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  1. i can tell how it sucks just by looking at your screenshots. i also just checked the website for the program and i was shocked to find that it's shareware. i, personally would pay for StyleXP or WindowBlinds but that's just me.
  2. since i feel crazy today, here's a new crazy screenshot Mac OS X FTW
  3. it could be just the program itself which sucks. it is actually possible to make an application do that. but most of them resize their controls. maybe somebody messed up while coding it.
  4. there's also Wininternals(owned by the same people). as for Sysinternals going down, i doubt it. i'm willing to bet that Process Explorer and maybe a few other tools will become part of Vista. the time is now to replace Task Manager with Process Explorer
  5. WMP really messed with your taskbar, rridgely. as for me, i got a new wallpaper. i got rid of the wallpaper because i found too many artifacts in it. must have been compressed to 70% or something. anyways, here it is. Clean: Dirty: as always, very highly compressed
  6. JohnDemolition


    the dictionaries and aspell are not, but the functionality is as for reloading the images, just right click on an image and click "Reload Image"
  7. JohnDemolition


    Load missing images makes no sense. if the image doesn't exist, then there is no way to load it. as for spell check, Opera already has it...
  8. JohnDemolition


    hmmmm, i think that Firefox loads a bit slowly for you . as for plugins, i see no use for PDF Downloader, Tab Mix Plus(eh, it has a few good features), FasterFox, Video Downloader, Media Player Connectivity, Page Update Checker, and Dr Web Link Checker. PDF Downloader is kinda pointless since you can just open the file with Foxit. Fasterfox just provides a nice GUI for some sections of about:config and that's about it, i believe. Video Downloader...just dl the video. Media Player Connectivity is one that i'm not sure what it does. Page Update Checker...just use View New Posts. as for Dr. Web, it's nice but if i recall correctly, Firefox already has a phishing filter in it and with adblock as well, i don't see any point for it. but let's get back on topic here. i don't want to have a big argument about Extensions and whatnot. Opera is a great browser. it doesn't have everything, but for me and a lot of other people, it has all one needs.
  9. try downloading it at FileHippo instead. http://www.filehippo.com/download_dotnet_framework_3/
  10. can you get a better quality version somewhere
  11. JohnDemolition


    meh. i also block ads by using a filterlist which Tarun posted a long time ago. right now, i can't see the Google ads on the top of the page. as for its blocking ability, it's pretty damng dood IMO. dunno how it compares to Adblock or Adblock Plus, but it works like a charm. yeah you're right. i wish they had made it like that. Although, i believe that Konqueror had inline spell-checking before Firefox did as for the extensions, which ones?
  12. JohnDemolition


    just on a side note, Opera also has a spellchecker. but it requires Aspell with the required dictionaries installed. as for lack of extensions, a lot of the functionality that some firefox extensions provide are built inside Opera which makes it faster than Firefox .
  13. Photoshop(700 bucks) if you want to make images. Paint.NET is a free alternative which requires 2.0 . both are very nice programs. as for helping you learn quickly, no to both of them.
  14. JohnDemolition


    i've been using Opera for quite some time and by the look of things, i'm not going to go back to Firefox. simply put, Opera has all the essential things which i require such as built-in mail client, e-mail style feeds(VERY useful), very nice interface(Windows Native), and a lot of other features. also, i don't know if this website will help you, but if you use a lot of Firefox extensions, then you might wanna check this. http://files.myopera.com/Rijk/blog/extensions.html
  15. JohnDemolition


    it's always nice to install it for a couple of reasons. the main one being the updated engine. and even though most people don't use IE, it's still useful for ActiveX sites and Microsoft Update. it also has better support for the web standards. it's not perfect, but it's better. also, if you like using IE shells, then upgrading is a must.
  16. no point in getting it, really. there are little to no applications which depend on it.
  17. turn on the "Themes" service. go to Start > Run > Type "services.msc", find "Themes", click properties, Set it to Automatic, Start it, and you're done.
  18. not betas. alphas. i currently have the latest Alpha and it works pretty good. it also has an interesting form of MDI for multiple images. the only bad thing which i can say about this program is that it it SLOOOOOOW. and i mean extremely slow. but that's the .NET Framework for you.
  19. it shows hidden and windows installs, it has a search function, you can remove/install Windows Components with it, and a couple of other stuff.
  20. i've had this little program for a while now, but i thought that it was worth mentioning. anyways, what this program does is...it uninstalls other programs. it's very small, has a lot of features, and a decent interface. i've been using it instead of Add/Remove in Control Panel and i have to say that it's very good at what it does. here's the link. http://www.crystalidea.com/?action=show_page&name=utool
  21. here's mine for this week. today, i turned on the Themes service and tried out the Zune theme and the Royale Noir theme but both didn't satisfy me. so for right now, i'm sticking with HmmXP's sexiness. Clean: Dirty: as always, very highly compressed
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