dude. yes, of course i'm upgrading to a 250GB soon but jesus a Terabyte HDD...
  5. it's all about game play for Nintendo not Graphics.
  6. Guys why not get a Wii? lol, we have one and i feel bad. i still have a Sega Dreamcast... still play it too.
  7. i've changed. now i use AVG Free Edition (shoot Me )
  8. just basing on my opinion nothing is perfect and nothing is the best. all based on opinion (never forget that)
  9. just to clear things up MSCONFIG is in Vista and the process of formatting and installing Xp is simple AND easy as long as the devices in the notebook will be detected with Xp then you should be fine. go to the company's site of your noteook, find the right model and make sure their are drivers for Xp. to install Xp just insert the disk and follow on-screen.
  10. i used Maxthon since it was known as MyIE back in the day as well. now after knowing about IE7Pro there is no better browser
  11. not final yet. BetaNews.com posted it a few days ago. no need to install unless your testing.
  12. really? well still it is the cheapest Blu-Ray player.
  13. one of the reasons why PS3 is so... $$$ is the fact that it can play both DVD HD and BlueRay. actually the PS3 is the Cheapest BlueRay/DVD HD player out right now. PS3 is really a next in everything. plus... the Internet gaming Fee is free
  14. although mine is just a MP3 Player and not a PGD(Portable Gaming Device) it is still worth it. believe me if you had a few mins. to mess with the Cowon D2 you'd adore it. on to other matters the PSP is a good device at hand. i don't think it has gapless playback. i'm sure it can be added by Firmware update but hey idk... if Sony will do this as i think most users wouldn't care and wouldn't even know what gapless playback is(just means no pause between tracks). PS3 is ahead now but god... the price is awful. Xbox 360 is a better buy.
  15. bah, never have been a Sony fan at all. but that starwars battle front game looks pretty cool. i have my Cowon D2 which is an MP3 Player and what more could i ask for? $213(well spent i might add) Touch Screen(320x240 Res.) SD Card Slot(supports up to 16GB plus handles SDHC) 52Hrs Music playback and 10Hrs of Video playback
  16. the 64MB SDRAM stick was old and that was causing the System to freeze i suppose. i took it out. she now only has 256MB but that's good for now until i can order another stick of 256MB.
  17. i copied from here hi, i had my GF's computer working all fine until she started messing with it. i have all the updates installed. it normally froze when i tried to run the Windows Update Site. next i had a svchost.exe processor giving 50% to 99% CPU Usage. now that doesn't happen i don't believe but for some reason when i was talking to her through Yahoo messenger the computer just froze and she had to restart the computer again. idk... the issue maybe Drivers or Hardware. heck... maybe even OS. Specs. on her computer Windows Xp Professional Sp2 (All updates Installed) Inte
  18. stand-offs are little gold plated screws to support the Mobo from touching the MoBo tray of the case. it prevents the Mobo from short circuiting. most require these stand-offs i believe. i think it just matters what company you buy from.
  19. happy thanksgiving to every user on the Forums.
  20. Router and DSL Modem Model please. also, what type of connection? Cable or DSL? have any phone jack Fliters?
  21. how does it get into the system? clicking on a link or something? i use MSN and haven't noticed anything.
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