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  1. That doesn't sound too healthy. Have you tried restoring to the default IE settings? Bottom button on the Tools / Internet Options / Advanced tab. Edited to add: I'd do this by closing all browsers and going into Internet Options in Control Panel.
  2. Are you doing this through Tools / Internet Options etc (in IE)? What error messages does it give you when you try and do that?
  3. Hi HowardG, welcome to the forums. An interesting, if annoying, issue ... I hope the devs will pick this up quickly. Out of interest, have you tried Speccy? It has quite a flashy interface but I wondered how that fared on the accessibility front.
  4. marmite

    damn Mcafee

    I'm not sure how far autoruns goes (I'm assuming 'delete' remove the service exe / dll?, and maybe the Control Set entry?), but I'll wager it doesn't properly uninstall the service. There will probably be other other registry entries and files left hanging around. It may suffice as a fall-back but it's probably not the tidiest way to go. That aside, everyone should use autoruns anyway ... it's just one of those must-haves
  5. marmite

    So Sad

    My comment wasn't a 'comeback' AJ ... just sharing a different view I actually thought IE7 was a vast improvement over 6 (hence my return to IE). I don't think there's much to choose between 7 and 8. That's not really to say I'm a massive 'fan' - I'm just happy to stick with MS on this one. I have Firefox portable as a standby, though I should really try some other browsers sometime
  6. Not a view I've used in PE before ... interesting. You can actually just sort on that column without having to do a restart.
  7. marmite

    So Sad

    I thought IE6 was featureless. I used FF back then but switched back to IE with tabbed browsing in IE7. Unfortunately I'm still stuck with IE6 at work ... large public-sector departments tend to move forwards at dinosaur pace and our corresponding dev environment is no exception.
  8. I use IE7Pro with IE8; that has ad-blocking built in and you can customise it yourself. (Beware; I believe IE8 needs a tweak to work properly with IE7. I had to do it but can't remember what it was. I was already well hooked on IE7Pro as a long-time IE7 user.)
  9. Ta - I dunno why but I never noticed that command-line switch before! Hence my previous post. I think Corona's question referred to start-up order ... i.e. get Process Explorer to start first; which of course ain't so easy.
  10. You can - is your shortcut set to Run: Minimized?
  11. You don't buy my explanation (#24) Dennis? I don' think it's meant to be the normal display mode. ETA: I'm with Richard - Process Explorer wins hands down.
  12. I think the whole idea is for when you're using it for specific monitoring purposes, rather than general usage. So you can take up just a little real estate in the corner of your screen for example. Obviously you then need to leave that mode when you're done.
  13. The instructions are still pretty dire ... since when have you been able to remove a service by 'deleting' from the Services console?! Neither are they particularly straightforward instructions to follow for novice users.
  14. This is Adobe we're talking about ... it's probably got its own Add/Remove Programs
  15. So for one deleted file you could be wiping free space for your entire drive. If you're that concerned about erasing the files just securely delete them in the first place - then you don't need to wipe all that free space!
  16. Sorry born2golf, in the absence of anything else useful to add to the thread, that was just my humour I'm afraid Pass the donuts when you're done
  17. I'm sorry, but 'numerous cookie threats' conjures up images of repeated harassment by giant biscuits
  18. To reiterate, the portable versions of these products are standalone.
  19. This article suggests it's fairly straightforward to remove it from Vista ... http://www.tech-recipes.com/rx/2817/how_to_uninstall_ie8/
  20. Really? That would be ironic.
  21. CCleaner is free! ... http://www.piriform.com/
  22. ... and you can download a 'portable' version anyway! http://www.piriform.com/speccy ... and scroll to the bottom. But as Richard says, there's no difference in the way they execute.
  23. System / partition back up - Macrium Reflect. File level back-up - Microsoft SyncToy.
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