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  1. nothing to thanks :-) my pleasure; youre welcome
  2. i dont know how it works in w10 and how many space it needs... in w8.1 there was a default setting of 3% -> on my os are this round 10 GB = 3 restore points
  3. ff v68.4.2 esr 20. jan. 2020 Fixed Fixed various issues opening files with spaces in their path (bug 1601905, bug 1602726)
  4. ff v72.0.2 20. jan. 2020 Fixed Various stability fixes Fixed issues opening files with spaces in their path (bug 1601905) Fixed a web compatibility issue with CSS Shadow Parts which shipped in Firefox 72 (bug 1604989) Fixed inconsistent playback performance for fullscreen 1080p videos on some systems (bug 1608485)
  5. trium

    ublock users

    ublock v1.24.4 gorhill released this Feb 2, 2020 Fixed Fix token position value when removing leading wildcard
  6. sometimes some of the scanned files are in usage from the os and cant delete...
  7. what has the pagefile to do with windows restore points? and yes -> you can use the windows system restore management to delete alle restore points...
  8. thanks for your answer hazelnut :-) perhaps later an update-in a few months or so
  9. hello ella, there are different versions of a word-processing-app. perhaps you must look for your language... all of these are suites includes word but i mean during the install-process you can select if you want only word to install. here some downloads of free offices: Apache OpenOffice LibreOffice Softmaker FreeOffice Ashampoo Office Free WPS Office Free ps: there is also an microsoft word free (slightly reduced in its options) but it runs only in microsoft windows vista and 7 (its like office 2010)
  10. ok, i see this popup at the login... perhaps the update will be later :-)
  11. i dont know it the smart cleaning works in the free version but the scheduling worksfine as the custom clean at every single startup :-)
  12. take the smart cleaning the settings from the custom clean?
  13. hi fans, i tryed the update from my old installed v1.11 (free home-version) to v1.17 and it do not work. it is just a temporäry failure?
  14. interesting question... with unchecked "tell me when there are junk files to clean" and only checked "smart cleaning" -> it seems to do nothing i dont use this function usually. i mean the only thing you can use with activated "smart cleaning" is the access via taskbar icon -> like "options"; "open Ccleaner"; "start ccleaner"; "show recent messages"; "close"... nothing more. the ballon notification dont show up. i have smart cleaning disabled again. i have tryed the scheduling for ccleaner free and this works fine without the pro-version
  15. trium

    ublock users

    firefox legacy v1.16.4.14 gorhill released this Jan 14, 2020 Change Convert new shorthands back to legacy syntax when fetching filter lists using firefox-legacy (pull request by JustOff)
  16. hello fuzzyboy, the only official answer/documentation of your question i can found: https://www.ccleaner.com/docs/ccleaner/ccleaner-settings/changing-monitoring-settings-ccleaner-free
  17. ccleaner -> options -> smart cleaning -> here are two checkboxes for the free-version to uncheck if you want
  18. ccleaner -> options -> smart cleaning -> "Tell me if there are junk files to clean" = "Benachrichtigen, wenn eine Bereinigung von Junk Dateien notwendig ist" (in german we dont say Junk Dateien) = "Benachrichtigen, wenn Datenmüll bereinigt werden kann" (its better and shorter) = or "Benachrichtigung über Datenbereinigung" or "Benachrichtigung zur Datensäuberung" (more shorter) or "Mitteilung über Datenmüll" or similar
  19. another improvements in v5.63... ccleaner -> tools -> duplicate finder in the mainwindow -> "Size" = "Größe" -> "Zero byte files" = "Null Byte Dateien" -> "Duplicate finder" = "Duplikate Finder" = "Duplikate finden" (better) ccleaner -> tools -> disk analyzer -> "Disk analyzer" = "Disk analysieren" = perhaps "Festplatte analysieren" (but its a bit longer)
  20. hello joe lemire, either: (the simple way) reinstall ccleaner and after this please take a look: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ or: i dont know how the windows-options named exactly in english - i can only derive it from german windows... windows -> control panel -> administrative tools -> task scheduler or perhaps windows -> control panel -> system and security -> administration -> subitem (plan tasks) go to the entry you mean (ccleaner...) -> look on the right side of windows scheduler -> delete it (do not confuse with ccleaner)
  21. just a little thing... ccleaner -> options -> advanced... in german a space between two words is missing old: NachBereinigung herunterfahren -> correct: Nach Bereinigung herunterfahren
  22. yes, nukecad have right -> sorry for my mistake...
  23. very nice i have 4 good running xp pro desktops, one xp media center... i use it if its work
  24. it sounds like ... 1.) you have the free version with manually sheduled task <- but with deleted entry it should not work anymore (done) 2.) have you the pro-version? (are you an user with admin-privilegs on your pc?) perhaps another way/suggestion to solve the problem: (as nukecad say) -> uninstall ccleaner -> restart your pc - look in your harddisk/ssd and delete all leftovers - as the install-folder of ccleaner if its still on your harddisk. - reinstall your ccleaner (if you have the pro-version- enter your registration) - after reinstall -> look in ccleaner if unchecked all kind of boxes as: -> options -> settings -> "run ccleaner when the computer starts" -> options -> sheduling -> disabled (only in the pro-version) -> options -> smart cleaning -> the 2 options (in the free) - the 3 options (in the pro-version)
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