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  1. Also check the Windows Event Logs - System and Application. There might be entries in there that give you useful diagnostic information. Not sure where you'll find these in W7 ... traditionally they are in Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Event Viewer. Also, if you can find Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Computer Management, go to the Device Manager section. If you can fond the offending driver(s) you might be able to get troubleshooting information by right-clicking on the driver, select Properties and then the Driver tab. If it says the driver isn't working try the Troubles
  2. If you're feeling techie ... http://www.privoxy.org/ This isn't, of course, browser-specific. Quite reasonable ad-blocking comes out-of-the-box.
  3. And therein lies the kick
  4. Hi Andr?, welcome to the forums Do you have the drives that you want to wipe checked under Options / Settings / 'Wipe Free Space drives' ?
  5. Ah You want C:\WINDOWS\system32\taskmgr.exe
  6. Okay I see where you're going Starting minimized is the straightforward bit. In 'normal' mode, under options, uncheck 'Minimize on Use' and check 'Hide when Minimized'. Then in your start menu shortcut properties, set 'Run:' to Minimized. That should sort out start-up. As for small-footprint, this still works if you've closed TM in small-footprint view. However, where it falls down is that there's no way within TM to minimize it again once it's restored (you can minimize TM from Process Explorer though!). So it doesn't really hold as a fully working model in that mode.
  7. Ignore CCleaner for a minute, if you enter a user and password in IE, the close IE, reopen IE and go back to that site does it remember your credentials? If not then IE is fundamentally where the problem lies. Have a look at this article ... http://pubs.logicalexpressions.com/Pub0009...icle.asp?ID=348 I must admit, even though all of my registry entries and IE Options appear to be set correctly, I can't get saved form passwords to work. I don't use it normally and originally answered 'no' to saving passwords - but now in investigating this thread it doesn't seem to want to turn back on
  8. Hmmm, this problem might be the same as this one ... http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=27003&hl=
  9. And in CCleaner you have 'Autocomplete form history' unchecked?
  10. Isn't it 'Autocomplete form history'? You can also configure IE's behaviour via Internet Options / Content / Settings.
  11. Good idea in principle dougwm10, but I agree with luik that Speccy isn't really the place for it.
  12. I don't see any difference with 2.29 Have you changed the text DPI size at any time? Have a look at Control Panel / Display / Settings / Advanced ... is your DPI set to 'Normal size'? Can you post comparative screenshots?
  13. It was an interesting bit of back-pedalling on their part I thought.
  14. It's stating the obvious, but it depends on how much freespace you have . I honestly don't know; it's not a setting I use and different tools seem to do this at different rates depending on the algorithms they use and the thoroughness with which they perform the task. Other people might be able to post some times per Gb based on their experience.
  15. Yes it does wipe free space, but consensus has it that it only does one pass of zeros, irrespective of the secure wipe settings. But that still doesn't explain the time issue. WFS needs two ticks, one in Options / Settings, the other in CCleaner / Windows / Advanced. Maybe you only had one of them checked?
  16. ^^^ The default location is in the registry, per Talldog9's post. If you can mount your old hard-drive externally (or internally as a non-system drive) you should be able to follow the steps above.
  17. Hi Bob, welcome to the forums. Click Options / Advanced / 'Save all settings to INI file'. You'll then find all CCleaner settings, including the cookie list, in the ini file in your CCleaner program folder. You can use this ini file on your new machine by clicking the same option and then replacing the new ini file with the one from your old machine.
  18. Good to know One way to check your OS SP level is to right-click 'My Computer' and hit 'Properties' ... you'll see it there.
  19. A generalisation. "People who do not allow applications to access the internet for security reasons" may do many things, one of which is allow trusted applications to check for updates. Other people may not. Different installers behave differently. Do this with some installers on update and they'll remove unchecked items; for example, they'll remove your Start Menu short cut. If you can do it manually, easily and quickly, then it's 'nice to have' or at most 'very desirable' - but certainly not essential. FWIW I'd rather just see a sensible set of default checks - I don't think
  20. The title of this one is more explicit ... others may be more likely to pick up on it ... IMHO
  21. See this earlier thread ... http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=26984&hl=
  22. Aethec is referring to XP SP3. You should really do this for security reasons - there's absolutely no reason not to. The current Service Pack for .Net Framework 3.5 is SP1, so you're up-to-date there. Edited to add: incidentally, this is a complete aside from your original problem ... just a separate suggestion.
  23. What were the diagnostics that sorted out IE? This might help someone else. Can you get to 'Disk Management'? Try 'Windows key' + R to get the 'Run' dialog box, then type diskmgmt.msc and press enter. You should (assuming this works for W7) get the Disk Management display. Can you maximise it, take a screenshot and post it here.
  24. I don't have Windows 7 so I can't give concrete suggestions. I did google uninstalling IE8 on W7 but information seems a bit sparse. Maybe IE8 is actually tied into the OS build, so you may not be able to literally uninstall. In the absence of other suggestions your best bet might be to trawl around for articles on repairing IE8 on W7; that or articles with people having similar issues. As for deleting files you should be able to clear most if not all manually. The only other thing that springs to mind is to try deleting them (thro' Internet Options) in Safe Mode, just in case somethin
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