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  1. @Kasche if you have solved your problem with johncclenaers help... try the "file list" defrag
  2. @BeeGee can i ask you what the hardware is? cpu, ram, etc...? a little help perhaps for your overheading laptop: go to energy settings from your w7 -> advanced powersettings -> processor power management -> Maximum performance state of the processor: set it for example to 60 or 70 or 80 % <--- this will prevent your cpu from the inbuild self-overtuning and reduced the maximum GHz or MHz to a lower level but with enough power to work with it (not to game ) this will also reduce the heat from your cpu let you run your laptop only with akku or fixed powerconnection? look at advanced powersettings -> processor power management -> system cooling policy look at akku: ? passive <--- if you use your laptop most with akku - perhaps try to set on active? look at power: ? active
  3. i have this question for some time ago...there should be a one file installer to download...
  4. ? i dont know if our forum can help you... just something delete in the registry - bad idea what do you want do uninstall/delete?
  5. ff v78.9.0 esr 23. march 2021 Fixed Various stability, functionality, and security fixes
  6. ff v87.0 23. march 2021 New You’ll encounter less website breakage in Private Browsing and Strict Enhanced Tracking Protection with SmartBlock, which provides stand-in scripts so that websites load properly. To further protect your privacy, our new default HTTP Referrer policy will trim path and query string information from referrer headers to prevent sites from accidentally leaking sensitive user data. The “Highlight All” feature on Find in Page now displays tick marks alongside your scrollbar that correspond to the location of matches found on that page. We’re proud to announce full support for macOS built-in screen reader, VoiceOver. We’ve added a new locale: Silesian (szl) Fixed We’ve fixed several significant accessibility issues: Video controls now have visible focus styling and video and audio controls are now keyboard navigable. (Bug 1681007) HTML <meter> is now spoken by screen readers. (Bug 1460378) Firefox now sets a useful initial focus in Add-ons Manager. (Bug 580537) Firefox will now fire a name/description change event when aria-labelledby/describedby content changes. (Bug 493683) Various security fixes. Changed To prevent user data loss when filling out forms, we’ve disabled the Backspace key as a navigation shortcut for the back navigation button. To re-enable the Backspace keyboard shortcut, you can change the about:config preference browser.backspace_action to 0. You can also use the recommended Alt + Left arrow (Command + Left arrow on Mac) shortcut instead. Firefox keyboard shortcuts We've removed items from the Library menu that weren't used often or have other access points in the browser: Synced tabs, Recent highlights, and Pocket list. We've simplified the Help menu by reducing redundant items, such as those that point to Firefox support pages that can also be accessed via the Get Help item. Enterprise Various bug fixes and new policies have been implemented in the latest version of Firefox. You can see more details in the Firefox for Enterprise 87 Release Notes. Developer Developer Information We've greatly simplified the Web Developer menu. Go to Application Menu > Web Developer > Web Developer Tools to access Inspector, Web Console, Debugger, Network Style Error, Performance, Storage Inspector, Accessibility, and Application Developers can now use the Page Inspector to simulate prefers-color-scheme media queries, without having to change the operating system to light or dark mode. Developers can now use the Page Inspector to toggle the :target pseudo-class for the currently selected element in addition to the pseudo-classes that were previously supported: :hover, :active and :focus, :focus-within, :focus-visible, and :visited. There is a number of Page Inspector improvements and bug fixes related to inactive CSS rules: The table-layout property is now marked as inactive for non-table elements. The scroll-padding properties (shorthand and longhand) are now marked as inactive for non-scrollable elements. The text-overflow property was previously incorrectly marked as inactive for some overflow values.
  7. what is with ccleaner? ccleaner -> tools -> startup "Windows" -> click on ccleaner entry -> on the right side "disable" or "delete"? restart perhaps this help?
  8. in my os its the graphic driver that brings me one or another dmp´s from time to time. how andavari say. newer updates dont help and i decide to life with this hardware/driver problem
  9. yes, of course you can also take it that way. the translator has to weigh that up whats good or not so good. i personally mean that "Duplikate Finder" sounds unpleasant besides with this additional tool in ccleaner in german -> wir finden nicht -> wir suchen Duplikate; and because its not a own single tool but rather part of the ccleaner i mean "Duplicate Finder" is only in german "Dupikate finden" as an activity - not as its own single tool/app. another suggestion: german new "Duplikate suchen" but since it is written in the english original... can it be as its in english in the main as you say
  10. ... there are companies that take remote control i remember me darkly an av known as part of avast to solve this or another problem. but not with windows own tool instead its own remote tool.
  11. ccleaner -> tools -> software updater there is an graphic issue with minimal size of ccleaner window in german. if ccleaner is offline after a while it shows a message "It seems like your offline" "Please check your internet connection and try again" in german: "Sie scheinen offline zu sein" "Bitte prüfen Sie Ihre Internetverbindung und versuchen es erneut" the last word of the sentence "...erneut" is only at half displayed! -> i mean -> apply the automatic placeholder on the size of the ccleaner window and on the size of the translated text?
  12. trium

    ublock users

    ublock v1.34.0 github-actions released this Mar 10, 2021 Closed as fixed: Picker glitch with elements with special characters in their tag name Expose CNAME-uncloaking as a Privacy option in the Settings pane Impossible to add explicit exception for implicit strict blocking Invalid network filters suggested in element picker Use +/- in the popup to indicate whether 3-p frames were blocked Notable commits without en entry in the issue tracker Fix no-scripting switch not working for SVG-based documents Upgrade CodeMirror to 5.59.2 Fix 'adsbygoogle' neutered script Inject procedural cosmetic filterer's code only when needed
  13. ccleaner -> advanced ... the blue button "restore default settings" in german "Standardeinstellungen wiederherstellen" is to small with the german translation! -> apply the automatic placeholder?
  14. ccleaner -> options -> updates if i use ccleaner with minimal size of window there is a graphic issue with the first translated sendence and the first check-box... i see 2 possibilities... 1.) translate the first sentence shorter in german. by exactly 2 words. Because "bereinigen kann" hangs over and into the check-box or/and 2.) adapt the graphical user interface so that the graphic (the check box) is automatically moved to the next line in the ccleaner window. are there no automatic placeholders in ccleaner? the next: english: "Keep Ccleaner updated automatically" german old: "Ccleaner automatisch auf dem neuesten Stand halten" german new: "Halte Ccleaner automatisch aktuell" <--- short as in english english: "Send notifications when there is a new version of Ccleaner" <--- "a new version" = singular german old: "Benachrichtigungen über neue Versionen von Ccleaner erhalten" <---- "neue Versionen" = plural german new: "Erhalte Benachrichtigungen über eine neue Version von Ccleaner" <--- "eine neue Version" = singular Question: Why "send notifications"? how many notifications should i recieve if "a new version" is available? more than one? -> one notification should be enough or not?
  15. ccleaner -> options -> privacy... english: Personal Privacy german old: Personal Privacy <--- is still in engish german new: Persönlicher Datenschutz or Persönliche Privatsphäre my opinion to "personal privacy": isnt it a little bit "overdressed" written language? where is the different between "privacy" and "personal privacy"? doesnt it mean the same? istn already "personal privacy" included in "privacy"? if it does... german new: Datenschutz or Privatsphäre
  16. sorry - i forgot "not" why ... not detected? if it is installed...
  17. Software updater --> on the right side -> the two buttons "update" and "refresh" <--- two different words and meaning/senses in german there -> "aktualisieren" and "aktualisieren" perhaps other translations: refresh = wiederholen/auffrischen/erneuern = "update" -> "aktualisieren" with meaning of app-updates = "refresh" -> "wiederholen" or "auffrischen" or "erneuern" with meaning of a new searching for updates but in certain circumstances also "erneut suchen" <- but its a bit longer for the button to fill with german text english: current version german old: aktuelle Version german new: Vorhandene Version ps: speccy was detected as "from unknown publisher"? <--- not Piriform or Avast? why are there in section "up-to-date programs" also "defraggler and recuva" detected? if it is installed...
  18. ccleaner -> tools english: Disk Analyzer german old: Disk Analyzer german new: Disk analysieren -> perhaps "Festplatte analysieren" english: Duplicate Finder german old: Duplicate Finder german new: Duplikate finden
  19. ccleaner -> options -> smart cleaning english: -> "Tell me if there are junk files to clean" german old: "Benachrichtigen, wenn eine Bereinigung von Junk Dateien notwendig ist" (in german we dont say Junk Dateien) german new: "Benachrichtigen, wenn Datenmüll bereinigt werden kann" (its better and shorter) or "Benachrichtigung über Datenbereinigung" or "Benachrichtigung zur Datensäuberung" (more shorter) or "Mitteilung über Datenmüll" or similar english: "Smart Cleaning uses the same cleaning rules as custom clean" german old: "Die Funktion Smart Cleaning nutzt dieselben Regeln für die Bereinigung wie die Funktion Erweiterte Bereinigung" german new: "`Smart Cleaning` nutzt dieselben Bereinigungs-Regeln wie `Benutzerdefinierte Bereinigung`" english: "if cleaning safes more than" german old: "wenn Bereinigung mehr als" german new: "Wenn Bereingung mehr einspart als" english: "then -> prompt me to clean" german old: "dann -> Vor Bereinigung auffordern" german new: "dann -> Auffordern für Bereinigung"
  20. ccleaner -> options -> settings -> section "secure deletion" english: normal file deletion (faster) secure file deletion (slower) <--- one style in english german: Normales Datei-Löschen (schneller) Sicheres löschen von Dateien (langsamer) <--- why two different translation-forms (styles - in english is only one style) Sicheres Datei-Löschen (langsamer) (or the other translation way around, must decide the translator) alternatively: Normales Löschen von Dateien (schneller) Sicheres Löschen von Dateien (langsamer)
  21. ccleaner -> options -> scheduling title english: Schedule Ccleaner to automatically clean your PC german old: Erstellen Sie einen Zeitplan für Ccleaner zur automatischen PC Reinigung german new: Erstelle Zeitplan für Ccleaner zur automatischen PC-Reinigung or Planung für Ccleaner zur automatischen PC-Reinigung english: Run task monthly on specific: o Day(s): o Day(s) of week: german old: Starte Aufgabe monatlich: o Tag(e): o Wochentag(e): german new: Starte Aufgabe monatlich an bestimmten: o Tag(en): o Wochentag(en) <--- (specific = bestimmt) english: Run ccleaner every... of each month... german old: Ccleaner starten jeden... Jeden Monats... german new: Starte Ccleaner jeden... eines jeden Monats...
  22. ccleaner -> options -> include title english: (Advanced users only) title german old: (für Fortgeschrittene) title german new: (nur Fortgeschrittene) or (nur Erfahrene) <--- only = nur english: Custom files to delete and folders to empty german old: Zu bereinigente Dateien und Ordner german new: Ausgewählte Dateien löschen und Ordner leeren
  23. ccleaner -> custom clean -> tab "applicatons" section "utilities" german old: NVIDIA Install Files german new: NVIDIA Installationsdateien section "windows" german old: Game Explorer german new: Spiele-Explorer or Spieleexplorer
  24. ccleaner -> custom clean -> tab "windows" section "windows explorer" 1.) german old: Kürzlich aufgerufene Dokumente german new: Zuletzt verwendete Dokumente <---- the new is shorter (2 less letters) 2.) german old: Taskleiste Jump-Listen german new: Taskleiste Sprunglisten or Taskleiste Sprung-Listen section "system" 1.) german old: Memory Dumps german new: Speicher-Abbilder or Speicherabbilder 2.) german old: CHKDSK Datenfragmente german new: CHKDSK Dateifragmente <--- File = Datei not Daten
  25. ccleaner -> options -> settings (secure deletion) english: wipe cluster tips german: Cluster Tips löschen tips = Hinweis, Verweis (auf etwas)? or im going wrong? <--- in this case perhaps Verweis instead Hinweis i have read about this stuff and it seems to be a kind of "file-remains/debris" german new: Cluster-Verweise löschen -> or -> Lösche Cluster-Verweise -> or -> Lösche Cluster-Reste -> or -> Lösche Cluster-Rückstände ps: another little correction in german as you can see there is missing a "connecting-line" between the two words.
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