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  1. OH - Yes!! I've read/heard about it somewhere, THANK YOU very much for reminding me - I would have COMPLETELY forgotten ! Thanks again!" Atnes
  2. Thank you, Richard. And they DID, that's the point. THAT'S WHY i DON''T UNDERSTAND IT. And I even installed the software that came with the new product CD once again - although it was the same software for the same type of product - and still ... Then I went back to my seller and asked him to give me the used cartridges back - just to see if maybe the printer would rather recognise the used ones - NOTHING. The same message: "Please use SETUP cartridges." What should I do? What could be the cause for my printer's strange behaviour? Thanks anyway . regards, Atnes
  3. My brand new device HP Photosmart All-in-One B010 printer demands me to use SETUP cartridges, which I DO, of course - they came with the product anyway. I bought the thing last Sunday, only to discover that the TouchSmart screen was not working, so I could neither scan nor copy my documents. I could perform standard printing jobs quite satisfactorily, though - without, a I say, scanning and copying possibilities. Following the advice of our HP Customer Support Service, I exchanged the printer for a new one earlier today, installed it and set it up according to the recommended procedure, Now, the printer doesn't even start to print, not even then test page, because it wants me "to use the SETUP cartridges", which is pure nonsense, because I am using them anyway - they typically come with the product.. Why is this happening (to me)? Nobody seems to understand - my printer doesn't work because it cannot recognize the cartridges for what they are; SETUP cartridges. Another thing is that the HP Solution Center also doesn't seem to recognize my new printer; it keeps telling me that my old one, HP F 300 series, - is disconnected - and does not notice the presence of the new one, although I have already set it as my default printer. I bought this printer on Sunday because my F 380 series went suddenly out of order, and I thought didn't have the time to get it fixed because of my working deadlines: I NEEDED THE PRINTER - - and now I am wasting my time have been for the past TWO days!! with this new monster. Any suggestions about how to persuade the printer that the cartridges ARE the correct ones? Thank you in advance! Atnes
  4. Hi Nergal, Thank you so much for your answer. It would seem as if I have "lost" it completely : WHERE DO I FIND THOSE ITEMS WITH A POSSIBLE EXCLAMATION MARK? Sorry for my ignorance Thanks, Atnes
  5. Thanks again. Atnes, lost in the sound-card enigma.
  6. Thank yoiu, Richard, I am sorry for my delayed answer,, - I've been away,. I am running XP Professional. I found many error message in the Applications list for OVI Suite.... and some in the System list for Service Control Manager...and none, obviously, directly relating to audio or audio devices (my knowledge in computing is less than poor , though:rolleyes: ... Hmmmmm Thanks anyway! Atnes
  7. Still the same question - is perhaps anyone familiar with this beast: Speed-Link UltraPortable Audio Card USB by J?llenbeck GmbH The customers' reviews say, f.i. things like : " My sound stopped working with no obvious cause, I ordered a new sound card and this USB device as well (better safe than sorry...). This one arrived first and does the job perfectly, sound is back to how it was. Can't comment on the mic function though because I'm not using it, but I can only assume it works as well as the sound. The PC instantly recognised it as the new default sound device, didn't cause any problems at all. ".. Do you think this really replaces an in-built sound card? Thanks! Atnes
  8. Hi to all, I have a problem with my sound performance on my PC - actually, I have no sound performance at all. After trying all possible tricks and tests, I finally discovered that my sound card (which had been happily installed on my PC until recently) is not installed anymore - my computer keeps telling me that there is no audio device installed on my PC, no sound card available etc. What should I do? I don't want to open my computer case all by myself, since the warranty rules do not allow it anyway, therefore I am playing with the thought to buy one of those external sound devices, like for instance the below one or something similar. Would such a device perform like an in-built sound card that I used to have and is now gone missing for mysterious reasons? Does any of you have perhaps another solution to offer ? I would be very grateful - am rather lost without the sound o my computer, you know New Andrea External Digital Sound Card With CD Quality Digital Sample Rates Excellent Performance, g <H2>Product Features</H2> Andrea External Digital Sound Card w/Noise Reducer. Hi-fidelity external sound card with CD quality digital sample rates. Small form factor, about the size of a thumb drive, is convenient for portability with audio peripherals. Includes Andrea's complete PureAudio? Voice Solutions Software Suite. Thank you very much in advance for any suggestions! Atnes
  9. Atnes


    Thank you, Richard. It was just a few days ago that I could listen to the music - everything was working just fine. And yes, I did uninstall some software - but I do not recall what exactly it was - I uninstalled several things I beleived unneccessary or superfluous. And yes, I've already tried the System Restore thing, but the task could not get completed, and I don't know why; the xomputer youst sent an error message of not having completed the restore. Where do I find the Dwevice Manager you are suggesting I should open? Thanks a lot! Best, Atnes
  10. Atnes


    I followed your instruction, but the computer sent me a message saying"Windows cannot find 'sevices.msc '...." I'm quite at a loss .... but thanks anyway :-)) Best, Atnes
  11. Atnes


    Hi, Can anyone advise me on where to find & download free mixer devices for my XP Professional, SP3? Something must have happened to my audio system on my PC, because the speakers do not work at all, the volume icon on my desktop disappeared, and my computer keeps telling me that "there are no active mixer devices available". In other words: my computer is completely mute. Thanks in advance for any suggestion! Best, Atnes
  12. Thanks again, TOM AZ! I'm going to get myself the Pro-version, too, as I too receive a considerable amount of e-mails daily :-) Regards, Atnes
  13. Thank you, Tom AZ. Ihave downloaded it - the free version - but it does not allow you to preview the messages...? Only if I decide to buy the Pro vesrion. Did you have to buy the Pro version, too? Other wise I don't see the point in using the MailWasher - if one cannot SEE the messages that should or should not be removed... Best, Atnes
  14. Thank you very much! I'll follow your instructions! Best, Atnes
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