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    video card

    phhf, look at my rig. guys. totally Epic! yes, i am getting two 5850s later on but not for awhile.
  2. version 11 and 12 isn't that much different. as the Link says, just a few features removed, added more Codec support, and some bugs fixed.
  3. Ad-Aware came crap at the end of 2005. use Malwarebytes'
  4. Haven't posted in awhile...
  5. you cannot upgrade the GPU within a Notebook. similar just isn't possible.
  6. yeah, i had this slowdown to when updating. it got fixed though.
  7. as always, keep it coming. Defraggler is always impressive after every release
  8. Avira has always been good to me. i did use AVAST! awhile back but Avira seems better.
  9. i have got to say i like some of those interfaces on some of those App. Lol!
  10. what brand is the PSU? what's the WATTS on it? what Video Card you have installed? did you make sure EVERYTHING is connected and seated properly? where did you download this copy of Windows 7? MS Site only list Build 7100.
  11. Google is in fact developing an OS but from what i've read it's aiming for Netbooks NOT Desktops! the OS will be somewhat Linux based but that is unknown. it'll be light as hell and Open Source i think
  12. TPU (TechPowerUp) iAudiophile.net ABi (Anythingbutipod) L4D Steam Forum Neowin.net PC Perspective Myspace Filehippo Vista64x
  13. hehe, it's the old Netgear RangeMax Routers. the 240 Series i believe Link (Regardless of what users say it's a great Router! Never had any issues) btw... (Note: these are pics. when my build was pre-built!)
  14. i've tested and played around. it's not all that different but the Speed has indeed improved.
  15. eh, sticking with Vista for awhile. Vista Users should just get a Free Upgrade! MS is totally BS'ing us out now.
  16. L4D (Left4Dead) Killing Floor FEAR 2 CSS (Counter Strike: Source) Roller Coaster Tycoon 1-2 plus all the Expansions Classic Nox Starcraft+Broodwar Prototype
  17. the App. is Final. they must have not updated that little section there. before the new version, it would say Beta somewhere in there.
  18. since way back in 2007 if i recall. idk what's up with that. they should at least have a Forums Site.
  19. Filehippo.com one of the most successful Sites to bring the Best Freeware Apps. for Download gets a new design on their site once again. also, they have released their Update Checker as Final (v1.033)
  20. what's your Onboard Video on that Notebook? again, Notebooks get warm/hot no matter what you are doing.
  21. there is nothing wrong with Windows 7. i have used it but i prefer Vista until 7 becomes Final.
  22. Using Windows Vista Ultimate 64-Bit Edition. 1st Comp: Windows 98SE | AMD Athlon 1GHZ | 256MB of RAM | 32MB Geforce MX400 (I think?) | 40GB HDD 2nd Comp: Windows Xp | AMD Athlon Xp 1.6GHZ | 1.5GB of RAM | 64MB Onboard Graphics (Later ATI Powercolor 9600Pro 256MB AGP 8x 128-Bit) | 80GB HDD Present: Windows Vista Ultimate 64-Bit SP1 | AMD Athlon 64 x2 4850e 2.5GHZ OC'ed @3.10GHZ | nVidia Geforce 8600GTS 512MB 128-Bit 704/1008MHZ | 320GB OS/160GB Storage Edit: Soon to upgrade too two HIS 4830's in Crossfire Mode
  23. New_Age

    Recuva v1.26

    what a total epic release MrG
  24. what? i don't think this is true. sounds rather a dumb move for MS to make. doesn't take long for me to Defrag.
  25. you referring to that new upcoming Virus through Sites like Myspace, Youtube, etc? lol, i'll laugh when that comes
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