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  1. that is true. i've tortured it so much today...
  2. i was using a program called DVD Demuxer to demux a Vob file(which every other program that i used had a problem with). while it was demuxing, it took a lot of CPU and i kept opening and closing the folder where the program was writing to sooooo... i just have no idea what could have caused this. i doubt it's the program since it doesn't seem to be anything dangerious(Ad-Watch and AVG didn't complain; and i didn't find any suspicious dlls hooked into explorer or winlogon). OT: the program demuxed it perfectly and i just used mkvtoolnix to remux the files into a .mkv file
  3. anytime i click My Computer, nothing loads. explorer.exe doesn't even get called. i haven't tried restarting but i'm just wondering if there's a fix for it somewhere. any comments are appreciated.
  4. it happens on all programs really. the reason why it does that is because there is nothing to display.
  5. i wasn't able to get it from him(always afk it seems). however, i found one on some japanese site which should work nicely. btw, don't ask me how to configure it . http://foobar.s53.xrea.com/up/files/up315.zip
  6. who do i see? nobody. was i supposed to see Jesus?
  7. well, i am an Skype user so i do know as for 3.0, i'll never use it until there's actually a reason.
  8. i recently lost it . i got tired of it since i found a better one that works for me. however, i do remember giving it to someone so if i can get in touch with him, then i could get him to send me the config
  9. i tried out an early beta or it and i have to say i didn't like it. it used 2 processes(the other one being SkypePM or something similar). it also used more memory. besides, when i click upgrade in 2.5, it says i have the latest version
  10. new one today. i found a very good wallpaper which i edited to suit my needs. well, the only thing i edited was all the Dimmu Borgir logos so that it would look nicer and that's about it. anyways, here it is . Clean: Dirty: btw, please don't think that i'm a satanist
  11. <cough>if only it was useful</cough>
  12. it's not hidden inside XP. it's at the website "towel.blinkenlights.nl"...
  13. that would be my dock. right now, i use RK Launcher(latest nightly build) and it's working great here. i also use a skin called RealDock.
  14. rofl. 1GB into 1MB. that could be possible with DEFLATE(Zip's default algorithm) if the file was only full of zeroes
  15. a little note about KGB Archiver. it uses an old version of PAQ(PAQ6v2 to be exact) which doesn't really make it that great. newer PAQ versions compress much better and hopefully are faster o_O. also, PAQ is also the best compression algorithm out there. well, it's technically tied with RK but it's close. it's also open source
  16. Ogg Vorbis and FLAC support are available via Rockbox. I also believe that Mac OS X 10.5 will get native support for FLAC(although it hasn't been confirmed) and it won't be much of a surprise if the iPod gets FLAC support too...
  17. it's still useful for a lot of windows users(not me since i don't use FF...)
  18. http://www.diehard-software.org/ seems like this is a very useful program
  19. new one today. i got a new wallpaper with the Ace of Spades(the best card out there). i also got my foobie looking like WMP11. it's not that great since i stripped a lot of code from the original layout(it used to be 308 lines and now it's 55) but i like it. i should add bitrate and stuff like that though... Clean: Dirty: Enjoy! i recently read on Slashdot(they had an article about the DRM stuff) that Vista will corrupt your unprotected files and it will prevent programs from playing the un-protected programs back...
  20. if you're looking to rip music CDs, then EAC is what you're looking for. not sure what you should use for regular data since i don't have many CDs like that. as for encoder, Nero 6 is probably the best. although i myself use Ashampoo's Burning Application since it supports FLAC and Vorbis out of the box
  21. i voted for Opera. Firefox just doesn't compare well to Opera . and IE...
  22. too bad WinRAR doesn't come close to 7-Zip's ability to make smaller files
  23. i see. i found one at kelly's korner and it worked like a charm here. thank you /me bookmarks Kelly's Korner
  24. i could be wrong, but i believe that 3gp is similar to mp4. i don't know much about 3gp, but i know that 3gp and mp4 both use the same subtitle format(Timed-Text).
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