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  1. It's a mystery why free Ccleaner 5.35 recently starting showing Google Chrome in its lists of apps to be cleaned... I've NEVER installed Google Chrome browser on this W8.1 Pro computer. Firefox is my default browser along with native IE11. I've searched and there no remnant on this machine--in the registry, or in any likely location. I ran the Google Chrome removal tool and it found nothing. I also uninstalled/reinstalled Ccleaner. Yet apparently it's seeing something... Google Chrome still appears; and when I ran Ccleaner, it deleted 1 Google Chrome cookie.
  2. Not so easy with my W8.1 / CCleaner Free v5.25.5902 (64-bit), but got it done with benefit of the above tips... (thanks!) There is no such setting in the GUI. Sorry but Hide warning messages has no effect. I had to enable the .ini file in Options > Advanced. Then open the .ini file and change the Firefox option from False to True. (Note this is not the same as Hide warning messages option, which appears on a separate line in the .ini file) I also had to change some security settings because it refused to save my changes initially. Now it works fine again, even after removing the .ini file via Options > Advanced. My default browser is Firefox and it's almost always open when I run CCleaner. So my suggestion would be to assume user wants Firefox closed & cleaned even if the No option is selected. I just want to be rid of that nag every time I run CCleaner, not change the functionality!? Thanks for your excellent software!
  3. CCleaner has a nice feature already to convert Programs and Features into a text backup file (install.txt). However that doesn't include *updates* received from Adobe, Windows Update, etc. I have over 250 such updates which I would dearly love to get into a text file for backup, and for easy searching through the list. So I request and recommend this new option for a future version of CCleaner. It should be popular because there's no other easy way. It won't copy/paste.
  4. I've been waiting for a week. When? In the meantime I'm seeing some reports that software bundled with Crap Cleaner is being installed without their knowledge and permission. So I will only use the slim version, or none!
  5. forum.piriform.com was blocked by avast antivirus for awhile earlier today as noted in a thread at their forum: http://forum.avast.c...?topic=108365.0 Their experts say it was a bona fide infection but I'm not so sure. Anybody know?
  6. http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download/slim I just get a blank page. Nothing downloads. Firefox 11.0
  7. I already have a CCleaner quick launch icon, along with 100 or so others. That's not quite as handy as having it always visible in systray. I'm not really interested in exploring 3rd party software either.
  8. Suggested new setting option for CCleaner: --> start minimized in systray after a reboot I would like this option because I use CCleaner very frequently throughout the day, and this would be the most handy way to access it. I can do this by putting a shortcut in my Startup folder, except it starts maximized after a reboot. I want it minimized.
  9. Does CCleaner support SeaMonkey 2.2? That's the latest version of SeaMonkey released a few days ago. I have it installed as my default browser on XP Home SP3. According to http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/features, SeaMonkey is supported, however there's no mention of it in my CCleaner GUI. Why not? (I only see Firefox mentioned therein.) Clarification appreciated. Thanks!
  10. No, I haven't paid for anything, and never will. I will also never install whatever you bundle with your software installer, a search bar or a browser (I can't remember offhand). Many of us have fallen into the habit of waiting for the Crap Cleaner slim build for those reasons. If it's no longer going to be made available, we would like to know. You can either say nothing about it (stonewall) and hope the question will go away, or folks will discover the truth on their own eventually. In the meantime your are losing face and credibility, the longer you wait. It would probably be best to own up to the truth, whatever it is. More and more formerly free software are selling their soul to the devil for a few pennies profit, and needs to be reclassified as nagware (rather than freeware).
  11. Yes, I saw that before I posted here. It's not a satisfactory answer to the question raised.
  12. Usually it's available by this time, so I wonder if it has been dropped? If so, I would suggest and encourage that it be reconsidered and offered in future. I notice that slim builds are still available for the other Piriform products.
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