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  1. Can you actually try it from the program files location in Windows Explorer (I'm not clear from the above sentence whether you've tried that, or just from the Run diaolg)? I'm just trying to exclude any menu handling from the equation. To be honest I suspect you'll still get a delay because every other program is okay from the menu, but it's worth trying. Also, open task manager before you click the shortcut. Does the CCleaner process appear immediately, before you see the GUI, or does it take several seconds for the process to appear? Is there a common factor across your PCs in terms of the software build (beyond XP that is; it's not just XP or everyone would get it)? I'm thinking particularly security software, utility software ... are there many commonalities? It seems odd that you are getting it on all of your machines. You could also try downloading the portable build from here ... http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/builds ... (CCleaner - Portable Zip file, no installer). Just deploy it in a folder somewhere, and double-click the exe. How does that behave? I don't think the fact it's in this forum makes any difference - you'll get just as many people reading/commenting.
  2. Let's hope the devs aren't too busy to read your post
  3. It's been suggested lots of times ... if you search the forums I'm sure you'll find all the pros and cons
  4. Ah right yes; I misread your OP because the topic title seemed to question compatibility. Out of curiosity, how does it identify it ... or does it not bother trying?
  5. Hi - welcome to the forums As long as you're running on a supported OS (which I assume you are) you'll be fine.
  6. From analysis 'Summary results' view, if you do right-click 'View detailed results' you can then do 'Add to exclude list' on individual items. This adds the item to the the CCleaner 'Exclude' list. Currently you have to remove them from the Exclude list afterwards if you don't want those exclusions to be remembered.
  7. I've read of complaints of slow computer start-up, but none spring to mind about the slow start-up of CCleaner itself. I have CCleaner on two XP systems, one Pro and one Home and neither exhibit a delay when starting CCleaner. Oh, who's told you that? Or have they just not given you enough attention? Do you get a start-up delay when you fire up the exe directly from the program folder?
  8. Hmmmm - I'd like to know the figures. I don't have actual stats - do you? Anyone is capable of doing a system backup, or getting help to do one. So there is little reason for not attempting an upgrade having done a backup first. I appreciate that SP3 has hardly been problem free, but I think it's a case of being aware of the risk and mitigating it, rather than discouraging people from taking that route.
  9. I realise care is needed about what's posted here, but to provide some information for anyone unfamiliar with Windows Group Policy and may be thinking of using it ... ... GP is all about controlling privilege, access and behaviour for user accounts and processes. It cannot modify any other program. It can only influence its behaviour, like so many tools that we all use. So using GPO is a perfectly legitimate tool ... otherwise even more people would be suing Micro$oft GP is frequently applied in a corporate environment to enforce tightly control over the users' access to Windows features. The features available to XP Pro users (GP Editor is not available in XP Home) are a tiny subset of those available to computers that are part of a domain (e.g. corporate environment) but they can still be quite useful.
  10. Hmmm ... I'd have said they're common compared to the others in that list. Maybe I just talk funny
  11. Advantageous and obligatory are seldom used ??!!
  12. I think what would also happen is that Piriform would actually lose customers because people would perceive that CCleaner didn't delete things as securely as other programs. It's a comfort blanket thing.
  13. To save doing 100 replies of +1, I'll just do +100.
  14. There's also liberkey (see this current thread which is pertinent to licensing issues ... http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=27197&hl=) and PortableApps. As portable apps rather than installed apps, the concept is not new. Portable apps don't, of course, have to be installed on portable media.
  15. Hi en80, welcome to the forums For the first two paths this will only clean .NET fwk 2 files. Were CCleaner to add this, it should determine the installed version(s) of the .NET fwk and clean accordingly. I don't think any of the above folders are written to by IIS; possibly just by Visual Studio during (web) development.
  16. I think you need to add &aprfool to the URL. ETA - sorry fireyone ... didn't 'see' your post properly. Actually I quite like the idea of 3D streetview. Maybe I'll put two PCs alongside and put me coloured glasses on
  17. Apparently WFS only uses a single pass; multiple passes are used for secure file deletion.
  18. Why should a user have to resort to looking in a user manual when there's a far more widely used and understood expression available? It's much easier to change that one word.
  19. Interesting point. I wonder what the actual percentage of donations is though?
  20. Yep count me in there ... do you think you can't?
  21. I hadn't bothered changing it but I've just done it manually by setting GMT+1. DST happens to be checked but obviously didn't make any difference!
  22. You only see the dates on Vista and above.
  23. That's interesting. I switched to Avira free from AVG free almost a year ago. I never had any problems with the Avira software - just that faff with their update servers for free users towards the back of last year. Other than that it's been unobtrusive and really sweet.
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