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  1. Thanks, I bought my pc in a 2nd hand store on Newyear 2008 ... didn't know a single thing about computers. The installer-tecnician left our home with a mistake in my e-adress. Not knowing what I did, I made many, many mistakes above it. There I stood. In one week my HD was full with recovery's and other stuff. I went to the library, got myself books about XP, and learned it all by myself. Cleaning up was the only way. Now it runs with less than 7 GB on my partition (C:), the rest is on my external HD. I cleaned and stil are cleaning, perhaps too much ... . My PC was a very noisy t
  2. Hi, I'm working on an oldtimer, HP d530 SFF (HD = 40 GB). Not so many space. And it gives me the "feeling" keeping this oldtimer in good shape. If any trobbles, I do a format and put my OS XP back on it. So an afternoon is passing (I'm retired). I'm learning making errors. While writing to you all, I'm learning the English language ;-). Greetings, Andr?.
  3. Aethec, You wrote : "Cleaning the Registry can be dangerous" ------------------------------------------- Please can you explain? (Not any explosion I hope ). I usually clean the Register before using the cleaner ... several times a day ... never had any problem. Thanks, Andr?.
  4. Thanks Red Panda, I will continue to clean the Registry manually. Greets to all From Belgium, Andr?.
  5. Dear, A question. Does CCleaner cleans up the old Register Keys with automatically cleaning by the start? (See the annexe) Thanks and greetings, Andr?.
  6. Hi, Just installed the 2.27 version from the January-newsletter, it's runnung now (attachment). Thanks to all of you, Andr?.
  7. Thanks to you all, I think it is better now to re-download the older version. I didn't find it yet. Don't worry, if it's there, i'll find it. Grtz, Andr?.
  8. Hi, Thanks for welcoming me. I think that I did it right (attachment) but in the past I had troubles with wiping the MFT Free Space, had to reinstall my XP software. Since ... I do not touch the MFT-space anymore. Sincerely, Andr?.
  9. Dear, In the latest version, 2.29.1111, Dutch version, The "Wipe Free Space" doesn't work. (See the attachment) Does anyone have the same problem? Sincerely, Andr?.
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