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  1. True, Wi-Fi can really be a convenience. Cables are a mess, inconvenience and unwanted clutter.
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    Moderator-sponsored vacation.
  3. Well, fact is, the use of a host file is not an optimal solution. Open a command prompt, type "telnet". Watch the delay, it is because the computer tries to connect to itself to see if a port is open. Now type "telnet". And you will see there is no delay at all. So the host file should point to but incorrectly points the domains to which is the loopback address. This causes a delay and unnecessary usage of resources. Not to mention if you were running a webserver, its log file would be full of junk. When using a big host file, looking through the cache takes too long time, so the sites recommends you to disable the DNS cache service. When you do that, your computer has to resolve every domain into a IP address by querying the DNS server. This causes unnecessary network usage/load, unnecessary load on the DNS server and due to round-trip times of packets taking longer time than locally looking up something in a small cache, it results in a slower web experience. Also, filtering ads with a host file is difficult, because the advertising companies often have a dozen of different subdomains to advertise from. Example ads1.example.com ads2.example.com ads3.example.com, etc. It is much more efficient to capture all in a regexp using the Adblock extension for Firefox. That is a dumbed down message from Internet Explorer, I believe. It says the page could not be displayed but does not really go much further into stating why. Your computer looked up the domain name in the host file and was told it pointed to the IP address which is the loopback address. Subsequently your computer tried to connect to to port 80 on your own computer instead of the computer corresponding to the blocked domain. The attempted connection were of type TCP to localhost ( at port 80. No HTTP daemon was running on localhost so it couldn't establish a connection. Hence the connection failed and the page could not be displayed.
  4. I like the MSI installer. NSIS and InnoSetup is good too. What installer pisses me off is InstallShield I installed OpenOffice 2.1 today, it worked perfect. Though, I uninstalled OpenOffice 2.0.4 before I installed 2.1, but thats just common knowledge todo.
  5. Wonder why it points to which is loopback instead of Having a large hosts file doesn't seem like a very good idea. Disabling the cache will make every new DNS request perform a DNS lookup instead of just check the cache, which will increase network activity, and sending and getting a reply will take a couple milliseconds. I am not sure hosts file is a good idea.
  6. Moderator-sponsored vacation.
  7. That is what I don't like about Filterset.G, it's too restrictive. I don't like restrictions. I've made my own filters which are in the public domain. They are freely available for anyone to use/modify/distribute/hump or whatever you want todo with it. No limits, no bounds, no restrictions. Do what you want with them. [Adblock]/^http://(ads?|advert.*|adserver)\.//(double|fast)click\.net//\/(ads?|advert.*|banners?)\//advertfalkag.netgooglesyndication.comtradedoubler.comatdmt.comtribalfusion.com/(adclick|adlink)/intellitxt.comlinkexchange.com*/clickcounter/(120|160)x600/google-analytics.comemediate.dk
  8. Word! I use NoScript too. I am pleased with it. Makes me feel safer.
  9. https means its on port 443. http means its on port 80. TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) is the protocol. ESTABLISHED is the state of the TCP connection.
  10. I don't trust Wi-Fi and wireless stuff. I don't trust Wi-Fi and wireless stuff.
  11. Would be nice with a version available in OpenDocument format too.
  12. That's very mean! Never pay for what is yours. Never negotiate with people like that.
  13. I've used SafeXP and I like it. It's simple. Other similar software that i like is 'xpy': * http://xpy.whyeye.org/ It's not really an application, its actually built on NSIS. And 'Security & Privacy Complete 2' (CMIA) * http://sourceforge.net/projects/cmia/ Not very professional feeling.
  14. I've read on Slashdot recently that the average MySpace user has a better password than the average worker at a company. "You know the computer security of your company is bad when dumb emo kids on MySpace got better passwords than your employees". http://it.slashdot.org/it/06/12/14/1917222.shtml
  15. Eldmannen


    I've heard good stuff about the Linksys WRT54G.
  16. Vista theme? <shivers> I prefer the classic Windows look. It's simple and clean.
  17. I am one of those who are not keen on one-button solutions. You simply have to trust that its setup correctly, and you don't get the power to configure it yourself. If you know nothing about a firewall, then it's good with a one-button solution, but if you know a thing or two, you probably want more in-depth configuration. By the way, iptables turns me on. Also, I wouldn't consider it "a great deal personally" since AVG Free and ZoneAlarm are free (as in beer) to download and use.
  18. No even though she has a valid Windows XP license they wont give her a link to download Microsoft Office, as they're two entirely different and separate products. If she can't get Microsoft Office but really need an office suit, then OpenOffice.org is available on the Internet for free to download. It is compatible with Microsoft Office. They just released a new version recently too. I've used it, and I like it. * http://www.openoffice.org/
  19. I've heard about OpenDNS too. I haven't used it yet, because I don't feel I need the phishing protection so much. It's a nice free service though. It is good if you don't trust your ISP's DNS server or if your ISP uses some kind of censorship on their DNS servers. All in all, I have to say even though I don't use it, it gives a good vibe, and I like it. More information available on Wikipedia and the official website; * http://www.opendns.com/ * http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenDNS
  20. Eldmannen


    While, I have personally never used Scribus yet, I have heard a lot of good about it.
  21. Bruce Schneier is a real security expert. He is one of the most well known in the security industry, hes very smart.
  22. Warning! Spyware Terminator is on the Spyware Warrior rouge/suspect anti-spyware list. http://spywarewarrior.com/rogue_anti-spyware.htm
  23. "Gran Paradiso Alpha 1 is being made available for testing purposes only, and is intended for web application developers and our testing community. Current users of Mozilla Firefox should not use Gran Paradiso Alpha 1."
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