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  1. I use Media Player Classic which is included with the K-Lite Codec Pack. right now, i'm using a modified version(since the original author went away somewhere...). if you want it, you can get it here.
  2. my bad. i didn't realize that it became shareware... the one that i have(version 1.6.6) is freeware. here's a link to the freeware one. http://www.zshare.net/download/uninstall-tool-7z.html
  3. i use Uninstall Tool. it works like a charm.
  4. new one today. i'm tired of the PNG madness, so today, the wallpaper is in JPG. i don't care that much anyways. btw, notice the playback buttons that i put on there. They kick ass!
  5. by reading that error message, i conclude that Microsoft's SSL certificates are broken and retarted.
  6. i don't know if you people know this, but the Dutch version of the WGA Notifier shows the advantages of illegal software... Link: http://news.softpedia.com/news/The-WGA-Too...are-47784.shtml edit: stupid IPB
  7. probably fiction. i doubt that it would send any info to Microsoft. or else i see lawsuit i also installed the new WGA Notifications tool and it didn't ask or tell me anything soooo...i'm still genuine
  8. how is it more compact? it looks as fat as the regular Luna.
  9. i checked it(didn't check hidden files though) and i couldn't find anything. so i got rid of the ie7 updates folder. meaning i physically deleted it. WIndows Updates isn't asking me to re-install any IE7 updates so i'm fine. yeah, so do i. but i use the e-mail .
  10. my ie7 updates folder was empty so i got rid of it. my ie7 folder had 25MB in it. Opera had 66MB(due to the stuff that's cached and because of the 17MB which is full of locales(which i recently got rid of)). edit: i also have E-Mails stored in there since i use Opera's built-in mail client.
  11. here's mine today. i made a clean and a dirty version. the dirty one has foobar2000 playing "Cast Down the Heretic". very good song by Nile. and at 3:32, Karl Sanders does one awsome solo. it's also my new config(didn't like the WMP11 one that much). Anyways, Enjoy! Dirty: Clean: for the Curious ones, the visual style is called Glassic and the wallpaper is from the band Heavenly
  12. i use Picasa and RK Launcher and none of them have caused me any problems.
  13. I couldn't believe it either. i was amazed at it actually.
  14. http://www.microsoft.com/taiwan/office/clippy/shell.swf for folks looking for a laugh
  15. OpenOffice saves to its own OpenDocument format by default. OpenOffice can also save to other formats but some stuff that you put in there might not show up as you want it to. eg, i made a PowerPoint presentation using OpenOffice for school once and i saved it to the Microsoft Powerpoint format instead of the OpenDocument format. when i gave the presentation to my teacher, some minor annoyances appeared. but other than that, it worked great. so, a little piece of advice, same to the OpenDocument format whenever you can.
  16. just to give an update. i tried that and it didn't work.
  17. dunno what to look for there. it has a bunch of them... it's set to automatic. i don't see how that would cause anything, but i guess i'll give it a try.
  18. i have absolutely no idea why this happens, but whenever i start windows, windows will load some programs, then it will stop doing anything. if i try to launch any programs, the process will launch but that's all it will do. it won't show any windows, raise memory usage, absolutely nothing. After a few tests that i ran, i found out that Microsoft's Internet handling(or w/e) seems to be the cause. whenever i start my computer without the modem plugged in, everything works smoothly. but when i plugin the modem afterwards, i won't be able to use anything. i'll only be able to use processes that have already been opened. The only way to use anything is to wait, wait, and wait some more. one time, i had to wait 15 minutes so that the programs that i launched would work. Right now, i need info as to why this happens. my dad has been getting really pissed because he restarted the comp 3 times today and nothing happened.
  19. since i feel a bit lazy today, i'll only give a clean version... Blobs!
  20. just to give an update, My Computer works after restarting. maybe it was just a memory issue...
  21. you could probably do something like this by using Rainlendar or something.
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