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  1. Thanks for the tip, I have downloaded CCleaner and removed some stuff, and I closed down some of my background programs, including the stupid Norton which was very annoying. I hope it lasts now
  2. I think it's fixed now... somehow... not sure how ... thanks for you're help
  3. I think i found a driver on HP's site, but it didn't help anything...
  4. I can't find any drivers for my card, and I'm connected through a modem/router thing with 8mb, so that shouldn't be a problem?
  5. Hey guys I just got a new laptop here last week (HP Pavilion DV9000) with : Intel? Core2 Duo CPU T8300 @ 2.40GHz 3GB Ram Windows Vista Home Premium Edition, 32-bit (Build 6000) NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GS I tested what games it could run on systemrequirementslab.com , and it could run Crysis on medium and Call Of Duty on high so it seemed like a very nice laptop. But it has a very annoying little touch?. When i just play a game like Call Of Duty 4 multiplayer, Guild Wars, Counter Strike or whatever then it goes just as it should for a little while, but then suddenly the framerate drops dramaticly for a few seconds and goes up quickly again, I can't count how many times that costed me a kill or death It drops all down to like 7 fps and I can barely do anything when it goes there. It just goes on and off all the time Does anyone know what the problem could be and have a solution? I scanned it for virus and snizzle but there was nothing, Haven't really downloaded anything special either, just installed a few games and some normal programs for movie making and that's it. Could use some help, it's very annoying
  6. Hi guys. My computer logs out automatically when there has passed ca. 15-20 minutes, first it goes black screen (Can just move the mouse to get it back again) and then it logs out, so i have to log in again, all the program are running but the internet sorta passes out when it logs out, and that is not so good. How do i turn off this auto log off? Thanks.
  7. Heya all!. This morning i found something incredibly terrible!, i was going on www.systemrequirementslab.com and check if i could run Vanguard, then i see that my Ghz is only 2.99! , I usually has always had 3,77! CPU: You Have: 2 processors running - Genuine Intel? CPU T2300 @ 1.66GHz. CPU Speed: You Have: 1.66 GHz Performance Rated at > 2.99 GHz. < This is sooo creppy... and im really scared i lost something, i already had this shiat on repairs for 2 months, and i cant stand another one... Please someone help! (It has been showing that it has 3,77 for along while ever since i got it back though)
  8. Hey guys. Just had my computer at repairs for 2 months (Yes i know, insanity) and then when i got it back, there was no sounds on it, and still arent. and when i try to go into sound options, i cant click anything, and it says the driver is like not installed ore anything, strange... What do i do`?. heeelp!. im running on a laptob... i cant plug any headsets in ore anything either... Help fast
  9. Hiya all. Just wondering if anyone knew a driver for this lil fella here: ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9000 (MOBILITY RADEON 9000 AGP (0x4C66)) As far as i know, It is rather old but if there was any type of driver ore anything out there for it, Could anyone please link it to me? Thanks. /Goddyfather
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