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  1. That really sucks. I have bought tons of stuff off amazon and never had anything arrive in that condition. Just luck of the draw I guess.
  2. Yeah shes basically wearing overalls and a bikini top. I think there are story reasons for this get up though. (although sex definitely sells.) One thing you need to know about metal gear is that its basically like an 80's action movie. Really over the top in all regards but it also tries to get you thinking about big ideas around war. Its interesting, strange, and very fun so far.
  3. That sucks. I have quiet on my base but I cannot use her on missions yet. Even with that bug, this game is pretty fantastic. I'm sure they will release an update to fix it shortly but in the meantime don't use quiet on mission 29 or 42. (I'm not even close to that far in the game and I'm 10 hours in.) On a side note I figured the reviewers were exaggerating the length of this game. Now I don't think so. I'm 10 hours in and I'm only on mission 10 or 11. There are also tons of side ops I havent completed too. This may be the only game I buy the rest of this year besides Rise of the Tomb Raider because I simply wont be able to finish it.
  4. I do use adblock on chrome. No host file. Its not doing it anymore today. Must have been something going on last night. It was doing it on all the computers I have in my house, and even a mac so I doubt it was real malware. I ran MBAM scan and cleaned my browser cache just to be safe but everything seems fine.
  5. Anyone else getting a red screen/phishing warning when you go to ebay with chrome? It doesn't happen on the main page, but it does happen when you click on a listing. I guess its just a bug or maybe ebay got hacked? Idk but its happening on my desktop, laptop, and my wife's mac.
  6. I'm pretty sure I'm grown. Somehow I still find the time to do things I want to do.
  7. I haven't gotten to play much more. However after tomorrow I'm going to binge play for 3 days.
  8. I really hope kojima and konami work something out. MGS V is a great game from what I've read/played. I downloaded it today and I played through the first 4 missions. I"m playing on pc and the graphics are really impressive. The story is strange so far but thats every MGS game. I really like the controls on this game. Much more modern than the previous games, and snake has a lot more options to complete the missions.I'm so glad this came out before labor day! I know what I'm doing with my extra day off.
  9. You guys crack me up. If your worried about this you probably shouldn't be using google or microsoft anything. (or apple) Good luck running a broken linux distro and a flip phone. I salute your dedication but snicker at the inconvenience. To me there are real benefits to the stuff these companies are doing. As long as they are up front about what their doing I don't see the harm. I always check to allow them to get my office usage stats because I want them to improve office as an example. Who cares if they know how many times I clicked on a function or launched the program? Its not like MS is taking files off your pc and uploading them for the world to see. In the US the IRS, insurance companies, credit companies have all been hacked and now peoples stuff is really out there for all to see. I'm more worried about that stuff personally than what usage stats tech companies are collecting.
  10. That article is interesting hazelnut. The section about marketshare really caught my eye. I've thought for a while that firefox needed to do something about its mobile browser. Its awful. With chrome I get pretty much the same experience on every device I use. Everything syncs, and I can start reading where I left off no matter what device I'm transitioning too. I liked firefox a few years ago but the convenience of chrome really drove me away from it. I however do worry that their numbers are looking so bad. I feel like they really missed the boat. On the same vain, the new Edge browser has 0 representation on mobile. It was pretty much a nonstarter when I installed windows 10. There is no way I'm going to use IE when you cant sync your stuff to all your devices.
  11. Anyone else looking forward to this game? Some of the big review sites like gamespot, ign, ect are giving it perfect scores. I have it preordered on steam and I cannot wait to get started. I was super let down by the prequel game Ground Zeroes but from the reviews everything I didn't like about it(mostly the feeling trapped in a small area) isn't an issue. I just wish this came out in like July or June so I could have played it over the summer! I'll probably try to sneak in a few play sessions over labor day though! Reviews: http://www.gamespot.com/reviews/metal-gear-solid-v-the-phantom-pain-review/1900-6416224/ http://www.ign.com/articles/2015/08/24/metal-gear-solid-5-the-phantom-pain-review
  12. I'm not sure what you mean about the legality. I don't feel like there is a legality issue at all with spotify, they pay the publishers what they asked for the music. Now the artists may not like the amount they get, but thats more to do with their contracts being outdated and these services being relatively new. One thing I will say though is that there has to be money in it somewhere because even older artists like AC/DC and Led Zepplin have put their music on spotify within the last year or so. Those bands have huge catalogs which still sold pretty well, yet they signed deals for streaming services. Andavari you need to check out XM/Sirius if your car has the hardware for it. They have some pretty decent metal stations on there. I use that in my car to hear new artists and then I'll branch off of those with spotify. Only downside is the subscription is a pain because you have to constantly remember to cancel it every 6 months or you get charged their(way too high) normal rate. Right now I've been paying about $25 every 6 months and its been worth it. I do however drive a lot.
  13. Until they have done something wrong I'm sticking with spotify. I honestly don't think there has ever been a better way to consume music than these new streaming services and spotify is still the best one out for now. They have high quality streams, a huge library, and a very accessible interface available on pretty much every device. Even my smart tv has a spotify app. I used to buy tons of cds, now I pay $10 a month and get access to everything. I know some artsists don't like it, I don't make music so I know nothing about it but I hear way more types of music than I ever did before. I've even gone to a few concerts lately for artists who I would have never bought their album had I just heard one or two songs on the radio.
  14. Ok so I just got done attempting to set up my dell laptop for windows 10. I decided I was going to download all the windows 10 drivers from dells website and do a clean install. During the install I didn't allow windows 10 to connect to the internet until I manually installed all the drivers for my laptop. Then I connected to the internet and ran windows update. Everything worked great and my laptop is finally working on windows 10. I have one huge benefit for 10 over 8. I upgraded this laptop which has a 1080p screen and is only 13 inches and now everything scales much nicer. I feel like I doubled my work space and everything is still legible. This is also true for my wifes surface pro 3. The scaling on that is MUCH nicer than it was before. My wife was constantly complaining that spotify was unusable before because of the scaling and now it looks perfect. Shes a photoshop user and she says that looks much nicer as well. Interesting enough she upgraded the surface pro 3 herself(and her gaming desktop pc as well) and both of those worked great. She just did the keep everything installs and everything seems to be working fine. I'm sure the process will only get better, but as of right now all of our computers are on windows 10.
  15. I like windows 10 when it works. I originally couldn't get it working on my desktop and now it works great. I'm excited to see how Direct X 12 impacts gaming in the future. I also love the ability to play xbox one games on my pc with the xbox app. It allows me to bring my xbox and play without a tv. So far its been rock solid on my desktop after amd updated its drivers. I just got an email a few days ago saying dell updated the drivers for my laptop to windows 10. I'm going to try the update again on here soon. I just haven't had time yet. I think overall the OS is a major upgrade. I do dislike the bland/flat look of the interface but thats pretty minor with all the new features.
  16. I cant believe they didn't include an option not to install device drivers from windows update. To me that's the single biggest flaw with windows 10. They have to fix this.
  17. So oddly enough I'm on windows 10 on the desktop I originally had issues with(amd updated drivers). And Im back on 8 on my laptop. The dell worked great at first but I noticed the system wont go to sleep when I close the lid. It also doesn't ask for a password after it goes to sleep/turns off the screen like it should. I'm going to hold off on the upgrade for a while untill dell puts out some new drivers.
  18. I upgraded my laptop and my gaming computer to windows 10 today. The laptop went really smooth. Its a dell ultrabook and all the hardware just worked. The desktop not so much. The AMD drivers were completely messed up and even after trying to manually install them it still crashes. That may not be microsofts fault though. I'm not sure how I feel about the os overall. I don't really like its aesthetics very much. I really don't like the window borders or icons very much at all. It is more stable than that beta version I tried a few week ago and its running fine so far. I wish there was a way to put the search bar back in the start menu. Its just a waste of space to have that there all the time.
  19. rridgely

    July Desktop

    One of my favorite things about my job is that I have the summers off. I've played a whole bunch of video games for the last month and my desktop comes from my favorite one I've played all summer: Ori and The Blind Forest. SUPER hard but very fun and even more beautiful. I played it on pc but its also on xbox one and I think 360. I bought it about a week before I got Batman Arkham Knight and I figured I wouldn't finish it once batman came out. I loved this game so much batman had to wait. If you love 2d games, don't mind difficult games, and like the metroid/castlevania type games then this is the one to get. Simply stunning.
  20. Yeah cause the Republicans have a better record when it comes to sex scandals. In all honesty this has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with people being pathetic. On the one hand I think its a kind of karma that these fools have been outed on the other hand it worries me when these kinds of things happen. It seems like every other month there are major security breaches where peoples private information is being leaked on the internet. What a mess.
  21. rridgely

    Raspberry Pi cases

    I get the appeal but I'm actually more excited about all the new "stick" pcs coming from lenovo, hp, ect. They are these little mini computers that plug into hdmi ports on monitors: http://techcrunch.com/2015/06/24/lenovo-announces-a-130-windows-pc-in-a-stick/#.agtixh:tBQ0 They cost more but they have a lot more capability in my opinion. I played around with the idea of buying a raspberry pi to use as a media computer. However between video game consoles, rokus, and apple tv, I doubt I would actually use it for anything.
  22. And this is why I try to avoid buying prebuilt pcs whenever possible, or when I do I just factor in the cost of a new windows license. I no longer use the built in windows install on any laptops that I buy(I build my own desktops)
  23. I've never heard of this site your linking too. However in order to actually get infected with the malware they are speaking of you would have to jail break your phone in order to install an unauthorized app. Apps in the app store are actually pretty well vetted by apple. Android has had the same issues with their apps potentially leading to security problems, the issue being that its a lot easier to side load apps on android. Sorry but iOS/Android are still probably more secure than windows has ever been. Its just a different usage model and if you stay within the "walled garden" of the app store your probably pretty safe.
  24. rridgely

    Raspberry Pi cases

    I'm interested in the raspberry pi, but I just don't know what I would do with it. I've seen people rigging up home automation and other gadgets with them.
  25. This is a pretty sensationalist article. Also this has been in chrome for quite a while. It makes it sound like google is putting a secret virus on your computer to spy on you. When in reality its looking for one key phrase "OK Google" so you can do an audio search. I actually do this all the time on my phone (not as much now that I have an iphone, but it was a daily occurrence when I had my galaxy s5). The whole article hinges on the idea that google may spy on you. Sure they could but are they? Probably not. They know enough about me with my web searches, emails, ect already. I doubt anyone has time to listen to hours upon hours of audio logs on every single user. Also I haven't seen any reports like "why is chrome using so much data" which would indicate their recording all the time. This isn't even the only service doing this. Hell, amazon even sells a device that does this. My xbox is always listening, my phone, tablet, and probably more. You can choose to be scared of this or you can embrace it. Because in all reality is actually incredibly useful.
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