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    musik videos

    matthias reim - eiskalt https://youtu.be/AUcup_lFFsU
  2. ccleaner -> options -> privacy wrong translations + link to short to "Datenschutzrichtlinie" <--- there shows only the last "e"
  3. hi fans, in the events is an entry that i was logged in at 17:29. but i was only in ccleaner cloud at 21:17 - logged in without login... i was instantly in my account on my linked pc and "online" - should this be so? only if i click "my computers" -> there shows me the login ps: i have set the installed ccleaner service to manuall and the 2 startups to -> i start the cloud service with the cloud app
  4. i have tryed the latest installer v1.15.0.4045 downloaded manually and - nice - i still have the free-version for home use :-)
  5. as for the old problems / bugs - they are all still there -> the same as in v5.63 or earlier... i hope there will be an opportunity in the future to fix at least the biggest or most flashy things. --> i will not write once again the old problems because my "total size" for uploading multimedia files is at the end... and if i delete it -> all posts with pics would be emptied and i have to start all the work over again
  6. hi fans, at first one new "thing" to translate... nice but please in german :-)
  7. trium

    vlc media player

    Changes between 3.0.10 and 3.0.11: ----------------------------------- Fixes HLS regressions Fixes a potential crash on startup on macOS Fixes imprecise seeking in m4a files Fixes resampling on Android Fixes a crash when listing bluray mountpoints on macOS Avoid unnecessary permission warnings on macOS Fixes permanent silence on macOS after pausing playback Fixes AAC playback regression And a security issue
  8. i have a specific question: (even if I don't have Ccleaner Pro Plus) does this mean that the installer links all four individual applications in one product interface? how do all 4 individual programs interact in this Ccleaner Pro Plus interface? are there icons or so? i mean: how looks like the primary user interface of such a Ccleaner Pro Plus with all 4 sub-components? can you take a screenshot of this?
  9. https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/204043924-What-is-CCleaner-Professional-Plus-
  10. i have not the pro plus version - i dont know exactly but as i can see, it should be all in one... https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/professional especially: (the right side with "yes" is cc pro plus) https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/pro-plus Faster, Longer-lasting Hard Drives Includes Defraggler, to keep hard disks healthy and running efficiently YES File Recovery Includes Recuva, so you never have to worry about losing a file again YES See Inside yo
  11. if i can? i make it like nukecad but first -> clean up the drive with windows-tool -> defraggler with "file defrag" but only 1x monthly after updates -> after this i make a restart -> 1x defrag with windows defragmenter (only for os-drive) file defrag is quite fast as opposed to a complete defragmentation
  12. that's why i wish and want exact and unambiguous names so that I can decide exactly
  13. ps: you can see there it is not clearly what version is available and what version means what version! (especially the home/home pro/pro version) in the description above there is called "home"; "home pro"; "pro" <--- is this one version? in the description below there called it "professional" perhaps for one and the same version -> a bit confused and perverted sorry but i need only the free-version for max. 3 home-pc´s. pic:
  14. hi fans, is cloud free for max 3 pc still available? how can i choose it - the download and its description is confusing! i need a few explanations to make sure i keep my account before installing the newer ccleaner cloud agent pic 1: what means "dont limits number of installs"? <--- ofcourse unlimited for installs sometimes later (if i need a reinstall because some problems or so!) pic 2: i have the "free-version" for max. 3 home-pcs, currently only 2, i want only a new install-file to download/for updating my free-account - not to go to busi
  15. hi fans, i have just take a look into ccleaner cloud and its categorys - i see a problem with clouds defraggler analyze with wrong fragmented files and size of files to defrag... or goes defraggler wrong with its analyze? defraggler analyze pic: 0% fragmented with 277 MB ccleaner cloud defrag analyze: 11% fragmented with 6,8 GB whats correct - more correct? defraggler or ccleaner cloud?
  16. perhaps try -> general -> services -> start? or debug -> service -> start?
  17. have you tryed to start the installed ccleaner cloud service manually? in the windows services-list? pic normally there should start your browser with the login to enter your email and password... https://www.ccleanercloud.com/login perhaps helps a restart after installprocess...
  18. perhaps take the "file list" for an defrag! it works faster (click on all files in the list that was found by defraggler and "defrag checked") but only for your hdd :-)
  19. perhaps this is an result of pagefile and hiberfil.sys directly related to the size of installed RAM - defraggler cant defrag the pagefile and/or hiberfil. example: with 8 gb ram -> 8 gb pagefile and 6,25 gb hdd-space (and with fragmentation - two or more pieces... and the % go up)
  20. only a supplemental - now i can imagine why defraggler means such a hdd would be an ssd... 256 mb cache is more as standard - its a "hybrid" perhaps for the next defraggler-version it should be scanned for large cache-size so that defraggler can it sort out from "ssd"
  21. hi fans, i mean healt check should be refreshed especially the last two points for the pro-version pic 1: overview pic 2: pic 3:
  22. perhaps an suggestion for one in the future ps: sorry nukecad, you was faster :-)
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