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    ublock users

    ublock v1.30.4 gorhill released this Oct 12, 2020 Closed as fixed: Prevent set-constant properties from being overtaken [regression] Update urlhaus-filter URL Update for twitch.tv (pull request by @pixeltris)
  2. trium

    ublock users

    ublock v1.30.2 gorhill released this Oct 7, 2020 Summary A regression in the element picker caused it to generate needlessly long cosmetic filter. The issue was reported at /r/uBlockOrigin Fixed: Fix picker generating overly long candidate cosmetic filters [regression]
  3. ff v78.4.0 esr 20. october 2020 Fixed Various stability, functionality, and security fixes
  4. ff v82.0 20. october 2020 New With this release, Firefox introduces a number of improvements that make watching videos more delightful: the Picture-In-Picture button has a new look and position, making it easier for you to find and use the feature. Picture-In-Picture now has a keyboard shortcut for Mac users (Option + Command + Shift + Right bracket) that works before you start playing the video. For Windows users, Firefox now uses DirectComposition for hardware decoded video, which will improve CPU and
  5. it looks like its not renewed https://forum.piriform.com/ ff + ms chrome edge + palemoon + iron blocking the redirection. it works with exception-rules
  6. since 12. october show me ff the following redirection mistake... would this be renewed or not for this older forumslink?
  7. ff v81.0.2 13. october 2020 Fixed Fixed an incompatibility with Twitter.com manifesting itself with the intermittent display of a network protocol violation error page
  8. ff v78.3.1 esr 01. october 2020 Fixed Fixed legacy preferences not being properly applied when set via GPO (bug 1666836)
  9. ff v81.0.1 01. october 2020 Fixed Fixed missing content on Blackboard course listings (bug 1665447) Resolved incorrect scaling of Flash content on HiDPI macOS systems (bug 1667267) Fixes for various printing issues (bug 1667342, bug 1667510, bug 1667723) Fixed legacy preferences not being properly applied when set via GPO (bug 1666836) Fixed Picture-in-Picture controls being visible on audio-only page elements (bug 1666775) Fixed high memory growth with addons such as Disc
  10. with defraggler... try the "file list" -defragmentation - relatively fast with good fragmentation-result
  11. trium

    ublock users

    firefox legacy v1.16.4.25 gorhill released this on 22 Aug Change Backport several improvements and fixes from the upstream (thanks to @hawkeye116477) Allow :upward() operator to select html element Fix broken :spath operators starting with > Better parsing of hosts file system addresses Add ability to control auto-commenting at filter creation time Use ISO8061 dates in filter comments Fix xmlhttprequest redirection Fix badfilter exception on CSP filters
  12. trium

    ublock users

    ublock v1.30.0 gorhill released this 4 days ago Summary Important: The compile format of filter lists has changed, and this means upon update uBO will have to recompile all filter lists, so this may cause a longer delay at launch the first time uBO is launched after being updated. This is a one time event. The cloud storage feature has been improved in a number of ways: Better reporting of error conditions in the user interface; User interface widget to report storage used/total/max; Support for compressing cloud storage data. Improved "My rules" u
  13. ff v78.3.0 esr 22. sept. 2020 Fixed Various stability, functionality, and security fixes
  14. ff v78.2.0 esr 25. august 2020 Fixed Various stability, functionality, and security fixes
  15. ff v78.1.0 esr 28. july 2020 Fixed Various stability, functionality, and security fixes
  16. ff v81.0 22. sept. 2020 New You can pause and play audio or video in Firefox right from your keyboard or headset, giving you easy access to control your media when in another Firefox tab, another program, or even when your computer is locked. In addition to our default, dark and light themes, with this release, Firefox introduces the Alpenglow theme: a colorful appearance for buttons, menus, and windows. You can update your Firefox themes under settings or preferences. For our users in the US and Canada, Firefox
  17. @siliconman01 are there no updates from microsoft via the update channel? my c++ 2015 x64 = 14.0.24212 from 09.05.2018 my c++ 2015 x86 = 14.0.24210 from 03.01.2017
  18. i mean you should backup your important files. i dont think you can get back the good status of this hdd. look at point 5 - reallocated sectors count...
  19. ff v80.0.1 01. sept 2020 Fixed Fixed a performance regression when encountering new intermediate CA certificates (bug 1661543) Fixed crashes possibly related to GPU resets (bug 1627616) Fixed rendering on some sites using WebGL (bug 1659225) Fixed the zoom-in keyboard shortcut on Japanese language builds (bug 1661895) Fixed download issues related to extensions and cookies (bug 1655190)
  20. perhaps this cpu is intended and supported for your mainboard. have you looked for your mainboard and possible cpu-support?
  21. In fact ... this CPU have 4 cores and you can activate them as i can read
  22. i found a list with compatible motherboards for this "Black Edition CPU"... and the bios-version that should work with it https://www.cpu-upgrade.com/CPUs/AMD/Phenom_II_X2/555_BE_(rev._C3)_motherboards.html
  23. speccy v1.32.774? @moderators -> was there an update? the last known version for me and the download-history was v1.32.740... isnt it? @sunergy mmmh, if i remember me darkly... i mean here in the forum was write some similar stuff with "cpu-z" and i think to remember me that "cpu-z" was build in in speccy. but i dont know for sure cpu-detection: i think if your bios cant identify your cpu correctly because no specifications in the latest bios-update are intended for this -> perhaps than can no app find out the right cpu-id
  24. i think the 64 bit systems are a problem for. an emulator can help but the original-os with the hardware from the time is the best.
  25. ... today i found some differences i found the "edit" option ... and some other "stuff"
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