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    Bless You!

    Pandas are strange, they are bears but they have white body but black arms and black legs and black ears and black eyes. Look, there is a little baby panda too, cool! He sneeze really loud and strange lol.
  2. With Songbird, its easy to find music to listen to. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_music http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_music Magnatune Jamendo
  3. Seagate got a good reputation. But I think Western Digital and Samsung got a good reputation too. Maxtor got pretty bad reputation though. I wouldn't hesitate to buy a WD though, I've heard good stuff about them.
  4. Maybe by changing the Process Priority to Low if it bothers you. The Sempron line of AMD CPU's are considered the "budget series" of processors for AMD. Intel have their budget series processors called Celeron. Though, AMD Sempron is good enough for most day-to-day activities.
  5. Thats right, CCleaner does not delete the file names, it overwrites the data with random streams of data. CCleaner was designed as a cleaner, not as a secure file wiping tool. It contains some secure file wiping functionality, as an added feature. In "Options" -> "Settings", you can activate secure file deletion mode, and select 1, 3 and 7 passes. The more passes, the longer time it will take. For most people who just want to clean out stuff, normal unsecure file deletion is good enough. For people who want to securely delete files, they should look into a software crafted for the very purpose of secure file deletion such as Eraser.
  6. Thanks for posting the registry entries here. You can add them to winapp.ini. Hopefully, they will be added in a future release of CCleaner, but that might take some months. I remember when Tarun posted about MSN and included a solution, it took like 6 months for it to get included, if I remember correctly.
  7. Not sure, but it probably is. I never personally used Puppy, just heard about it. I've used the liveCD that came with Ubuntu though. I ordered the CD at shipit.ubuntu.com, they send free CDs, you don't even have to pay shipping. It took some weeks for it to arrive though.
  8. Outlook Express is widely considered unsecure. A huge deal of the Internet worms and viruses propagate through Outlook Express. You should check out Mozilla Thunderbird it is much more secure and comes with spam-filtering, phishing-protection, etc. It also has other cool features, you can search through e-mail, it has spell-checking. And you can easily import your address book, your emails, and you settings from Outlook Express.
  9. Windows have built-in software for that, its called "Remote Desktop Connection". Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Remote Desktop Connection. There are RAT (Remote Administration Tools) which has this functionality. There are software like VNC. Trojans also have remote-access functionality. Technically trojans can be used for a good purpose, but often they are used for more sinister purposes.
  10. CCleaner isn't designed for secure file removal, thats just an added feature. If you want secure file removal, then get Eraser.
  11. There is a saying, it goes something like this; Good things comes in small packages.
  12. "Your mama is so fat, she puts on her belt with a boomerang." The joke's funniness percentage is: 39.1393%
  13. Most stuff is possibly to learn if you have an open mind and is willing to learn or have an interest in it. Linux on Wikipedia. LiveCD on Wikipedia. There are many different Linux distributions, some are geared towards advanced users who want lots of control and ability to customize and alter stuff. Others are geared towards novice users who just want something to work. Easy LiveCD Linux distributions are Puppy Linux, Knoppix, etc. You download an .ISO image, and use a CD-burning software that are capable of burning ISO images (most CD burning software can do this), and you burn the ISO image to the CD. Then you put the CD in the computer, and restart the computer and (on most computers) it will boot up from the CD. There you got a Mozilla Firefox icon on your desktop which you just double click, and you're good to go.
  14. If anyone wonders, HIPS = Host Intrusion-prevention system.
  15. I don't have Java installed. Almost no websites use Java. And I have JavaScript disabled through the NoScript extension for Firefox, and only has JavaScript enabled for a handful of sites.
  16. Pretty cool story I have to say. Red coat, white hat? Damn, no style. Girls always have the lucky, they would never invited a guy.
  17. Outlook is rather insecure and lots of worms and viruses are written for it. Much of the worms and viruses that propagate on the Internet do so by exploits and vulnerabilities in Outlook. You should consider Mozilla Thunderbird a free and more secure e-mail client. It is the companion to the popular Mozilla Firefox webbrowser.
  18. "Sorry, the test won't work without Javascript. Please enable it and come back. Read the FAQ for explanation why we need Javascript for the test." The NoScript extension for Mozilla Firefox is good.
  19. Never used LimeWire (or FrostWire), but I've heard that FrostWire is LimeWire but without annoying popups telling you to buy the Pro version or something.
  20. I am not to fond of application suites.
  21. I am not to fond of application suites.
  22. Mozilla Firefox is the best browser in the universe, if you had problems with it, then it most likely was a PEBKAC-problem (Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair).
  23. This is interesting. In the past, 2.5" disks was used only in laptops and wasn't used in servers, but this one is for use in server environments. 2.5" disks have been traditionally known as much slower disks than the 3.5" disks. But this one is faster than the 3.5" disk drives, that is interesting. Running this disk as a system disk would be pretty nice, coupled with a large 3.5" disk as storage disk. Pretty nice with 16 mb cache on a 2.5 disk, and that low latency that it has. Another interesting thing is solid-state disks, but thats another story. Solid-state disks is the future.
  24. http://www.theeldergeek.com/services_guide.htm
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