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  1. the layout of that website is quite similar to vnunet, don't you think?
  2. bleh. what do you need help wth? usually, RK Launcher has a sepperator near the right which you can right click on and then click settings so that you can adjust it to your liking.
  3. i didn't get any flickering in Opera, although RocketDock itself was flickering when i was hovering in and out. i also don't like its dll injection which is injected into every visible program for little to no reason(doesn't even show if the program is active or not). Personally, i use RK Launcher(latest nightly build) with absolutely no issues. i also run it with a skin called RealDock(somewhere around deviantart).
  4. mmm, 3rd party links *giggles*
  5. bad thing about the Rockbox is that a lot of the decoding code is unoptimized which means it will eat up the battery quite quickly @wgan: http://yuo.be/ipod.php the other one is only for foobar2000 0.8.3 sooo....
  6. try reinstalling and then uninstalling the .NET Framework version(s) whcih you are trying to get rid of. after that, try applying the Updates. if that doesn't work, then manually search for "KB922770 and KB917283" and install them manually. btw, one of those security updates is only needed if you use ASP.NET
  7. foobar2000 also has 2 iPod plugins(dunno if they work with the nano though).
  8. ooo, Scandanavia. AFAIK, Satanic Black Metal is the popular music there
  9. what's with the juni instead of june and mars instead of march . are you french or something?
  10. hmm? is WS_FTP as good as FileZilla is? actually, FileZilla 3.0 is in beta so it will be nice to compare. pwillener: from the website,
  11. new one for this month. i got tired of the old one so i changed it a little bit. i only changed the wallpaper since the last one that i had was boring me. enjoy! as always, highly compressed.
  12. eh? you can chose whether or not to install the spyware.
  13. i had that issue today but it happened when i was manually updating. maybe AVG's servers were acting strange at the time.
  14. heh. i only use 1 of them(most of the time) so still good. now it's just time to get rid of DAEMON Tools
  15. is this like a lightweight version of Alcohol 120%?
  16. even though it's a bit early here(November 22 as of this post), Thank You
  17. here's the sequel to the link that i posted. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5KoXpBHxeM this would be a little better with some Cannibal Corpse or even Nile
  18. the second link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3_mLz-OsSQ btw, the second one kinda sucked. it was barely metal at all /me goes back to listening to Children of Bodom edit: just found a higher quality clip of the first link on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NQI3BSVOKM&NR it's also longer
  19. go to Start > Run > type in "regedit" and then navigate to the key. it should be pretty easy to do.
  20. he's using Vista. those icons are there by default.
  21. bah. that was beyond confusing.
  22. Well, since the whole world is going to hell(new DRM stuff, plans to make everyone pay just for going to a website, new crappy GUIs, etc...), might as well make the best of it
  23. pretty sweet. btw: how are you being alerted that a new commercial download is available for free? are you signed to the newsletter or something? edit: just tried it. the way it saves PDFs is kind of weird because when i print out a page from the CCleaner forums(well, PDF save it i guess), i get some pretty awkward results. oh, and also, i coincidentally found a bug with Foxit
  24. http://www.gpsoft.com.au/lss/
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