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  1. hello somesh, you mean your f-drive is now changed to partitons: C/ D/ and E/? <- is this one drive or 3 drives? perhaps is this single-drive F "deleted" -> go to your diskmanagement and you will see either your lost partition or your lost drive and with the right options you can integrate it again as drive F if you have fully formatted your disk and your new "partitons" are described with new os and/or other stuff = i think you can forget your old data. as well with formating with w7 and newer there is an "secure deletion" applied... if you have take only the "short-formatting-option" perhaps you can recover some files if there are not overwritten
  2. my pic is from w8.1 disk management oh, no restart after another drive letter assignment but from time to time is a restart needed (since faststart is integrated with w8 and newer) sometimes have windows problems for all kinds of stuff after an series of shutdowns and powerons (this is not an restart). and with an real new start (restart like after updating) can windows eliminate some kind of problems by itself... my english is not so good but i hope you understand what i mean with this :-)
  3. my own opinion? you know where you have saved your personal files or you can also check the folders yourself. you don't need to use Disk Analyzer. this is also easier with Windows Explorer -> search through your created folders and then you know yourself.
  4. to a certain extent ccleaner can tell you what the files are... but as nukecad says only you know if you can delete this or another file. you can open the section for example "documents" on one of your disk or partitions -> you can open this section on the arrow on the left side... -> and it shows you what kind of files there are was finding: for example: pdf or doc or pptx -> here can you choose the file-end (f. ex. doc) in the box below you can see the details of this kind of files you want to see -> here can you see files that you know (and perhaps want do delete) or if not sure -> you can with rightclick open the contextmenu -> and f. ex. "open containing folder" that you can this file see exactly to decide "delete or not" -> or you can files that you know (one or more) tick and choose "delete selected files" in the contextmenu -> also you can see the path of all files that ccleaner can find. all files with system-paths i would not delete. -> but if you find files in your private selfmaded folders -> you can decide for sure if you want delete or not... disk analyzer shows you different kind of files like *.doc (word-files), *.mp4 (video-files), *.pptx (powerpoint-presentations) as subcategorys of the maincategorys like "documents" or "videos" or "pictures" or...
  5. ff v73.0.1 18. feb 2020 Fixed Fixed crashes on Windows systems running third-party security software such as 0patch or G DATA (bug 1610790) Fixed loss of browser functionality in certain circumstances such as running in Windows compatibility mode or having custom anti-exploit settings (bug 1614885) Resolved problems connecting to the RBC Royal Bank website (bug 1613943) Fixed Firefox unexpectedly exiting when leaving Print Preview mode (bug 1611133) Fixed crashes when playing encrypted content on some Linux systems (bug 1614535)
  6. thanks a lot - i dont can really write about the options in w10 because i dont have w10 yet :-) you can also see which drive letters are already in use.
  7. i think about it and i ask me why should ccleaner find this folder if its not there and after this ccleaner report it to you? as far as i know ccleaner find only in system-folder like "temp" for your userprofil and all kind of folders that you want to clean with "custom files and folders" and the include-option. and of course all defined app to clean what you see in the 2 searchboxes "windows" and "applications" if this folder not more on the place ccleaner run to the next cleaning rule or not? it means if there is nothing to clean than is there nothing and no result about this cleaning-point shows you <- perhaps i go wrong with my thinking :-) what have you set in ccleaner with your folder to clean?
  8. oh yes a pic would say more than thousand words perhaps i would do an restart before deleting als temp-files
  9. i dont know how exactly how it calls in english windows versions... Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management (directly under data storage) rightklick on the usb or what you want -> "change drive letter or path" -> kontextmenu click on "to change or add" you can choose your drive letter an it shows you the available driveletters...
  10. what is with an complete restart? from time to time windows have problems with fastboot and an restart is needed.
  11. trium

    ublock users

    ublock v1.25.0 gorhill released this 9 days ago Changes: Firefox 60+ uBO requires a new permission, dns, which is required to solve issue 780. This may triggers a new permission warning from Firefox when uBO updates to the latest dev build, specifically "Access IP address and hostname information"[1], even though this was already possible for uBO to access that information (through the webRequest API): From now on uBO will CNAME-uncloak network requests. CNAME-uncloaked network requests will appear as blue entries in the popup panel and the logger. The uncloaked entries in the popup panel will also show the related aliases (in smaller characters underneath the canonical names)[2]: Network requests which were blocked, redirected, or excepted by a filter/rule are not uncloaked. Canonical hostnames which are first party to the associated alias hostname are not fed back into uBO's filtering engine. [1] Important: "IP address" refers to the IP address of network requests fired by your browser, not the specific IP address assigned to you, uBO has no access to your specific IP address. [2] Warning: CNAME-aliased hostnames exist most likely for content delivery purpose, i.e. legitimate. Firefox for Android New user interface for the popup panel: This re-design was made in collaboration with Mozilla's Bram Pitoyo. (There is more work left to do.) Closed as fixed: Reverse lookup of filter fails with wildcard-leading patterns Search Bar is partially hidden on list pages "0" prefixes are currently not accepted as valid hosts entries [Regression] Show requests blocked in the logger as a result of csp= option Source list of entity filter with subdomain is not looked up correctly Fanboy's Cookie List moved to better place Cosmetic filtering issue with Shadow DOM/tree/root "::" entry in notracking hosts file blocks URLs containing "::" Adsbygoogle.js injectable does not validate whether iframe going to be injected is already exist or not Address 1st-party tracker blocking Allow clicking on domain to expand it to show hosts Notable commits with no entry in issue tracker: New way to convey IDN and CNAME info in popup panel Harden abort-current-inline-script scriplet Remove "uBlock filters -- Experimental" from stock lists Fix unescaped attr value in generated CSS selector Fix regex-like filter representation in logger Improve neutered Google Analytics replacement scriptlet
  12. trium

    ublock users

    firefox legacy v1.16.4.18 gorhill released this 11 days ago Change Fix a bug that in certain conditions prevents updating assets Incorporate redirect resources into the local repo and update the scriptlets Add missing scriplets: nosiif.js / no-setInterval-if.js nostif.js / no-setTimeout-if.js raf-if.js / requestAnimationFrame-if.js json-prune.js Update existing scriptlets: set.js / set-constant.js acis.js / abort-current-inline-script.js Update filter syntax converter Apply filter syntax converter to RU AdList Counters
  13. trium

    ublock users

    firefox legacy v1.16.4.17 gorhill released this 18 days ago Change Improve runtime environment detection using pre-parsing directives Make uBlock for firefox-legacy have env_firefox defined as true Add an additional token env_legacy which is true only for uBlock for firefox-legacy Make uBlock for firefox-legacy auto-update using GitHub This makes uBlock Origin Updater obsolete Add support for !#if false in list directive processor Remove some leftover Chromium-specific code
  14. trium

    ublock users

    firefox legacy v1.16.4.16 gorhill released this on 26 Jan. 2020 Change Fix parsing of nested !#if-!#endif directives Update link to the remote assets.json Apply syntax converter to embedded uBlock filters
  15. trium

    ublock users

    firefox legacy v1.16.4.15 gorhill released this on 17 Jan. 2020 Change Update filter syntax converter for firefox-legacy (pull request by JustOff)
  16. the young, smart heads at microsoft needs a long time for that the same works for ages with bill gates team in the past more than better as yet with younger geniuses in w10 team. perhaps they needed the time and the mistakes to see the light at the end of the tunnel of course on the back of the home-users :-)
  17. perhaps set a the cclenaer icon new? rightclick on your ccleaner empty icon -> contextmenu -> properties -> (objective/target: make sure that the path of the ccleaner installation is specified there --- for example -> C:\xxx\Piriform\CCleaner\CCleaner64.exe) -> other symbol -> choose the known ccleaner icon -> ok
  18. ... a long time for the developer of w10 or not? :-) the good old is not bad who said that again? better late than never!
  19. hello marcia mastro, i mean its smart cleaning. if you dont want this feature: ccleaner -> options -> smart cleaning -> untick what you dont like similar:
  20. ff v68.5.0 esr 11. feb. 2020 Fixed Various stability and security fixes Developer Developer Information
  21. ff v73.0 11. feb. 2020 New Today’s Firefox release includes two features that help users view and read website content more easily, quickly. Like all accessibility improvements, these features improve browsing for everyone. Firefox has offered a page zoom feature for more than a decade that allows users to set the zoom level on a per-site basis. For users who need to zoom most websites, having to adjust zoom for each new site can be an annoyance. To address this, we have implemented a new global default zoom level setting. This option is available in about:preferences under "Language and Appearance" and can be scaled up or down from 100% as needed and sets the default zoom level for all sites. Per-site zoom is still available to make adjustments to individual sites as needed. Many users with low vision rely on Windows' High Contrast Mode to make websites more readable. Traditionally, to increase the readability of text, Firefox has disabled background images when High Contrast Mode is enabled. With today’s release of Firefox 73, we introduce a “readability backplate” solution which places a block of background color between the text and background image. Now, websites in High Contrast Mode are more readable without disabling background images. Fixed Various security fixes. Improved audio quality when playing back audio at a faster or slower speed. Firefox will now only prompt you to save logins if a field in a login form was modified. Changed WebRender will roll out to laptops with Nvidia graphics cards with drivers newer than 432.00, and screen sizes smaller than 1920x1200. Developer Developer Information WAMP-formatted WebSocket messages (JSON, MsgPack and CBOR) are now nicely decoded for inspection in the Network panel. Web Platform Improved auto-detection of legacy text encodings on old web pages which don’t explicitly declare the text encoding. unresolved Users with 0patch security software may encounter crashes at startup after updating to Firefox 73. This will be fixed in a future Firefox release. As a workaround, an exclusion for firefox.exe can be added within the 0patch settings.
  22. https://support.microsoft.com/de-de/help/174619/how-ntfs-reserves-space-for-its-master-file-table-mft maybe microsoft should adapt this article to modern operating systems... :-)
  23. with this result ... why do you want to change something about it? i have this also tryed in the past but no major improvements. i see no practical advantage for increasing or decreasing the MFT allocation. ad the end of the day i reinstalled my os and leave it with the standard settings for its mft. i personaly dont use wipe free space. i think thats wasted time for the hardware. i think the time saved after tuning is out of proportion to the time spent on this topic, reading in and trying to use these things. but ultimately it's your PC (Personal Computer) and you can do whatever you want with it...
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