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  1. Yes, that has been suggested many times. That would be nice.
  2. Eldmannen

    Did You Know

    Bill Gates signature, zomg lol! 9 editions, thats so dumb. Is 9 editions really needed? Answer: Nope. Seems like a bad strategy that will confuse people, but maybe its meant to confuse consumers in order to milk them. Apple doesn't have 9 different versions of Mac OS X.
  3. I hope Mozilla Firefox keeps getting marketshare. It sucks when IE holds all the marketshare, and they don't follow webstandards and implement their own non-standard stuff like ActiveX, VML, etc and other proprietary extensions. And when dumb people make websites that only works in IE. Browser diversity is good for the web. Though, I hope that in a dumb browser war/competition, that browsers don't start mass-implementing useless and dumb non-standard features just to have more features than the competition. If it wasn't for Firefox, then probably there would be no IE7. IE7 was made because Firefox was gaining too much marketshare.
  4. Nice. Ad-Aware is nice, I hope they don't bloat it or wreck it.
  5. If you goto the Device Manager, and remove the soundcard, and reboot, it will auto-detect it and then search for device drivers. Else, you might got a CD when you bought the laptop, that restores it, but then maybe all your stuff gone.
  6. Personally I would go for the E6400. I think that the E6600 is a little bit too expensive. As lokoike says, AMD is not a bad choice. I am currently using an AMD system, I am happy with it. I also am looking to buy a new system, I am looking at Intel as they currently seems to be the better choice. But AMD has cheaper systems. AMD will eventually launch its K8L architecture, but I don't know when, and by then, Intel will be probably having something too. I believe Intel will continue to hold the lead, they soon going down to 45nm, and AMD just recently got down to 65nm. If you want a cheap computer, go for an AMD, else I would go for an Intel. You don't need PC6400 memory. I believe PC5300 memory is cheaper and sufficient.
  7. Exaggerating a bit to get my point across.
  8. Luckily for me then I don't use that bloated piece of crap. Adobe really should considering slimming that thing down so its more like Foxit.
  9. I was referring to Bailan, not you.
  10. Sure, a decent method is advisable, and decent methods are available. But if you are really serious about secure deletion, then you use software that is dedicated to the purpose of secure deletion.
  11. Oh, you dont get a CD-ROM drive, you get a DVD burner, preferably one with SATA interface. Your memory is Patriot, rather unknown brand (atleast to me), I would go with a more well-known brand such as Corsair or something. The memory is PC6400, maybe there are PC5300 memory which is cheaper. Note, the Intel Core 2 Duo is the CPU that currently holds the crown, though its more expensive than AMD.
  12. 1. AMD will probably continue to dominance the market, the CPU which AMD offers currently has less performance than Intel but AMD has made some deals with manufacturers such as Dell, etc and AMD has some cheap CPU's which will continue to be used in home PC, budget PC, office PC, etc. 2. Intel will continue on the successful Core 2 architecture. They will be shrinking the die, and going down to 45nm technology. 3. AMD currently cant, and the QuadFX isn't much to hooray for. When AMD releases the K8L architecture it will probably match Core 2 (and hopefully more than just match), but by then Intel will probably be near something new. Intel has had the lead now for quite some time, ever since the release of Core 2 Duo, and they will probably maintain that lead for quite a while. 4. AMD don't have any quad-core CPU yet. Intel had a quad-core, but its not a true quad-core since its two Core 2 Duo on one die. I aspect true quad-core CPU to come this year, so we soon there. AMD K8L will definitely be true quad-core. And 8 core will come soon too, but maybe first on the Xeon and Opteron lines. 5. Well, an new architecture takes a long time to make, so when they make one, they often research others at the same time, and before they finish one, they already working on its successor. AMD will have the K8L. Before there was a MHz race, maybe now it moves to a core race of which can have the most cores. Personally, I hope energy efficiency will be something taking into really great consideration. I hope to see CPU's which are more energy efficient. Use less power, generate less heat. Passively cooled CPU's would be awesome. Intel has been on 65nm for a long time and will soon be down on 45nm. AMD has just recently went down to 65nm technology, so it will probably take them a long time before they will be down on 45nm. After 45nm the next stop is 32nm. Intel is the world leading semiconductor and a much larger company than AMD so Intel will be first down to 45nm and then to 32nm. After 32nm it will be hard to go down any further. CPU's cant continue on silicon forever, sooner or later they have to switch material. Maybe optical processors? Speed of light...
  13. 50nm, nice. SSD disks been in use by military for quite some time now I guess. They useful in aerospace where there are G forces and mechanical disks with platter are sensitive to damage. UMPC is Ultra-mobile PC. Will be awesome when all computers will have SSD (solid-state disks), but some aspects of them needs to be improved. Access-time is awesome (since its no head that needs to be moved), but transfer rate is very bad.
  14. CCleaner is mainly a random crap remover. If you want secure file deletion, its better you look into something with that dedicated purpose, such as Eraser which other people have suggested.
  15. 65nm, nice. But DDR3 is planned for the future. And it exists DDR2 PC9600 which is faster, so I am not sure how this is worlds fastest RAM. :S
  16. Maybe PAQ is the compression algorithm with the best compression ratio, but you have to take into account other variables such as memory usage, CPU usage and speed. If you could compress 1 gigabyte of data to 1 megabyte, that would be awesome, but if it took 10 years to compress/decompress it, it wouldn't be much good.
  17. Funny thing is that a blogger said he would sell it on eBay and donate the money to EFF and Microsoft contacted him and wanted it back. http://laughingsquid.com/windows-vista-lap...s-going-to-eff/ Hats off to this guy for donating to EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) is a non-profit organization that fights for our rights and freedoms. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_Frontier_Foundation
  18. Maybe a certain format or algorithm compresses better than other file formats, but then you have take into account how much CPU hungry it is, how much slower it is, how widely available it is, if its an documented format with freely available implementations and libraries, etc.
  19. Adobe Photoshop -> GIMP or Paint.NET WinRAR -> 7-Zip ACDsee -> IrfanView Dreamweaver -> Nvu Microsoft Office 2003 -> OpenOffice
  20. Mozilla Firefox with Adblock. No ads here.
  21. Use some linebreaks when you post. I don't own an iPod, I might would of, if it supported Ogg Vorbis and FLAC.
  22. I use Gmail, its the best webmail service there is. Free, huge amount of webspace, no graphical ads, cool features such as archive, starr, etc. I also sometimes use Mozilla Thunderbird.
  23. I got the "Entered invalid code" too, damn broken captcha. Mozilla Firefox for the win!
  24. Well, if you could extend your life span or increase your beauty, wouldn't you want it?
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