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  1. Thanks for that And Dennis.. You are truly truly a star. Your advice worked . You cannot imagine how delighted i am ..Thanks a million, you are brilliant !!!!!
  2. Thanks a lot Dennis. I will try this and let you know. You have been a tremedous help
  3. The walkman symbol wont appear if the mp3 is not connected . I tried copy and pasting all the songs ( all in one scoop) to a folder but my system wont allow this - too many files
  4. Thank you , i truly appreciate it. I am geuninely concerned about the problem with my software . Their is so much music i want to add , but cannot . I feel kinda frustrated , some because of my lack of knowledge of pcs and the inability to put this right. I have always said that i appreciate the fact people have taken the time to address my query . I have been on this for a few hours now and well im known the wiser
  5. Dennis , will i have to have my mp3 connect whilst doing this ? It will only recognise this if connected and i have a lot of over 600 songs on my mp3 . Im concerned that this might get wiped off
  6. Thank you, That is what i have been saying over a million times but was not listened to... I noticed you said " hopefully". If i do this i run the risk of not having a driver at all and possibly causing more problems like having all the songs on my mp3 lost as the mp3 will have to be connected in order to do this.. Have you actually done this before on your pc?
  7. The one i told you that would not allow me to go to powershell, the one which YOU accused me of lying about the option stating to recieve technical advise a charge will me added In all due respect , what you have advised me so far hasnt been worthwhile , so im not about to system restore. You failed to understand that i have no knowledge of pcs(which i mentioned a few times), and when you suggested the troubleshooting link. I honestly thought it would provide me with a quick fix. When i had problems with this you failed to come back with a basic explanation and to go through bit b
  8. I'll have to use the libraries pc - hopefully that'll work, until i decide to be foolish and send mircosoft ?45 for doing f$ck all
  9. I have read the suggestions and one i followed ie: what ident told me and that didnt work, all it did was requesting that i download further software that i dont know anything about ie:powershell . It wouldnt allow me to click to access this . It kept directing me to the windows advice which is chargeable I looked up google and it just sent me into a ball of confusion . Just because you dont know what the problem is , dont be underminding me I have provided information people have asked . I have repeated myself again and again , but yet no one seems to know what the problem is re
  10. urgh!!!! hazelhut , it doesnt make any difference . The walkman mp3 doesnt come with a disc the software is built into the system which uses the(same driver as the other mp3) . Reloading the disc will NOT solve the problem . Plus i do not have the disc for the second ,mp3. God why do i have to constantly repeat myself. I said this already Urgh im so frustrated with this.. all i want is to be able to put my music onto my mp3 player
  11. it has - T's PC - Computer -Display adapters -DVD/CD ROM -Floppy disk controllers -Human interface controllers -IDE ATA /ATAPI controllers and the list goes on yes i get a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark in the centre for both of the mp3s The walkman cames with an internal software . When its pluged into the usb , it should automatically appear in my computer The other mp3 comes with a disc, but equally be using without this . Again this means using the usb lead and this should show the driver on " my computer"
  12. Yes , in which it displays the files/prgrams etc I use an USB lead which is supplied with the mp3 player. When i connect this , it surpose to automatically load the software to enable me to drag and drop my music When i go to Device Manager i get a list of files/programs etc. I then go down to portable devices underneath it it has the name of my mp3 (walkman) when i make a right click to properties, i recieved the message
  13. I didnt say i couldnt get into Device Manager.I said once im in Device manager , then click on the device ( ie my mp3) go to properties , i recieved the message about the registry being damaged or incomplete No i dont!
  14. If thats how you feel Ident i dont know why you even bother to responding to my posts. You cried about the fact that i didnt listen to you the 1st tme round. When i did and downloaded the troubleshooter and it wouldnt allow me to download the powershell but yet allowed me to download the advice section which MS charges to recifty the problem. You get mad about me not being bothered to manually read You have got to understand that i am not technically minded as i stated before and i dont feel comfortable with all these downloads . After all it was using Ccleaner which got me in the position
  15. Ident ,MS charges.. I even contacted them and was told i will need to pay ?45 for this . Read above what i said about basic restore Jam- as i said im previous message said when i wenr to device manager, Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19) Click 'Check for solutions' to send data about this device to Microsoft and to see if there is a solution available. . which i did and as you know windows wont provide me with the solution without the ole bucks And can i say yet again t
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