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  1. OpenBSD have had memory address randomization forever... "free for noncommercial use", wonder why people always has to be anal and try to restrict everything.
  2. Vista encrypts the video while its streaming it to you, why? Well, it figured you're a threat and can rip the movies, so it uses your system resources on encrypting since it don't trust you. Nice operating system. Thought an operating system was supposed todo what you wanted it todo, not try to prevent you from doing stuff.
  3. Well, 100 years ago nobody believed there would be cellphones, TV's, computers, Internet, oven, fridge, etc. So it can be hard to imagine what it will be in 100 years. Science is pretty incredible.
  4. Privacy, anyone? You are tied to an Google account, that account is tied to the search queries you do, that can be used to build a profile.
  5. Yeah, the NoScript extension is good. It can be an inconvenience because some (dumb) sites don't work. But it does increase browser security, and prevents annoying stuff. Before anyone goes Firefox+NoScript, its probably better if they first go Firefox without NoScript then get NoScript later on if they want it.
  6. I do backup with 7-Zip (command line) and a batch script. Might not be the best, but oh well.
  7. I wouldn't expect it to work with 200 extensions either. Pretty cool that it did though. Maybe they should put an artificial limit on the number extensions loaded, people aren't supposed to load so many extensions. Loading 200 extensions wouldn't be to extend a browser, it would be to drown it.
  8. I wonder why its apparently okay that cellphones are trojan horsed. How long until everybody must have trojans in their computer? A cellphone with an open source firmware would be awesome. Still don't own a cellphone to this day.
  9. For the love of god, not Windows Media. Wise words though Andavari. About encoders, it depends what codec/format you choose. The best MP3 encoder is definitely LAME. Ogg Vorbis and FLAC are alternatives you might wish to consider. Follow Andavari's advice, he knows what hes talking about.
  10. Eldmannen


    Wow, Yahoo! sucks. Every link you click gets redirected via their site. Filthy spies!
  11. Don't know. Better read an review about it or ask on a hardware/overclocking forum. Zalman are known to make low-noise cooling solutions. Their heatsinks also tend to look like peacocks.
  12. It have todo with many things. Surfing habits, common sense, security thinking, etc.
  13. No. Phishing protection are for grannies. The one built-in in IE7 is basically kinda spyware, it sends the URL of every website you visit to Microsoft. In Firefox you can choose whether to send every URL to Google or just against a locally stored database.
  14. If you have a large hosts, its better to have it disabled. But normally it should be enabled so it caches the DNS queries so it don't have to look them up every time. I have it enabled.
  15. Eldmannen

    New Drive

    You can write a new boot sector with the "sys" command. sys C:
  16. http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=%...G=Google+Search
  17. I heard they will be using GPGPU (General-Purpose Graphics Processing Unit) on the latest graphics cards to enhance the speed of Adobe Reader, this version I think. I wonder when they will use SLI lol!
  18. Yeah, and now 50 years later, the hard disk drives weighs about 1 kg (?), and contains up to 750 gb of data. Thats roughly 1000 times less weight and 150000 times more disk space. Maybe I counted wrong, math never was my strong side. But our disk technology still is based on mechanical parts. I would love to run a solid-state disk. Less heat, no noise, no moving parts, less prone to failure, less energy consumption, faster, no spin-up time.
  19. Yeah, OEM computers always come with a boatload of junk. Better to build your own computer. If you buy an OEM computer, format the disk and reinstall the operating system. God knows what else they sneaked into your system.
  20. Eldmannen


    On Linux you use a file system such as ext2, ext3, reiserfs, jfs, xfs, etc. You probably used ext3 as that is the most common file system today. Linux supports a huge variety of all kinds of file systems. Windows on the other hand only supports FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS. You can't access your Linux disk from Windows because Windows does not have support for its file system. However there are third-party software which might be able to read the file system you have on your Linux disk. Unlike NTFS, all the file systems available on Linux are open standards and could easily be implemented in Windows by Microsoft, but then people would be able to access their Linux system from Windows, god forbid!
  21. The idea of having tens of thousands of entries loaded into the registry isn't one that I like...
  22. Maxtor doesn't ring well in my ears. I would buy a Seagate or Samsung disk, SATA-2 with 16 mb cache and do backups the good old fashioned way.
  23. Transcoding is not a so good idea. Converting from one lossy format to another lossy formats makes the video more lossy than ever.
  24. It's not really an app though. It's a service.
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