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  1. Hi, I noticed a problem when my computer starts up, It is telling me no hard disk detected then it tells me boot from cd/dvd then the computer starts up fine... Is there any suggestions to solve this? Regards
  2. Would you guys recommend comodo firewall if you are running vista home premium ? Just want some advice....
  3. just tryed that program... and i keep getting the same error...
  4. I'm just trying to get flash... i also tryed downloading a earlier version from filehippo and same message.. also the link to the Adobe uninstaller you gave isent working...
  5. I am having troulbe installing the new adobe flash player... when i go to adobe's website and then get flash it tells me the installer has failed so i went to fillehippo and downloaded it and now im getting the message this is not the latest version of flash please go to adobe.com to get it... the flash version i am trying to install is RC... I hope some of you can help... Thanks
  6. I recently installed 6 out of the 7 updates listed on windows update, i done this by selecting each one and installing then restarting, i managed to find the update that won't install... this is the link copyed the details from the windows update page Vulnerability in Windows Vista Firewall Could Allow Information Disclosure (935807) General Information Executive Summary This moderate security update resolves a privately reported vulnerability. This vulnerability could allow incoming unsolicited network traffic to access a network interface. An attacker could potentially gather information about the affected host. This is a moderate security update for all supported editions of Windows Vista. For more information, see the subsection, Affected and Non-Affected Software, in this section. This security update addresses the vulnerability by modifying the Windows Vista firewall default behavior to block unsolicited traffic communicating over the Teredo interface. For more information about the vulnerability, see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) subsection for the specific vulnerability entry under the next section, Vulnerability Information. Recommendation: Microsoft recommends that customers consider applying the security update. Link to the page i got the info from Microsoft Tech Net Page
  7. i tryed that website doesent seem to be able to get any downloads... i installed the plug in but then once i got to pick updates it says false and then takes me back to there home page. i am using mozilla firefox and running windows Vista Home Premium. could that be a problem?
  8. BTW, just to give a slight update on my issue, i still can't install these updates no matter what i seem to do, i uninstalled the excel 2003 viewer program due to i never use it and i thought that was the problem... but when i click install they say they have succeded and tells me i need to restart computer so i do that a few minutes once my computer has been running the update icon appears and says they failed to install... ive tryed this like 10times now. can someone help? also instead of the 8 now its showing 7 due to me uninstalling excel...
  9. i got 8 updates on vista home premium, 7 of them succeded or so it says... but one of them failed the one that failed was a security update to excel viewer 2003 it makes me restart the computer but once it comes back on, the same updates are listed on auto update...?
  10. Hi There, I'm looking into getting a webcam... i just would like to know what ones you recomend and i need one that will work with Vista....? So suggestions and info would help
  11. Well i am not planning on buying a tv for some time after this purchase.... So can you point me in the direction of some 1080p. i live in the UK so....
  12. Does that mean you woulden't recomend the above tv for use with both systems....
  13. So you would recomend the above to get the best gaming experance out of the two consoles..... is that right
  14. Twisted Metal. 1080i ? so the tv above isent recomended..... i notice it has a HDMI Socket so thats good right....
  15. Currently i have your standard TV but ive got a Xbox 360 atm and love playing it but i feel im not seeing it to its full potential on the standard tv i have... i am also looking into the PS3 when it comes out in hopes of getting that also... i just would like some recomendations on tv's for the new systems.... i live in the UK so please make note of that.... I've looked at this one Argos.co.uk Help is Appreciated
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