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  1. Thanks for all the help Tarun. I have one last question since I now have tweaked firefox, should I still use the tweak network settings extension to get more speed? Or can this cause problems. Also now that I am using firefox is microsoft antispyware needed. I read on thier website that it only protects while using IE.
  2. Also can you use the about config tweaks at the same time as chromedit or is it the same thing?
  3. Tarun I went to your site and downloaded Chromedit. Then I cut the list of tweaks and pasted them to user.js. Is this all that is required?
  4. Lee 16 I found tweak network settings and wow it made firefox fast. I just set the settings to power. Have you configured it to get anymore speed? If yes please post your settings.
  5. I thought the Yahoo! Toolbar could only be used in IE? Also does tweak network settings speed up your browsing? What is Chromedit?
  6. Thanks alot. This fixed my last complaint with firefox (slowstart up), now firefox starts right up. Is running this a big resourse hog?
  7. The resourse usage seems to be fine. I am using a P4 processor with 512mb ram and had no problems.
  8. Thanks for the info, glad I waited. If you try some of the other tweaks let me know how they turn out.
  9. I just got into firefox. One of my biggest problems was the way it streamed video. With this extension (click link) firefox actually opens the desired program (WMP, Quicktime ,ect.) and loads the video supper fast, may I dare say even faster than IE. https://addons.update.mozilla.org/extension...numpg=10&id=446
  10. Yep, Ethernet was faster. When downloading I got about 200kbps with usb 2 and I get about 700-800 kbps with ethernet (my pc has a 10/100 fast ethernet adapter). Plus with the USB it seemed to lag during Unreal Tournament 2004.
  11. Nod32 I looked at your link tell me what you think or if you have any errors. If you think its good I might try it as well. Tarun let us know when you get the firefox tweaks back on your webpage.
  12. I have been watching firefox since it started, but I was never really impressed by it. It loaded to slow, streamed video and audio minutes later when IE only took seconds(with a cable modem), and took forever to open. I know its more secure but with all of the hassle I chose to just remove the malware as I got it. I did use the mozzilla suite because it seemed a little better but not anymore! Now that firefox is useable what do you all know to do to make it better (do you reccommend any plugins or tweaks?).
  13. I was wondering which is faster to hook up to a cable modem usb 2.0 or eithernet.
  14. I really do not want to go into the registry manually. Is their an easier saffer way to fix this?
  15. I tried to install this and got an error. It was: Error 1606 could not locate network location %USERPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\. I have got this error a couple of othertimes when I tried to install or uninstall a couple of programs. DjLizzard did you get this error? Does anyone know how to fix it?
  16. I have been using sonic record now 7. It came with my pc and I hate it. I keep having trouble with it burning certain file formats. Even downloads that i get from online stores like walmart. I have been forced to burn the songs to cd with WMP which anyone who ever has had to do this knows it is slow and a pain. If anyone knows anything free, easy, and malware free please let me know.
  17. I am in the process of moving all of my files to a new PC and I had about 2-3 hundred pictures to move. I needed a program to do this fast and easily (and free). My new pc had adope photoshop album starter on it and it was terrible. So I went to google and found Picasa2. It is actually made by google. I was only going to use it for my old pictures but then I tried to upload my new pictures from my camera and it was so easy I decided to keep it. It actually put my new pictures in a new folder labled with when and whare I took them. This is great for unorganized people. http://www.picasa.com/index.php?tid=Y2NpZD0zNzQ4
  18. Thanks alot Gunner I guess it its time to shut down my PC.
  19. Tarun was right about my question. I was wandering it its better to leave it on all the time or not. Ive heard that turning it on and off can cause problems but I have also heard that leaving it on all the time has its faults too. What do you two do.
  20. I was just wondering if leaving you pc on all of the time can cause any problems? Or is it better to turn it off when not in use?
  21. rridgely

    Spyware Doctor

    If you have been using adaware and spybot for a while. Try Spyware doctor you will be surprised how many infections they have been missing.
  22. rridgely

    Spyware Doctor

    http://www.download.com/Spyware-Center/200...-0.html?tag=dir This is for people who actually read and investigate what they download. Scroll to the bottom and read the rankings for the anti spyware tools.
  23. rridgely

    Spyware Doctor

    Propaganda? I was trying to suggest a very good spywhare remover. I used it on my PC and it found spyware that adaware and spybot missed. If you actually tried it or read the review from cnet than you would know how great it is.
  24. rridgely

    Spyware Doctor

    Go to download.com and get a program called spyware doctor. It has rendered spybot and adaware almost useless. It is free but you dont have automatic update you have to press a get update button but it's worth it. I also recommend spyware gaurd and spyware blaster from java cool. One more thing do not get spydoctor it is differant than spyware doctor.
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