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    E3 next week

    Just a heads up to all the gamers on here that E3 starts next week! I'm pretty excited to see what gets announced.
  2. Yeah I didn't see anything offensive in the article or the clip.
  3. I think its good they are making it possible to have the start screen default to the "all apps" screen rather than the default tiles. However this still isn't as good as what the start menu already did. I don't really care either way anymore. Start 8 can now recreate the start menu, boot to desktop, and disable all those hot corners. My pc is essentially running windows 7 again with the upgrades windows 8 does provide. (and there are actually quite a few)
  4. Honestly I don't think you will have any less issues with linux but if you want to try, then Mint and Ubuntu are probably the most likely to work. If you want a real OS that isn't Windows, the only true alternative is Mac OSX. Chromebooks are interesting but they are very limited to what you can do.
  5. I don't really think iOS or Android are less secure than Blackberry. At least the Department of Defense doesn't think so: http://www.engadget.com/2013/05/01/wsj-android-ios-us-dod-pentagon/
  6. http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/05/14/blackberry-messenger-app-coming-to-android-and-ios This is interesting. I think they had to do it because the usefulness of the app is pretty low when the amount of people using blackberry is low.(no one to talk to) But I have a hard time believing that people will switch to this from whatever they were using before( imessage, facebook chat, ect)
  7. This update is still going to annoy people. They are bringing back the start button but not the start menu. No one on a desktop/non touch laptop wants this start screen. I had to pay for start 8 just to avoid it. Start 8 actually makes windows 8 a great OS. Its fast, stable, and works great. I don't even see any of the metro stuff anymore as it also hides all the hot corners and other junk.
  8. Google has upped the storage to google drive to 15gb: http://news.cnet.com/8301-1023_3-57584080-93/google-drive-triples-free-storage-to-15gb/ Great deal. I use google drive some but I'm sticking to skydrive because I have 25gb free storage and the windows client is much better than google.
  9. At first I thought "What kind of an idiot would get a degree in the history of metal?" but then I watched the video and it explained that it was also going to teach how to play music, the business side of the music industry, ect. I still think it would be incredibly dumb to pay for a degree in this though. The amount of bands that "make it" are so small and most of the best ones usually start out as teenagers screwing around in their garage. I did a google search for metal musicians with music degrees and nothing really came up. None of the ones I found had music degrees, they had degrees in other subjects.(biology, math, ect) As long as these guys are learning to be musicians though I guess its ok to offer this at a collegiate level. I have lots of friends who used music to pay for their degrees.(most got degrees in music but also technology, science, ect) Who am I to judge though. I stupidly got my degree in history. (though I do love my job)
  10. Yeah turn by turn means it talks. I actually bought tomtom the other day for $20(it was on sale normally about $50). The plus side is that it downloads the maps and doesn't require you to constantly stream data which saves data usage, and it works when there isn't a cell signal. The app is ok, I still use my stand alone unit but I'm sure it will get better and it was a good price.
  11. Android has a bunch of navigation options. It comes with google maps which does turn by turn directions. You can also use tomtom, garmin, ect.(Not free) There are tons of other free options too, I think one of the most popular right now is called Waze which has social functions(traffic, closed roads, ect)
  12. I wouldn't pay for the typical "youtube" stuff. I wouldn't pay for reviews, video blogs, ect. However I do pay for some podcasts. I would love to see these shows move into video and if I got them for $2-3 a month, that would be fine. Eventually this ad supported model is going to crash. If we want quality content, we are going to have to pay. I'm surprised you guys don't use youtube. I use it to subscribe to a ton of channels(most tech or news related). Its awesome to automatically get the newest episode in my feed rather than going to a ton of different sites.
  13. As far as engine goes, yes its updated. I think they integrated it into the firefox engine years ago so they wouldn't have to do double work on security updates. Feature wise though its another story.
  14. I always thought puppy was a neat OS. I just never felt like it was full featured enough to be my main OS. I haven't used it in a long time though. Also you mentioned Seamonkey. Seamonkey has been around for a while, its actually the continuation of the Mozilla Suite(the browser mozilla made before firefox). I'm not sure why they still update it since its so outdated in features compared to firefox/chrome.
  15. I actually think this is neat. It says you can pay $10 a month for individual programs. For kids, hobbyists, and students that's awesome if they just want to learn photoshop. Businesses probably won't care either way they make tons of money using these programs. Plus you get free updates which is huge because the old system had expensive upgrades.
  16. You may like this review: Go about 30 minutes in to get to the z10 review. He basically says its nice hardware but its missing a lot of apps available on other platforms.
  17. I sold my touchpads(I had 2 of them) for $400. Was awesome to actually make $200 more than I spent on them.
  18. Here are my list of grievances with Android. Remember I have a galaxy s3 and a nexus 7. I actually like the nexus, the gs3 is not terrible but not as good as iphone. 1. Software updates are aweful. To get the newest android on the galaxy I have to use one of the worst programs ever(samsung kies). That is of course when/if the update even comes out at all. All iphones get the latest software.(unless your on like a 3g) 2. All applications work with every iphone. I can go on the app store and there is no guarantee that the app I download will work with my phone. The hardware is so diverse that no app seems to work on everything. 3. As someone pointed out, back ups on android stink. 4. Battery life. My GS3 has a removable battery but it doesn't have the option to turn off lte and the power saver doesn't do much good. I cant get even half a day with this phone and thats not even with me on it very much. 5. Bloatware. Touchwiz/whatever your phone uses, carrier crap that cant be removed,ect. 6. I use lots of apps on both my ipad and my galaxy. The same apps will crash way more on Android.(Pulse especially) 7. Apps aren't as nice on android. Spotify on my ipad and spotify on my nexus look like 2 different programs. The iOS version is way better. This isn't the only app like this, I'm not sure why the android versions are uglier/less feature rich. 8. No visual voice mail built in. ATT has an app to make up for this but its not as seamless as on iOS. The only reason I traded for the GS3 was for the bigger screen. Trade definitely doesn't seem worth it anymore. I do like the nexus 7. I like the stock android better than what is on my phone however since I've gotten my ipad 4 I barely touch the nexus. If I go somewhere I bring it with me over the ipad because I'm less worried about it getting stolen.
  19. Interesting Hazel. I didn't even hear about this issue. I only keep one desktop on all the time but it wasn't affected.
  20. Yeah, $12 is a steal in my opinion.
  21. I cant get it to boot on the desktop I was going to try it on today. This system has an i5 with a UEFI motherboard and windows 8 installed. I cant even get the system to load the live dvd to try it out. Going to try again later but I never have had a problem getting the live dvd to boot before.
  22. I just feel like causing a little trouble.(and getting a few lively posts here again) Which mobile OS do you prefer? Why? Why are the other options terrible? Discuss.(No personal insults please) I can't remember if we have ever officially had this topic before... -------------------------------------------------- I use both. iOS is better but Android is improving with each update. Worst mistake I made last year? Trading my iPhone 5 for a galaxy S3. I can deal with the buggy software on my nexus 7, but my phone has to just work and its not worth having to tinker with it.
  23. Those of you in the US may want to take a look at this deal: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?SID=t79IYLQzEeK9AubHJGciMA0_MZ.X3_K4N_0_0&AID=10440897&PID=1225267&nm_mc=AFC-C8Junction&cm_mmc=AFC-C8Junction-_-cables-_-na-_-na&Item=32-562-003&Tpk=N82E16832562003&cm_sp= I'm not exactly a fan of paying for security software but this is a great deal. Malware Bytes is the only paid security software I keep on my own personal computers. This is $12 for a lifetime licence. All of my PCs already have this on them but I bought another license just to support this company.
  24. I actually kind of find this method creative. Probably(definitely?) illegal, but still interesting.
  25. I hope this works well. I love my microsoft email account, if it can keep my from installing skype thats even better.
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