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  1. I browsed the article, but basically what I got was that his ipad was auto connecting to any network called "apple demo" because he got his ipad set up at the apple store. I guess I can see why this is a problem but my cell phone does this too. I have a galaxy s3 and it auto connects to "ATT Wifi" networks without my consent all the time. (as well as any network with the same name I've connected to before). Maybe I'm wrong but this isn't so much an apple/ipad issue as just a general wifi/security issue because windows/mac/android devices will do the same thing. You can of course disable this b
  2. If it works I would keep it. The support for that one is a lot longer than the current version(only 9 months). Of course you don't get all the newest software either... ugh I hate the way they do software updates. That alone may keep me from trying it.
  3. Not sure if anyone else here has a Wii U but a demo for a game called Rayman Legends came out today. It has a pretty cool level in it where the characters sing "black betty"": I was smiling the whole time I played this. I wasn't expecting it to be so fun.
  4. I actually think the people they are hoping will use this are probably the same ones who don't realize they are doing anything wrong. I hear people all the time say they downloaded this game/movie/whatever from google. I think some people literally don't understand that just because it comes up with a search that its wrong to download. Also the ones who pirate A LOT definitely aren't going to install this crap. I guess I just don't see the point in creating this software at all.
  5. I really wish skydrive/google drive would work on linux. There are clients for these on every other device/OS and yet not ubuntu.
  6. When you say XMPP do you mean having a 3rd party client to chat on facebook with? I've been using the built in Windows 8 messenger app all day without problems.
  7. Icedrake are you using steam for linux? What games are you playing. I haven't tried it out much yet, mostly because none of my games work for linux on steam. I do hope steam for linux gets better though. I would really like to be able to build small PCs for cheap without having to pay for windows on them. I think it would be cool to be able to build a pretty capable HTPC/Gaming system for like $300. Then again the issue I always come back to is that the cost of Windows isn't that big and the long term benefits always seem to make it worth it.
  8. Not sure if anyone cares, but the new version of Ubuntu is out today. I downloaded using bittorent and it finished in like 6 minutes. Was nice to get like 2.0mbs download speed. I'm probably going to try it out in a few days.
  9. Ok so I youtubed that band andavari. This is what I came up with To be honest I wouldn't know if this was radio friendly or not. I literally cant understand a word of it.
  10. I've been blasting this CD since it came out last Tuesday. This a great rock album to start the summer! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkFq6oI7I0I I had never heard of these guys until about a year ago. They've been in my playlists since. Just a fun band all around.
  11. I use the ipad for the majority of what I do online. I have a desktop that I use for gaming and office work though. If I wasn't a teacher(I use the following a lot: powerpoint, smart notebook, video editing, website creation) then I could probably get away with just an ipad. I actually bought a surface rt but I returned it. It worked great but the specs are just too low to be a compelling replacement for a laptop. It was slow compared to the ipad and way slow compared to a laptop. If the surface had run java, I probably would have kept it.(ipad cant) I'm going to keep an eye on the ne
  12. One thing I don't see too many people complain about with windows 8 is skydrive. I use skydrive all the time and its preinstalled on windows 8. But it doesn't actually download your files by default. You have to download the separate skydrive app to do that. Same thing goes with mail(it only syncs not download). Why do I need 4 apps when 2 should do.
  13. I say bring on windows blue. I think calling it blue instead of 8 is enough for most people to give it a shot. "Shure windows 8 blows but windows blue? Its alright" I actually like most of what they did with windows 8. The back/restore options are great and it was rock solid stable from the beginning. But that start menu is a terrible idea on a desktop and non touchscreen laptop. I think its fine if they want to have it as an option but it should have never been default on nontouch screen devices. Now this may kill off "metro". The only reason MS made it default was to try and get people
  14. I played through Infinite last week. The story and graphics were great. I need to reply it on hard though because I felt like it was super easy until that last battle on the ship.
  15. rridgely


    Yeah cwshredder is old at this point. I don't think it can hurt to run it other than the time it takes(which is almost none). I would be shocked if other programs didn't find what its looking for though. I think you might find some stray registry keys or something. I would be hesitant running it on newer versions of windows though. Probably safe but also probably not "officially supported".
  16. rridgely


    I don't clean up virus infections much anymore. I don't get viruses and I don't fix computers for people much anymore. Anyway my younger brother asked me to look at his laptop because all of his searches were being redirected. Sure enough there was some crappy pc optimization software running with a bunch of toolbars and something called browser protector installed. I set this pc up. He was running an auto updated windows 7 with MSE and google chrome. I was surprised his pc was this screwed up. Anyway the first thing I did was run MBAM but nothing showed up! I was pretty surprised. The s
  17. I think the bigger worry about wearing these in public is that these things cost $1500. You feel pretentious with an ipad? Wearing these things basically says you have too much money so you spent almost two grand on a pair of glasses so you wouldn't have to take your phone out of your pocket. Also these things are basically always on video cameras. I'm a little worried about the privacy implications that this brings. I think this things are gonna fail hard unless google comes out with a really good usage case for them. What can these provide me that I cant do with my cell phone already.
  18. Playing with a Surface RT.
  19. rridgely


    I believe Linux Mint uses it for its default search in Firefox. At this point a search engine would have to pay me not to use google. Between chrome, google apps, and android I'm hooked too deeply in Google to switch.(don't use gmail though, cant stand it)
  20. I haven't used this program in years. I may try it now that it supports chrome.
  21. Watchdogs will come to PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U as well as PS4.(probably wont look as nice though) I thought the killzone demo looked really good. I'm hesitant to believe it though after what sony did with the PS3 announcement.(remember that crazy KZ2 video?)
  22. I disagree that Apples gone downhill since Jobs died. Stock price is still through the roof, still making new products(iphone 5, ipad mini, retina ipad, retina macbook) their track record is just about the best in technology right now. They supposedly have a new watch coming out soon. I don't think a crappy itunes redesign signals that they are in trouble. I'm not even especially an apple fan (only have ipad) but I'm not gonna trash a company that is actually doing a lot right (for now). MS on the other hand? Surface isn't selling. Windows 8 is a mess. I like Microsoft products, I'm not g
  23. The thing about itunes though is that you don't actually have to use it at all to use the device. Itunes has always been a clunky piece of software(especially on windows). It's also miles better than whats offered on android. Anyone with a galaxy s3 will tell you samsung kies is 10000000000x worse than itunes. Half the time it wont even recognize your phone is plugged into the pc. The good thing about iOS and Android is you don't have to use these crappy applications, everything can be managed on the device if you want. Also there is a big difference about the clunker that is Windows 8 and
  24. Yeah I probably wont get it at release either. It really depends on the price. I'm betting it's gonna be $500.
  25. I let windows take care of it since windows 7. I haven't had any issues even if building a new pc with letting windows find the drivers. GPU is an exception as ATI has their own updater.
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