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  1. Thanks, for the explanations, but I still need a better fix (work-around) than I've found. (P.S. Nergal, I Did NOT put CCleaner in the 32bit Program Files, it did wind up there!) I have McAfee AV, I can't find any version when brought up, and it's updated automagically. I don't think that AV is the cause.. Even if it was, that's moot at this point. If you go back to my first post - the first time It didn't work I found that my 64 bit version being called while installed in the "PROGRAM FILES" directory.. no idea how the previous install got there. Let's just put that aside, and work on why it continues to NOT WORK -- I uninstalled it from that wrong directory, had to delete the CCleaner directory as re-install wanted to keep going back to the 32bit directory. I created CCleaner subdirectory in "PROGRAM FILES (x86)" and custom reinstalled (forced) it there. Didn't help. CCleaner64.exe runs after the install but subsequent running it shows that it starts, but immediately stops. But now I'd discovered that running the 32bit CCleaner.exe first (& it too fails),, BUT THEN the 64bit CCleaner64.exe NOW runs!! (all done from the directory itself, not from the desktop)... Other clue was that the uninstall from 'program files' left the directory there, and a reinstall would go back to it!!? Was hoping this 'clue' would help explain what I should look for in the registry or wherever to get the proper fix... There's something obviously bolloxed up in my system.
  2. Well, turns out I didn't clear the problem.. I had uninstalled CCleaner. Deleted the CCleaner directory from "Program Files" (the 32bit one), Ran Glary Utilities to (hopefully) clean leftovers from the registry. nothing seemed to be awry after the uninstall .. I then "Custom Installed" CCleaner forceing it back to the "Program File (x86)" directory.. All *Seemed* to be good.. BUT - the next day, it didn't work.. I fiddled with it,, looked for anything in the registry that didn't look right (not understanding what to look for didn't help I finally discovered what does work - If I click the desktop's CCleaner option, it doesn't work. I can see the program start in TaskMgr, and immediately disappear. Yes, the desktop's CClearner properties show it is in "Program Files (x86)" & CCleaner64.exe is set to run. If I go directly to the CCleaner directory, and run CCLeaner65.exe, it does the same disappearing act.. UNTIL -- I run CCleaner.exe (the 32bit version) .. it too fails BUT THEN ---- When I run CCleaner64.exe -- NOW IT WORKS!! What should I look for to correct this? Bob K
  3. Thanks for your help. Win 7 may be end-of-life, but I know too many Win 10 users telling me I should be glad I'm still on 7. After cleaning the registry of the reported errors, The Install this time was good. The ICON has all the correct values, and the CLEANER directory was created & filled in the correct place,"Program files (x86)" with it's files. I can only guess that when one of the two prior versions installed, in the wrong PROGRAM FILES, (leaving the older version in (x86) that began a registry screw-up which persisted each time I added the newer version. I don't think they'd be looking for multiple versions to clean out. Could that had been at the heart of what they're blaming on an AV?
  4. I Just DELETED all CCeaner from both PROGRAM FILE directories. (don't know why the most recent was in the 32bit Progfile??) intalled and ran again.. and as I reported, It ran only after the Install. BUT This time, I ran the Registry Analyze and noted an anomaly with CCLEANER's start directory! Sure enough, the ICON had "C:\Program Files (x86)\CCleaner64.exe" and that is where I find the 4 installed programs. Shouldn't they be in their own directory? CCLEANER ????
  5. The last two versions (maybe three), will Install AND run correctly immediately after I install it. After shutdown, then reboot (usually next day) Clicking the ICON or even going to the command line and RUNning it from the Directory does not run CCleaner. I stopped using CC when this problem started hoping that the next release would fix the problem. It didn't. Again with the most recent version. I have watched the task manger and it appears that it starts and immediately stops. I am on Windows 7 home, 64bit (no snickers, I have fewer issues than Win 10 users!). McAfee AV - is up to date. Bob
  6. CCleaner no longer runs from clicking the icon on the desktop. The problem started after installing the latest release. I will try one of the older releases. This isn't cool to find that it hasn't been fixed in a month!! (today = May 2, 2020). It ONLY runs at completion of re-installing. ?? Couldn't find or download older "Free" version. Got th;e pro version ..
  7. Sounds like I'm screwed.. I'm glad to see how it works, But I no longer can run that old Window system *OR* it's HD on the new computer (OEM lockout!) .. I'd have thought those names need to exist SOMEWHERE on the old HD, so I can *see* them and not have to spend weeks or months relearning what they were.. Also, I tried running that older CCleaner from the old drive, and the old version shows, but there's nothing showing in the 'dont delete these' list.. I KNOW I had a number of names listed in there & I just double confirmed by adding a cookie to the NEW CCleaner (C: drive 2.29.1091) and then bringing up the old (L: drive 2.26) and there is was!! So the old CCleaner is finding the NEW list on the NEW C: drive Bob K.
  8. I had a decent sized list of Cookies I DON'T want deleted on my previous computer. I still have access to all the files from that old harddrive, but the M.B. is gone. I'd LIKE to find that list where those not-to-delete cookies is saved and (IF POSSIBLE) copy it to my new PC. Sure, I can slowly try to remember them, but it'd be so much easier if they can be found and listed or even found and moved from the old.. Bob K.
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