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  1. Hi, just wondering if any of you clever folk have come up with a cleaning path/paths for the Spartan browser?
  2. On *any* AusLogics product download page, there is the following: "Click on the download button above to download the program from Download.com, otherwise download directly from this web site." (my bold, italics, etc) It's right there if only one uses one's eyes... and the same goes for NOT installer addon toolbars! Trouble is, most folk are too hasty when downloading & installing stuff...
  3. Forget the horribly over-bloated Firefox (which used to be good circa 1.0 PR) and try out the stripped-down Pale Moon browser!
  4. I am now 39 years old plus one day...
  5. It was nothing to do with whatever anyone mentioned here... Microsoft went and changed the "user sign-in experience" or somesuch thing, but now they've switched back to the "old" way to sign in - no one here knew about this?
  6. Hear hear Nergal! One of my facebook friends suggested it was an error with MSN in Sydney which would be fixed soon... but it ain't! Haven't tried the portable way yet...
  7. I get this from Chrome: Server error An invalid response was received while attempting to load http://sn127w.snt127.mail.live.com/default.aspx. The server may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly. Here are some suggestions: Reload this web page later. HTTP Error 502 (Bad Gateway): The gateway or proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server. Firefox and Safari give me a blank page, hitting refresh or highlighting the address returns the same blank page. Opera gives me this: HTTP gateway failed Check that the address is spelled correct
  8. ... has anyone else been experiencing this of late? I am able to access Hotmail only through IE9, the other browsers come up with a blank page or error message and it's really annoying, as I don't use IE that much usually!
  9. spelbynder

    Ubuntu 11

    Downloaded, burnt to ISO, installed... first as an application on the C:drive, which they say reduces disk speed or sumsuch... uninstalled, set up a separtate partition using EASEUS... reboot, install on new partition but not without a lot o' fuss 'n' bother over needed to use a partition for "swap space", WHAT THE?! eventually sorted that out, or so i thought... reboot computer, my Windows installation is no longer there! it doesn't even show up in Ubuntu's disk viewer! Stuff that, says I, and try to reover my system... no can do! can't even install windows over the ubuntu partition - won
  10. Gave 'er a try, put 'er in "advanced user mode" and found myself lost at every single turn, a lot of clicking around just to immunize the system plus numerous dialogue boxes, and don't even get me STARTED on the uninstall routine!! And I'd been waiting yearssss for an updated Spybot too
  11. Filehippo host the standard CCleaner download, MajorGeeks offer standard, Slim & Portable editions. As both IE & Chrome are *not* my default browsers, I never get these extra toolbar options.
  12. I've been WAITING ALL WEEK for this one, thanks!!!
  13. As someone who tends to do a complete format and reinstallation of Windows every 30-60 days, I find it hard to believe that you've (apparently) had the same installation in place since CCleaner 1.0 ..... even if you don't do a lot of installing/uninstalling of software like I do, it would still be beneficial to create a fresh Windows installation at least once a year, I'm thinking.
  14. I've tried out this one after it was added to CCleaner and I really can't see the attraction of it, just another Chrome-wannabe I'm thinking...
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