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  1. that and some CPU-intensive programs also run faster completely due to the larger registers.
  2. if you're running a 32-bit system, then it should. if you're running a 64-bit system(ie XP64, Vista64), then i believe that you need to use emulation to run it. i could be wrong though. i know for a fact that Leopard(latest Mac OS X) can run 32 and 64-bit programs natively.
  3. got a new 22" widescreen LCD monitor. i love it
  4. Ubuntu has a better implementation of cleartype enabled by default...
  5. my nVidia drivers can already do this. worthless!!!
  6. i personally don't like it. when i used it, it complained too much about everything. in the end, i disabled both the security center and the windows firewall leaving me with a smile on my face.
  7. services.msc > disable Security Center. it's a waste of resources along with Windows Firewall
  8. i like Metal. Necrophagist, Nile, Dying Fetus, all the good stuff
  9. WinOptimizer 4 = Pro Edition of this. I just tried it and it works wonders. i only did the registry cleaning and the Internet optimizer thing. I liked the registry cleaning. it found something called "Windows History" which contained invalid paths to programs which i uninstalled/don't have. even programs i used three years ago. it found about 900 entries about that. very sweet thing. it's a keeper in my book.
  10. no if there's anything in the hosts file, get rid of it with notepad. the other stuff you leave alone. personally, i don't touch it. i use Spybot which now has its own entries for the hosts file
  11. i do realize that it's an alpha but nevertheless, it was really, really, unstable. it looks different(possibly due to a new font), it can't tell the difference between a php file and an exe file, and i had issues with keeping a session. I made it crash once too . but really, a lot's changed since 9.23 and i don't feel like upgrading for the time being i've never had that happen to me. i also haven't had issues with banking sites either. or any site for that matter. well, except ones that rely on IE.
  12. the version is crap. it caused a lot of issues for me and i ended up going back to 9.23. Really too many bugs.
  13. http://www.butyoudontlooksick.com/2004/11/...poon_theory.php Copyright 2003. how...unnew...
  14. i use Miranda as well. it uses a bit more RAM here 1.3MB but that's still very small. and since I've been using it for so long, I'll keep on continuing to use it.
  15. worthless. it didn't do anything when i used it. just made everything SLOWER.
  16. false. his real name is Namikaze Minato(in Japanese naming order). no. they look similar, but no; just no.
  17. wow. i use oSpell, I'm using the rich text editor, and i don't need to disable it to get spell checking. the benefits of using oSpell
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