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  1. very nice i have 4 good running xp pro desktops, one xp media center... i use it if its work
  2. it sounds like ... 1.) you have the free version with manually sheduled task <- but with deleted entry it should not work anymore (done) 2.) have you the pro-version? (are you an user with admin-privilegs on your pc?) perhaps another way/suggestion to solve the problem: (as nukecad say) -> uninstall ccleaner -> restart your pc - look in your harddisk/ssd and delete all leftovers - as the install-folder of ccleaner if its still on your harddisk. - reinstall your ccleaner (if you have the pro-version- enter your registration) - after reinstall -> look in ccleaner if unchecked all kind of boxes as: -> options -> settings -> "run ccleaner when the computer starts" -> options -> sheduling -> disabled (only in the pro-version) -> options -> smart cleaning -> the 2 options (in the free) - the 3 options (in the pro-version)
  3. please take a look: ccleaner -> tools -> startup tab windows -> is there any ccleaner entry? tab sheduled tasks -> is there any ccleaner entry? if yes -> select the ccleaner entry -> look on the right side -> disable or delete
  4. i dont have see something that i can called "delightful experience"
  5. ff v68.4.1 esr 08. jan. 2020 Fixed Security fix
  6. ff v68.4.0 esr 07. jan. 2020 Fixed Various security fixes
  7. ff v72.0.1 08. jan. 2020 Fixed Security fix
  8. ff v72.0 07. jan. 2020 New Firefox’s Enhanced Tracking Protection marks a major new milestone in our battle against cross-site tracking: we now block fingerprinting scripts by default for all users, taking a new bold step in the fight for our users’ privacy. Firefox replaces annoying notification request pop-ups with a more delightful experience, by default for all users. The pop-ups no longer interrupt your browsing, in its place, a speech bubble will appear in the address bar when you interact with the site. Picture-in-picture video is now also available in Firefox for Mac and Linux: Select the blue icon from the right edge of a video to pop open a floating window so you can keep watching while working in other tabs or apps. Learn how the feature works. Fixed Various security fixes Changed Support for blocking images from individual domains has been removed from Firefox, because of low usage and poor user experience. Enterprise Experimental support for using client certificates from the OS certificate store can be enabled by setting the preference security.osclientcerts.autoload to true (Windows only). Developer Developer Information Debugger Watchpoints let developers observe object property access and writes for easier to track data flow through an application. Firefox now supports simulation of meta viewport in Responsive Design Mode.
  9. i have tried cc v5.63 portable on two xps 32bit, one w7 32 bit - all good as it seems with easy and custom clean -only analyze - no app-crash-report in my case
  10. i remember me darkly in the past i have also such a message and i dont have enought time to send whatever (no internet at this time of 5 min) i dont remember me if it was on xp, 7 or 8.1
  11. hello fans, since a few "updates" shows me ccleaner that i have office xp installed and office 2010. i have only 2010 installed. the only thing i can found is in the registry. could it be that this is left over from an older installation and called ccleaner i have office xp installed? hkey_current user->software->microsoft->office->10.0 (word, excel, common) the other key seems to be clean from office xp leftovers the other is office->14.0 (office 2010) should i delete this "office 10.0" entry?
  12. trium

    ublock users

    firefox legacy v1.16.4.13 gorhill released this Jan 2, 2020 Change Import assets.json updates from master to firefox-legacy (pull request by JustOff)
  13. in the background -> we can see on the right side that ccleaner scans in this moment ms edge... perhaps there is a wall for ccleaners head perhaps helps this (similar topic)?
  14. Have you tried the "custom clean"? (erweiterte bereinigung) Have you tried the "free version" if its the same crash? ps: perhaps its a thing between 32 to 64 bit? there are not to many users with w10 32 bit
  15. it there is some time left the ccleaner-faqs could be updated... https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/faq/using/does-it-clean-all-the-user-accounts-on-the-computer in the pro-version should it be able to clean all user accounts or not?
  16. good news that we can help you :-) yes you have right
  17. have you a pic for us "pc-users" how it looks in the mac-version?
  18. as nukecad says... it should work
  19. yes, i found it here :-) https://www.ccleaner.com/docs/ccleaner/ccleaner-how-tos/scheduling-ccleaner
  20. https://www.ccleaner.com/docs/ccleaner/ccleaner-settings/scheduling-ccleaner-professional if i remember me darkly you can also set ccleaner free for scheduled tasks manually...
  21. hello gofo, i think bucky kid means perhaps another thing... not the autostart ccleaner -> options -> scheduling? is this right bucky kid? -> this is for the pro-version users
  22. sometimes the windows-internal troubleshooting will help... - right-click on the Windows maintenance center flag on the right bottom corner - choose the middle point (handle problem or troubleshoot) <- i dont know exactly whats in english - in the appears windows -> on the left upper corner -> choose "show all" - another window will open called "handle computerproblems or troubleshoot computer problems or similar -> look at the point "internet connections" -> leftclick -> another window will open -> choose "extendet" or "advanced" and "execute as administrator" -> ok or continue perhaps windows can repair itself your problem :-)
  23. trium

    ublock users

    ublock v1.24.2 gorhill released this Nov 22, 2019 This is an emergency fix: Fix token array being too small for very long URL
  24. it would be nice if the "easy clean" section show the points to be cleaned - as in "custom clean" but with greyed out (unchangeable) chosen points so that the user knows exactly at a glance what will be cleaned easy clean -> easy to see :-)
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