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  1. probably slower than version 7
  2. OxygenOffice Professional gives some pretty nice templates
  3. bleh. trying it out with Opera and i have to say that that website is slow as hell. it's also badly designed(bad wallpaper ). otherwise, it didn't crash here.
  4. why would you need to name them? doesn't the Creative Zen have built-in support for ID3 tags? and besides, i believe that you can just drag and drop files from explorer. but then again, i've never used a Zen before.
  5. get rid of all of that as for iTunes, you can do that, but i personally wouldn't recommend it. while iTunes has nice integration with the iPod(not sure if you have one), it has many bugs(the ID3 one being the most notorious) and it uses a LOT of resources. right now, i use a freeware player called foobar2000 which is very light on resources, has a large userbase, friendly forums, and a lot of plugins(there is also a plugin in alpha stage called foo_dop which can let you integrate foobar2000 with your iPod). but then again, it's your comp so you can do whatever you want to do with it
  6. i got a new one. the only thing i changed is the wallpaper. i swear to god i can't find a good one . but anyways, in spite of the holidays, that's the wallpaper i got. enjoy . Dirty: Clean: as always, very highly compressed
  7. version 1.1.1 of Auslogics Disk Defrag is out
  8. that sounds more like a ripper than a converter as for tagging, foobar2000 works just fine. actually, i use foobar2000 for everything.
  9. theoretically, it could be possible to tag them by creating custom RIFF chunks but then again, i doubt any application will support that
  10. mmm. Conspirers of the audiophiliac world combine
  11. wav files are nice. maybe even a little better than AIFF files. sad thing about them is that they are not compressed. but then again, it's nice to use the for conversion uses and media editing software and that stuff.
  12. that's false. .cda files are files generated by windows which kind of tell programs where to play the CD from. and as i said, CDs do not have a file system which makes having files virtually impossible. see here edit:actually, try the french version of that. it has a LOT more info
  13. bleh. Paint.NET is fine but the only complaint that i have about it is its load time. i hate .NOT after using Xara XS for a while, i found out how to colorize my avatar
  14. that kind of worries me. Audio CDs should not have any files in them. as a matter of fact, Audio CDs have no filesystem. Audio CDs only carry uncompressed data. but if you wanted just to put music files on a CD, then mp3, wma, or any of that crap should work as long as whatever you're trying to play it on can decode it. also, wav is not the best format for lossless audio. FLAC and WavPack are both far superior to it.
  15. it's been getting 40-50 degrees recently. i even have to wear 2 shirts and a jacket to stay warm. it's been getting 40-50 degrees recently. i even have to wear 2 shirts and a jacket to stay warm.
  16. it's starting to get really cold here in California. but no snow here
  17. a holiday that celebrates the fat man(not sure if he's Chris Cringle or St. Nick)
  18. eh? I'm taking french. i already know that. as for juin and mars, i'm pretty sure that they're kept lowercase.
  19. i am right. according to my 3rd grade teacher(i didn't even know english back then), i speak better english than everyone else btw, i'm in 9th now.
  20. most bands from Norway are though. i've heard that the Vikings don't like Christianity, so i guess this is what was passed down
  21. 's = possessive s = plural
  22. just as a side note. themes such as ModBlue need a patched uxtheme.dll file :\
  23. allright then. i'm gonna try out this program just for the hell if it. i have Nero 6 which does everything i need but it won't do me any harm to test a new one(with Alcohol 52% )
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