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  1. This is really embarrassing for google. They need to start screening at least their top apps. I feel like both apple and google have a lot of work to do in order to keep out the junk apps.
  2. Here is my current iPad desktop. Been playing Wind Waker HD on Wii U.
  3. In my experience there is "compatible" and compatible. You can technically make powerpoint and word files in google docs, openoffice, libreoffice, ect. Will they be the same in MS Office as they were in those applications? sometimes. I will not use anything but MS Office, its just not worth the hassle to me anymore.
  4. I think my transition will be to tablets. I use my iPad the most as it is, but as these platforms become more powerful I can see it becoming my only computer at some point. I like the battery life, performance of apps, ecosystem, ect. I use my iPad with a really nice Microsoft keyboard and I love typing and doing work on it. The only thing I like better about android is that it has mouse support which would be nice when doing office type work. I may get a nice android tablet once MS releases office for android. My nexus 7 is just too small for that type of work. I will probably always keep a desktop for gaming on steam but my current one is hooked up to a tv and not at a desk. I use steam big picture mode.
  5. My experience with linux is that while there are sometimes drivers for certain hardware, they often don't perform the same as on windows. Especially graphics drivers, wifi, sound, and power saving functions. I use the latest linux distros just to try them out but there is always something that doesn't work right on every one, and there is never a solution.
  6. I tried to switch to linux. I just couldn't do it. The software just wasn't stable enough for me. Every distro would crash for one reason or another. There is always some little isssue, non working hardware, ect. To be honest instead of moving to linux, I moved to iOS and Android. I use my iPad Air the most(I plan to use it even more now since it has full MS Office) but I also use my nexus 7 and galaxy s3 quite a bit. I find these better alternatives for most things. Only time I use my laptop is for doing school work(hopefully iPad takes this over). I use my desktop purely for gaming now, and I don't see anything taking its place anytime soon.
  7. Anyone else been using the new MS Office for iPad? I have been using it pretty extensively for the last few days. I really like it. Its good enough to do pretty much everything I do in Word and Powerpoint. I was already using skydrive to store all my stuff, so I can pretty much do all my day to day stuff on my iPad now. Pretty awesome. http://www.cnet.com/news/microsoft-office-finally-comes-to-the-ipad/
  8. I'm not sure why you guys are debating if this is official or not. Microsoft got up on stage and showed it off. Anyway, this is a good thing and I hope it comes soon. I like the changes MS is making. I've been using office for ipad since its release and its pretty great. My iPad was already my primary computer when it came to entertainment and it may soon be my primary computer for work too.
  9. Microsoft has already said that it is coming back and released pictures. They also showed "modern" apps working on the desktop in windows. This isn't happening next week with the big update but it is coming.
  10. That is actually what this update may be. MS hasn't said if the screens it released were from windows 8.1, windows 8.2, or windows 9. I wouldn't be surprised if win9 is released as a free or cheap update to 8. MS really screwed up with 8.
  11. There is a picture of it on that link. Its from the MS Build conference from a few days ago. It looks like win7 with a few live tiles added in. Looks good enough to me. I already have start 8 but I would rather not have to use it.
  12. Looks like MS is finally going to fix windows 8. They are bringing back the start menu. They are also going to allow the metro apps to be run in windows on the desktop. This should pretty much fix all the problems I've had with windows 8. http://winsupersite.com/windows-8/threshold-revealed-microsoft-talks-future-windows
  13. Here is my current desktop on my laptop. Been playing a little AC IV on the PS4. Great game so far.
  14. Seems like a dumb idea. Most phones have too little storage and who wants to manage to OS's on their phones? My bet is that MS abandons Windows Phone at some point and puts their stuff on android. Sort of like what Nokia is doing with Android.
  15. rridgely

    Office Online

    Office online has definitely been getting better as time goes by. I still think Google Docs is a little faster to load but this one is obviously more compatible with the full MS office suite.
  16. I still have a yahoo account I cant seem to get rid of. (first email account I ever had) I actually had my account hacked not that long ago where it was sending out spam. Since then I enabled a feature somewhere that made it so if anyone tries to use my yahoo account from a new device, they have to have a code sent to my phone through sms. Has worked great and haven't had any more issues.
  17. My current laptop is an Asus which I like well enough. The hardware is rock solid and the screen is really nice. However it came with a ton of bloatwear, to the point that I chose to reinstall windows to get rid of it. HP used to include a "clean" partition on their windows 7 computers which didn't have any bloatwear except the required drivers. I'm not sure if they still do or not. I wouldn't buy a hp printer ever again but the laptops ive seen from them lately look nice enough. I saw one at bestbuy that was a macbook pro clone that was really nice, only thing I didn't like was the metal rather than glass touchpad.
  18. rridgely

    Cash crash

    I saw another article that said most atms that run windows use windows embedded which is a different os. The version of that based on xp is still going to be supported for another year or so.
  19. I have a pretty nice Asus laptop with a 1080p IPS touchscreen. I've been considering downgrading to 7 because the 8.1 upgrade screws this machine up so bad. It works fine on my desktop. I have probably used the touchscreen 5-6 times to show people what it can do. I have never once found it be a better way to get stuff done. Only thing stopping me is the cost of the license. Feels so wrong that I would pay $100 for an older OS than what I already have.
  20. I can understand not wanting win8 but I can't imagine still using an xp era computer. Granted I've been spoiled with relatively high end hardware but hardware has changed a lot since xp. I hate using computers without ssds now. Even brand new machines feel slow without one to me. My advice is to pick up one of those HP win7 machines they are promoting. Win 7 is a huge improvement over xp in speed and reliability. Most of the functions/menus are the same.
  21. Its not a bad update but I'm a little aggravated that MS made me link my microsoft account to my pc to continue using skydrive. They disabled the stand alone skydrive app when I refused to enter in my account. My gripe with that is that I like the MS services but the built in apps aren't as good as the desktop versions. That said IE11 is nice enough(not good enough to replace chrome) and the updated start screen is better than what they had. I'm still going to use start8 though, its just better.
  22. Never heard of that before winapp but from the wiki link you posted its ati only. I have an ati card, so I'm good but there quite a few people out there with Nvidia cards. I'm not sure how widely adopted this api could be if its only good for one manufacturer. I still get annoyed when games use PhysX because I cant enable it.
  23. Valve just trade marked Half Life 3 in Europe today: http://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2013/10/01/half-life-3-trademark-registered-by-valve-in-europe/ This could be a huge announcement if it launches on steam OS the same time as it launches on windows. If they can prove that big expensive games can run as good on linux as they do on windows(or maybe even better) then it will really help their case for the steam box. My concern is with graphics drivers. They pretty much stink on linux compared to how they are on windows. I get frequent easy updates to my 7870 on windows 8. I'm not even sure there is a driver for it on linux.
  24. I'm shocked they didn't announce HL3 or any other new installments to their own game franchises. I get that they seem 100% devoted to steam, steambox, and this funky controller but they need something to make people want this box. If they would announce some games for this thing and prove that linux can be a viable platform for gamers then I think this will be awesome. You could build a pretty nice little gaming box for about $500 that could compete with the new PS4/x1 if you didn't need a windows license. However there simply aren't enough games in the linux section of steam to make this matter right now. I already effectively have a "steam box" hooked up to my plasma already. It runs windows 8 and I use a wireless keyboard/trackpad thing from logitech to navigate it and a wireless 360 controller to play games. Its awesome and has seriously made me debate getting one of the new consoles. (I probably will though once exclusive games come out for it). However trying to market a $500 or $600 linux computer to pc gamers is probably going to fail without some kind of killer reason to get it. I saw that they were going to have a $100 "box" that will work similar to the nvidia shield where it can stream games from my pc to another room. I'm not sure why but when I saw the vita tv announcement that basically did the same thing for the ps4, I thought it was cool. But for this to happen on steam just seems like a waste of time. I don't think the core steam gamer is playing on a tv currently (even though I am) but maybe this will open that market up for them(kinda doubt it). BTW that controller is pretty ugly and looks super awkward to use. I already have a 360 controller which is probably the best controller ever made. I love that when I plug in the 360 controller most games just recognize it and even change the in game button prompts to the correct icons. If valve cant get game companies to do this with their controller then its a non starter in my opinion. The x1 controller is said to be pc compatible as well, so I don't much see the point of the valve controller. Unless of course the 360 controller doesn't work with linux, which I have no idea if thats the case.
  25. Anyone else using the app launcher that the latest version of chrome just added? I kinda like it: That Spotify window is actually the Spotify web player. Chrome will allow you to launch web apps without the browser controls to make them look like native programs. Seems kinda neat. I could see this being useful.
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