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  1. uikz... either one should we trust... but which one?
  2. c33, check out the documentation page. look at wt actually it's used for~ it won't cause the problem! it's like "how on earth a sponge can destroy a car" (not really equal but i think; this example can be used... lol! )
  3. hohoho.. relax dude~! hello c33... there are many possibilities for you to get that kind of problem. CCleaner won't effect your computer except of one thing.. cleaning the registry. most of the times, it works well but sometimes, it might not. make sure you make a backup of your registry before you clean those data. other than this, i can't find any other reason. it should be something happen in your PC. ps: i've more than 20 apps in my PC which include media player and etc... it works well and u know wt...~ i never make any backup of my registry coz i trust it and it never
  4. hmmm... maybe yes and maybe not~ there are quite a number of times IE experienced flaws in its security.
  5. i still prefer to use ff~ i've a lot of things to do and can't think of which one is better... the only thing i know, which one can help me to reduce my work... the answer is ff since there are sooOOoooOOOoooo many plugins offer~
  6. i'm not good in physics... but as i know: is falling time related to object's weight? i'm not sure coz i'm not really remember all these stuffs... but if it's no, simply:
  7. hmmm...~ i don't think so... basically, those defragglers do the same thing; fix fragmentation in file system. yeah~ it looks like people who hv a lot of data will trade off with time to do defragmentation. but the result can be seen much clear as those milliseconds u said will be in seconds for those files. that's why, we are adviced to defrag at least once in a week... not everyday or once in a month. this is to make sure the defrag process will become faster...
  8. ahakz~! i love using smilies... lol! anyway, i hv removed my CCleaner and installed a new copy. now, it works well... maybe something was happened when i upgraded my app before... i think so...
  9. yeah~! I'm sure... nvm... i'll try remove my current CCleaner and install a new copy i'll let u know by tomorrow
  10. hmmm... the same thing ever happened to me. but it was only small different between the numbers. as i remember, I ever faced the same problem once~ but no more happen up till today
  11. those files I deleted were no more needed... that's why I wanted to remove them. even those files didn't need to be really protected, I hate people view any of my files. 5 years in jail?! I don't want to be in jail just because of a few characters of password about the bug... I checked my app to automatically terminate once the cleaning process done. For a simple cleaning job (cookies & etc.), it'll terminate as I asked it to do so. the problem will only happen if I check WFS. as usual, it'll first start by cleaning those unused data (cookies & etc.) before it starts do
  12. ahakz! not too concern until wipe the entire HDD after deleted only one file that is not concern... that's crazy i guess.. lol! i just use that function once a week... actually, i'm using Recuva which works on the other hand around... so, i don't feel like i really delete the file from my computer. that's why i prefer to schedule wiping the entire HDD at least once a week. anywhere.. back to my point starting this thread. Is it really a bug in the latest CCleaner or maybe (who knows...) CCleaner has been implemented some algorithms so that one's HDD will really be cleared from
  13. Giving my HDD an early death? are you sure? As i know, when one deletes a file, the file will disappear from the OS... hwever, the bits contain in it are still located in clusters in my HDD. By wiping free space, we are actually remove those unused bits from our HDD. Is it possible to shorten my HDD's life? please fix me if i'm wrong.. ident: errrmmm... quite often... once a week, i'll wipe free space.
  14. Hey guys I'm not sure whether it was a problem or my CCleaner was doing something else. In the latest version (Version 2.28.1091) which I downloaded around last week or last 2 weeks ago, I found that my CCleaner will not stop after I wiped free space. I prefer to set my program to automatic terminate once the job done. However, I started to realize the problem when my computer hung after I leave it for a night. After I met the same for couple times, I watched the wiping process and saw my CCleaner keep on wiping free space even the job already done. it works like an infinite loop
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