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  1. Great Thanks! so one final question, is there a portable truecrypt for mac OSX?? I know there is one for windows, but i don't know about mac.
  2. Well, in complement to truecrypt, what programs and methods do you recommend? Additionaly, I know you can make a portalbe truecrypt in windows. Is it possible with a mac?
  3. I know that you can encrypt and create a virtual file in truecrypt, and it creates a file as big as you specified. However, can't anyone just delete that file, and all your info is lost? Thanks, daggerXtreme
  4. How did you manage to hide the menu bar and integrate it into the context menu???
  5. It looks like this: http://images.macworld.com/images/legacy/2...takingnote3.gif I can't really find it in 07, but i'll be glad if someone is willing to help me Thanks!
  6. Hey everyone, In Mac office 08, there's a feature called notebook layout view. Is there such feature in the windows counterpart? Thanks, daggerXtreme
  7. Freeram XP pro has served me well. Its outdated and for xp, but its quite nice. www.yourwaresolutions.com
  8. LOL I can't seem to get the picture working...anyone want to help me>
  9. I've heard that some people in their laptops have a utility in their BIOS that re-calibrates the battery for them. I, unfortunately don't. Is there any software that can do this?
  10. i just no matter what couldn't correctly miranda im...it was just too hard people are right, digsby is a resource hog. I hope they fix that soon
  11. I do agree that pidgin is /much/ more simpler than digsby. Sometimes its just a tad bit too simple/not enough features. Digsby is right now somewhat of a ram-hog, probably because of all the email notifications. I didn't like pidgin because it doesn't have the 1 user profile thing. Anyone else try it yet?
  12. Anyone try Digsby yet? I think its actually a bit better than pidgin/trillain Please post your comments below daggerXtreme
  13. Hey! My laptop ethernet jack is broken....finally after 8 longs years.. I was looking at some USB to ethernet adapters. Its just plainly an outrage to spend $22 on a highly rated belkin adapter. on ebay, i found one quite cheap http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-10-100-USB-to-Ethernet-Network-LAN-A dapter-NIC-RJ45_W0QQitemZ160218554918QQihZ006QQcategoryZ1118 2QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem it seems that that product is the only type on ebay...so, does anybody have any suggestions for something under $7, or do the ones on ebay work well? thanks!
  14. Hey everyone Where can i get earbud "foam pads"? I'm talking about the types that came with original ipod earphones (that type), NOT canal phones like the jvc marshmallows. I have the sony MDR-E828LP, and I already lost the foam pads in one week. Does any one know where I can get a whole bunch of those for really cheap? The generally fall off once every 2 weeks, so I just plan to buy a whole box. Thanks, daggerXtreme
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