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    Xbox One

    Anyone got a xbox one yet? I just got the sunset overdrive bundle for $250(before tax) after I traded in a spare 360 I had. I'm still waiting on the game to download so I haven't tried any games yet.
  2. Your talking about the actual installed versions of office with 365 right? I haven't noticed any difference between them and just plain 2013.
  3. I guess this was aimed at me mentioning mobile. I don't think that PCs are going away but I'm willing to bet that with the younger generation many of them won't have computers in their homes as adults. I already have students who have smart phones at home but no internet connection. When I ask them to bring their devices to school to work on projects, About 90% of them have tablets/phones instead of laptops. Dont get me wrong I still have multiple desktop PCs/laptops but its going to continue to be a dying breed I'm afraid. When we are talking about the rise in web browser usage, this is essential to mention because mobile internet usage has overtaken traditional computers. http://money.cnn.com/2014/02/28/technology/mobile/mobile-apps-internet/
  4. I'm looking forward to Windows 10. My wife is a Mac user and I've been secretly jealous of the Retina MBP I bought her back in March. (screen is awesome) With the new OSX update I was even more jealous when I saw she could send SMS messages using her computer. However I just don't like OSX despite the cool features. I don't hate Win 8 but it was easier to justify a switch with the path MS was on with windows(tablet/touch focus). Now that it looks like 10 will be PC focused again I may just stay put on Windows.
  5. Anyone else using Office 365? For $8 a month on the personal plan you get unlimited one drive storage, 1 pc with full office suite, iPad/Android office software(iPad app is way better). Personally I think its a pretty killer deal but I have come to pretty much rely on OneDrive/Ms Office for my entire work life. I had a subscription through my college but now I have to pay the monthly price. The unlimited storage thing is brand new. You can find the info here: http://www.theverge.com/2014/10/27/7078397/microsoft-unlimited-onedrive-storage-office-365 In comparison google offers 1tb of storage for about $10 a month and you don't get Office obviously.(I guess you could consider google Docs but thats free to everyone).
  6. Blackberry z10 browser is based on webkit. (same as safari/chrome. Chrome uses its own custom version)
  7. Technically correct, but do you honestly use firefox on your phone/tablet? The Android version of Firefox is awful compared to chrome. I could use firefox on my desktops/laptop but I would rather use pretty much anything besides firefox on mobile. Currently I use a galaxy s5 and a iPad Air. There is no firefox on iOS so my point still stands. No syncing across all platforms unlike chrome.
  8. Turning point for chrome to me is mobile. I won't switch to anything else because nothing syncs the way chrome does between all my different devices.
  9. I put in on my ipad air already and all seems fine. (8.0.2)
  10. Interesting about those moving away from laptops. I figured that would be the most common thing used. For me I found that when I'm home I have my desktop. When I'm out I have my phone and usually my ipad if I need to get something more intense done. Now for work, I definitely still live in my laptop and MS Office.(teacher) Andavari, I like the PS4 version of MGS ground zeroes but it came out on PS3 and I doubt there is much difference. I'm sure once more games made for PS4 come out I'll be happy but it seems like for now its getting the same games as PS3. For instance I played Assassins creed 4 on PS4 and it was the same game on ps3. This year should be different as the PS4 is getting its own assassins creed game. Funilly enough my 360 is the number 1 used system but its to watch netflix, hulu, history channel, hbo, ect. Not play games. Although if you added up where my playtime in the past was most used it would probably be the 360 above everything.
  11. I figured this might be an interesting topic. What kind of hardware do you use? I'm talking computers, tablets, phones, game systems. Anything you use to connect/get things done/veg out on the couch. Which do you use the most, which do you use the least? I'm interested to see what you guys are using. Currently I have my desktop/gaming pc (AMD FX6300, 8gig ram, 7870 graphics). This is what I use to game and get my work done. Office/ect. I also have a Asus q501LA laptop (I5, 1080p touch screen, 6gb ram). I also have a iPad Air (16gb) and a Galaxy S5 phone. If I measured where my usage lies most it would be my phone. Next would be the desktop, and then probably the iPad. I use the laptop the least. I found that when I'm going out of town I've been bringing the iPad more than the laptop and when I'm home I use my desktop. By far I use my phone the most though. Mostly use it to read oddly enough, I pretty much live within Pulse(RSS reader), texting, and even a lot of browsing. I LOVE the new "OK Google" search on android and I have probably doing most of my web browsing using that. I currently have a 360, wii u, ps4, ps3, and a wii hooked up to my tv. By far most used is the 360 because it has the best streaming video apps. I probably game the most on the PS3 and I currently wish I hadn't bought the ps4 yet. (no games pretty much) If I had to give up everything and I could only keep 1 device. I'd probably keep my phone. If I could keep 2, I'd keep my desktop. Anyway sorry for the long post. What do you guys use on a regular basis?
  12. Ever since windows 7 I have just used the built in zip functions. I haven't split up a large file with compression in a really long time, I just use onedrive/google drive to send large files to people.
  13. I think the oldest computer I ever interacted with was an old Macintosh that had a green screen with a black background. No idea what it was but my aunt owned it. The oldest computer I remember growing up in my house had windows 3.1 but I dont remember much else about it specifically. I just remember that in 3.1 there was a weird grid interface. I just googled it and this is what I remembered:
  14. Not sure if anyone else has a Samsung Galaxy s4/S5 running Android KitKat, but if you do you may want to check this out: http://www.samsung.com/us/sidesync/ I was playing with it a little while ago and its pretty cool. You can send text messages or use any apps on your phone on your pc. You literally see a little display of your phone's screen and you can interact with your phone with a mouse/keyboard. I like the idea of leaving the phone on the charger when I'm home and using my laptop to answer texts. The new galaxy tablets can do this too if they are running kitkat too. Oh and for those wondering, I do have an S5. I got it in May and its MUCH better than the s3 I had. I hated my S3 because it was a battery hog, it would overheat, and it had an awful camera. The S5 is awesome. Great screen, great battery life(actually get all day on one battery, but I do keep a spare in my car), and it has a pretty great camera too. Camera still isn't as good as my wife's iphone but its close. I almost waited for the newest iphone, but I'm not sad I got this instead. Great phone.
  15. I don't use dropbox. One thing I will say though is that the newest versions of OneDrive in windows 8.1 are pretty great. I love the way it manages online files. As far as I know its the only one that you can have "free up space" on the local drive but still keep the files synced online. This is great for my laptop that currently has a pretty small ssd in it. I can create tons of files, sync them, and then let skydrive delete the local files. They still show up in windows explorer like they were on my hard drive. Only thing I wish they would do is lower the price. Google dropped a bomb when they made 1tb for only 1.99 a month. Skydrive is $50 a year for that(still cheap). However Skydrive is good enough that I don't mind paying more.
  16. rridgely

    Bookmark Management

    I use chrome to manage my bookmarks. I have 428 bookmarks according to google dashboard. I have them organized into folders based on what they are for(school, forums, teaching ideas, technology websites, ect.) The majority of them are things I come across as I'm looking for new ideas to use when I teach. I don't really worry about checking them to make sure they work or not, when I click them if they are dead I just delete it then. I know some people used to use things like delicious to maintain their bookmarks but with chrome they are just available everywhere(phone, laptop, desktop, ipad, whatever)
  17. It booted to the menu that said install, load, ect. When I chose to load it then it just went to a blank screen. My laptop is a standard intel haswell I5, with intel wifi, and intel graphics. Should be 0 compatibility problems but it didn't load. Might try again later.
  18. I like that this is a 5 year lts release. I may give this a try on my laptop just to give it a shot. Edit: Tried it on a usb drive. Wouldn't load, just got a blank screen. Odd because I tried the latest ubuntu and it booted fine. I even redownloaded the file and tried again. Oh well, maybe next time.
  19. I don't see how this is a big deal... They will get offered update 1 when they go to check for updates and then they will get offered the rest of their missing updates. I can see this mattering if you had to manually update to update 1 even if you used auto updates, thus cancelling auto update. But how is this any different for a user who is choosing to manually update? There is always updates you cant get until you install other updates first.
  20. No, but I do carry around spare batteries for my S3 in my pocket all the time. I also keep one in my car and in my backpack. I never considered that they could explode. What if I sat on it and it exploded?
  21. That youtube app on PS3 is awful. I'm not sure if its Sony or Google's fault but it is pretty much useless. I've hated the software side of the PS3 since its launch. I love its games library though. I bought a PS4 in December and its much better. Now it has a "standby" mode where it auto downloads updates, game patches, ect. I couldn't stand using the PS3 because every time I turned it on it had some kind of long patch it needed to do. Now the PS4 just needs some games.
  22. This is the second device I've seen lately with this issue. HP released a chromebook with a faulty charger just a few months ago. Seems strange that after all this time using the same battery technology, these companies are still screwing it up. On a somewhat related note, did anyone see the video of the guy smashing up the galaxy s5 with a hammer and then the battery exploded? Makes me wonder if I really want to carry around the phone in my pocket anymore.
  23. rridgely

    8.1 update 1

    I had to disable start8 to even see the start menu. I do think they are good changes, will it make me embrace metro apps? Eh probably not.
  24. rridgely

    8.1 update 1

    What do you guys think of the new changes in windows 8.1 update 1? I like them. The new close/minimize button on metro apps is nice. I also like the way the metro apps show up on taskbar. Makes me think Microsoft isn't going to try and abandon the desktop anymore. Can't wait to see them going even further back to "classic" windows.
  25. I forgot all about Microsofts store. Its pretty bad. Way too many "fake" facebook, instragram, youtube, ect. clones.
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