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  1. i have. but it really depends on which operating system. i wired a second hard drive a few months ago and installed Ubuntu on it and it's been working nicely(besides the noisy growling noise)
  2. erm, it's a bug with the File Types thing(it was already set to open in same window). i messed around with them(changed the icon of the folder) and automatically, it makes it "Browse with IrfanView" since that's what there is... if i want to open the folder instead, i have to right click and select open. and also like i said, Tony Klein posted a solution to the problem(some website with a script to fix it) but i can't find it. also, i just tried what that website told me to do and it still didn't work.
  3. yeah this has been happening due to the fact that i messed around with Folder Options. i believe that Tony Klein posted a link to a script which solved the problem but i can't find it. so does anyone know how to solve the issue?
  4. Merry Chirstmas. hmm, i just said mas of Christ
  5. hi Mari as for the interface, that's not bad at all
  6. i would just disable them and see what happens after that. if the same problems occur, then something is wrong with Firefox
  7. i think you're using a broken extension
  8. it's part of Opera itself. currently, i have it disabled because i find ?Torrent to be superior. plus, i don't think Opera supports seeding... but anyways, torrent downloads look like regular downloads from the web. the Transfers tab showing the percentage and whatnot.
  9. JohnDemolition


    yeah but fragmentation on fat32 is a nightmare... there is also a driver for windows which can read ext2 and i think ext3 filesystems(which some distros use) but i can't remember where to get it.
  10. only useful for developers who use .NET. just a little note.
  11. Java Runtime Environment. JDK = Java Development Kit which is only useful for making Java applications. Netbeans is an IDE for Java.
  12. IE6 and below are integrated with Explorer. so it would make sense for one to use the IE repair tool. but then again, it working is another thing
  13. i don't think that they would actually give a download link to Office. if there is a trial version on the Microsoft website and if she has a valid serial number, then it might be possible to do it. but something tells me that Microsoft will only give a download link to Office if they even have one. besides contacting Microsoft, she could start using OpenOffice.
  14. i've heard that 3.0 passes the Acid2 test
  15. Windows Messenger should work with any email provider. but, you need to have a .NET password for it. if you don't have one, get one! edit: Passport not password
  16. eh? i never said no such thing! that wallpaper was not made by me. but if you want a 1280x800 version, you could use an imaging program such as IrfanView(and even Paint) to resize it to your needs. i just tried it and i can't say i was happy with the results. i guess you could also ask the author to make a 1280x800 version. also, if you want a 1280x960 version, there already is one available at that link. @incy: didn't realise you had kids
  17. well i currently use it(Miranda IM has been having issues with Miranda lately) and it causes no problems with both my hotmail and my gmail accounts.
  18. he might be using Windows Messenger instead of MSN(or Windows Live) Messenger
  19. TuxPaint... that's...interesting o_O
  20. i don't believe it's possible but you could go to Tools > Appearance > Buttons > Browser > Home, drag it in front of New tab > and enjoy having your homepage in a new tab
  21. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/43764346
  22. some firewall applications are notorious for blocking FTP and even HTTP. PeerGuardian is a great example of this(i couldn't download HP drivers due to PeerGuardian[the most worthless piece of software on earth] blocking it)
  23. so the Alcohol 52% download was better than this, eh? Sweet
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